What exactly about good batteries makes them necessary for vaping? Elf bar

Elf bar vape 2
Elf bar vape 2

A Battery is that the essential vape component. Whether or not it’ a straightforward and sleek disposable vape like Elf bar or a high-energy bespoke mod kit, battery could be a must. While not a battery, a battery a vape device ceases to function.

Importance of a Vape Battery?

What’s the one issue that instantly involves your mind once you hear the word vaping? It’s most likely e-liquid flavours. E-juices are doubtless the salient entities of any vaping device. However, those engaging vape juices become futile if the battery isn’t there.


A battery in an exceedingly vaping device provides power to the coil, that then heats the e-juices, and turns them into vapours. The vapours of a vape device are less harmful as a result of it doesn’t contain tobacco or different cancerous substances.

What are Vape Batteries created of?

Therefore there are several misconceptions regarding vape batteries. Some folks assume that the batteries are product of inadequate material and explode quickly. While, others suppose that the vape batteries need much charging and thence consume alot of electricity. Well, these are simply rumors, and also the reality is much opposite!


A vape battery is made of metallic element ions. Metallic element ions are the small battery cells utilized in sensiblephones, laptops, torches, video doorbells, and different smart devices. These batteries are available numerous sizes and shapes and supply unbelievable power to the vapes.

Vape Battery Types:

Gone are the times once ciga-like and vape pens were the sole vaping options. Nowadays, there are such a big amount of vape devices, every different from the other. Each vaping device uses different forms of battery levels. For instance, if you’re employing a Puff bar, the battery within your device isn’t as powerful because the one in the high-energy box mod.


There are essentially 2 varieties of batteries:

Automatic Battery

The automated batteries have a brief charging time and are powered by a drag. These batteries have an intrinsic switch that gets activated on every occasion you are taking a puff from your vape device.

Manual Vape Battery

Manual batteries are button-operated and are integrated into high-power box mods. They have an inclination to supply a lot of power to the devices and facilitate in generating huge clouds with an ideal throat hit. These batteries are larger than automatic batteries and last for much longer than automatic batteries.

Why Vape Battery Explode?

Vapers who don’t have the suitable information of vape batteries could be in danger of battery explosion. Moreover, the wrong use of the device may be the rationale for the battery explosion. However, a recent study shows that battery explosion cases are rare, and only one in ten million folks face such problems.


Belongings you should think about before buying a Vape Battery!

  • If you are a beginner vaper and don’t possess the proper information regarding vape batteries, it’s sensible for you to get a disposable vaping device. The battery in these devices comes pre-charged, which suggests you are doing not ought to worry about its charging. Once the battery is finished, discard the device.
  • If you ever purchase a tool that doesn’t contain an intrinsic battery, you may have to opt for it on your own. The standalone vape mod comes while not a battery, and you wish to purchase authentic batteries for them to figure properly. A high-quality reversible 18650 battery from a respectable vape complete can work absolutely well for top mods and pods.
  • Use acceptable chargers for your rechargeable batteries and take a look at to not overcharge them.

Vapes are often confused with the term e-cigarettes. Although they are the same in nature, there is a difference in the terminology of both. E-cigs were the first-ever alternative to traditional cigarettes. Since they were cig-a-likes and worked with a battery, they were called e-cigs.


There was not much variety in e-cigarettes. But as time changed and technology evolved, many variances of e-cigs were introduced. The term coined for using e-cigs was vaping. So vapes are the more advanced version of e-cigarettes.


Vape devices are available in two broad categories:

  • Disposable Vape Kits
  • Reusable or Rechargeable Vape Devices


There is a diversity of vape devices available in these two categories. There are Vape Pod Kits, Vape Mods, Sub-ohm Vape Tanks, Plus-ohm Vape Devices and many more. It might seem overwhelming to hear all these different terms, and you might be confused about what to choose.


It may seem difficult to grasp the idea of a variety of vape devices at the start, but once you are into the vaping world, it won’t be long before you start picking up devices according to your preferences. Let’s go into a bit of detail about vape pods, mods and sub-ohm tanks.

Vape Pod System:

Vape pods are disposable vape devices like Aroma king 7000 puffs and Elf bar lost mary. The tank containing the coil, e-liquid and mouthpiece is attached to the battery. You can replace the pod tank, and replaceable tanks are available readily at very low prices.


It is a nice and simple device that requires very low maintenance. You can replace your tank and enjoy any vape juice having different PG/VG ratios, flavours or nicotine strength. The batteries in vape pods are long-lasting and more powerful, so you can use the same device by replacing the tank.

Mod Vapes:

Vape mods are more advanced and have many features like adjustable airflow that allows you to change your vaping style from MTL to DTL or the other way around. Mods have control buttons and a larger battery.


They are not disposable vapes but instead reusable vape devices. A display screen shows voltage, wattage and battery capacity. Mods are also available in the form of a temperature-control system where you can set a particular temperature for your coil and prevent it from burning out.

Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks:

Sub-ohm vapes are those in which the coil is made of a material that has less than 1 Ohm resistance. These coils allow more current to pass through them and produce bigger clouds and warmer vapours. The battery is drained faster in sub-ohm vaping, and the e-liquid also evaporates more quickly.



Now that you know about all the devices, the decision is up to you. It depends on your preference whether you want to choose a disposable vape kit like Geek bar pro 1500 puffs or a reusable device. If you are into bigger clouds, you can go for sub-ohm vaping. But if you like to have liberty over e-liquid nicotine concentrations and flavour, you can try a mod system.


Mods allow you to experiment around and find the best vape conditions that make you feel the thrill and perfection. If you are looking for an easy to use device that requires less maintenance, you can choose a vape pod.


This blog has briefed all the information you might need when choosing between them. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you.

Functioning of Vapes:

The battery heats the coil, which is wrapped around a wick. The wick is usually made of cotton and absorbs the e-liquid present in the tank. As the coil heats up, it turns the e-liquid into vapours that you inhale. These vapours help absorb nicotine in your bloodstream.


The e-liquid comprises Nic Salt, Flavours, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). PG acts as a base and absorbs Nic Salt and Flavours.

Summing Up:

An honest disposable vapes like Elf bar 600 battery provides you a superb quality cloud and enriching flavour taste. On the opposite hand, a faulty battery or poor quality battery will inadequately influence your vaping.


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