What Does CRM implementation Do for BIDs ?


Perfex CRM  Join Forces With British BIDs

Perfex CRM Systems has joined forces with British BIDs to offer our easy to use CRM implementation to the UK’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Mostly representing town and city centres, Business Improvement Districts (BID) are business-led and funded bodies, formed to improve a defined commercial area – there’s probably one near you!

British BIDs (Bb) is the place to go for all things perfex solutions related, supporting BID members by providing advice and training. As part of this service, the Bb Supplier Portal introduces BID members to endorsed suppliers, offering a range of products and services.

Perfex CRM has now been added to this portal, to help BIDs manage their member relationships, sales and marketing with our simple CRM.

CRM Implementation

When reviewing your CRM implementation take action to monitor your data sources and integrations as users become more familiar with the system. A high standard of data input signifies that users are not only engaging with the system but taking care over their processes which is a promising sign that your CRM implementation has managed correctly.

Ultimately, you’ll know that your CRM implementation has been a success when it’s reflected in business metrics. Stats suggest that using a CRM can increase a sales person productivity by 15% with sales personnel more likely to hit their sales quota.

There’s evidence of this issue in the poll we’ve previously mentioned. Out of 500 surveyed professionals, only 43% confirmed that their companies’ data sources and insights are “well integrated, understood, consistent, validated, and shared across the organisation.”

Integrated CRM System

To put it simply, data is fairly useless if it’s indigestible to everyone other than data scientists. Raw data needs to be perfex crm customization estimate into the information that will drive customer actions.

Now, bigger companies have been getting around this problem by employing AI solutions. Advanced analytical engines, which have the ability to correlate data with established customer behaviour patterns, are being used to extract meaningful information from raw data and thus help create more informed sales processes.

For a smaller B2B enterprise, a well-integrated CRM Add-Ons Services will help manage customer data and use the records to establish effective, streamlined sales processes.


Marketing Manager, Helen Armour, commented “We are pleased to be working with British BIDs and can see there is a strong correlation between our typical customer and the BID organizations. We hope we can support them with our affordable, easy to use CRM, letting them effectively promote their districts and generate new business.”



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