What is a Wok Used For? Learn everything about wok


Without wok cookware set is almost incomplete. A wok is a versatile cooking utensil that has been used for centuries. You use it for steaming, stir-frying, deep frying and boiling.

There are different versions of the wok available in the market today. You can choose from steel or cast iron depending on your preference, but most chefs prefer using the traditional carbon steel wok as it heats up quickly and retains heat well. The cleaning process too is simple with a carbon steel wok.

The size of the Wok ranges from 8 inches to 32 inches in diameter so you have to gauge what will suit your needs best. The flat bottomed ones are good enough for making sauces while the rounded bottomed one allow more space for vegetables and meat to be cooked simultaneously.

Uses Of wok

The wok can also be used for miscellaneous tasks like making pancakes, rolling cookies and cooking vegetables in their own juices to retain flavour and nutrients.

At present, Chinese food is very popular around the world with chefs trying out new ideas everyday by using the Wok in different ways. If you are interested in learning more about this versatile pan, read on to find out how it is used for various purposes.

Cooking Tips For Using Your Wok

When using your wok ensure that you heat it over high flame for a few minutes before putting in the oil or any other ingredients. Once done, lower down the flame and spread the oil evenly across its surface. This will allow you to cook food effortlessly and prevent it from sticking.

You can use the wok to deep fry meat and vegetables as well, by adding oil and dropping small amounts of batter at a time so it does not get overcrowded in the pan. The high temperatures that the Wok generates makes sure that your ingredients are cooked quickly and retain their crispiness. You can also place a lid over the ingredient while cooking so that they absorb all the juices released by them.

The carbon steel wok is very versatile as it can be used for almost anything from making pancakes to steaming fish. It can even be placed over a campfire if you want a rustic meal! For more details check out camping-gear-outlet . Some woks also come with a small hole in the middle of its base to allow you to place it over a portable gas stove.

When using your wok for boiling, you need to make sure that the water level is high enough so that it does not get evaporated while cooking. It can also be used for poaching ingredients by adding some stock or wine along with vegetables and leaving them to simmer until cooked through. This method gives a burst of flavour and keeps vegetables moist too.

If you want to steam food then all you have to do is add some water into the Wok and bring it to a rolling boil before adding seafood or meat into it, after which a lid can be placed on top along with some aromatic spices if required for added flavour. The vegetables can be placed on a perforated cylindrical stand and lowered into the Wok before boiling begins.

To make your stir-fry dishes tastier, try adding some wine or stock to it as this will infuse all the ingredients with a burst of flavour and make your dish tasty in minutes.

Type of woks

cast iron

The cast iron wok is a great option for anyone who loves to cook. A cast iron wok retains heat very well, and can be used on the stovetop or oven. Cast Iron Woks are also naturally non-stick when cooking with oil, which means that you will not have to use as much oil in your recipe.

stainless steel

Stainless steel woks are less popular types of wok. They are made up of a wide bottom and long handle, giving them a similar appearance as western skillets. Stainless steel is widely used because it has properties that make it easy to maintain and use. When using stainless steel woks you need to avoid overheating the pan, so cooking over high-heat may be a challenge for some cooks.

carbon steel

Carbon steel wok is the most popular type of wok. It is made from a sheet of carbon steel. This kind of material makes the wok durable and very good at conducting heat, but it requires care to avoid rusting or cracking.

Woks come in various sizes and forms, from round bottomed to flat bottomed. Carbon steel woks are usually less expensive than those with nonstick coating. It is the best wok for Electric Stove making it ideal for novice chefs who may not be sure how often they will prepare Asian dishes.

Which is best wok?

Carbon steel or cast-iron are the most popular materials for this type of wok. The carbon steel wok is very easy to maintain and does not require much work at all. Just remember to heat it up before adding oil and then washing it thoroughly after use by scrubbing clean with a brush and hot water.
The unlined surface makes sure that no food particles stick onto it, but you simply need to ensure that you dry out the Wok properly there is no moisture remaining inside it before putting it away.

Uses And benefits of wok

Woks are great for any kind of food. They cook things really fast on a high heat, but retain just enough juice to keep you coming back for more.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a wok

  • You can sear, fry or boil in it which means there is no need for multiple pans.
  • Woks have sloped sides so they’re easier to toss your food while cooking with less mess afterwards.
  • Anything you cook in them turns out better than other pans because of the way it cooks over high heat.  This makes every meal taste delicious every time.
  •  Because most meals take less than 20 minutes to make, this allows you that extra bit of time to relax after a long day.
  • Cooking a stir fry in a wok means that you can easily use up any leftover vegetables you have left or fresh ingredients from the market.
  •  If there is ever a fire, having a wok will be useful as it uses less oil than other frying pans and food won’t crumble as much as they do using other types of pans.  This helps avoid messy spills on your stove top if food gets stuck on the pan.
  • Having a wok allows you to cook fast meals during those busy weeknights but still feel like you had enough time to cook something healthy for yourself and family.
  • You can even use them to boil water in when you’re in a hurry.
  • Woks also have sloped sides which makes it easier to toss food around while cooking.  This reduces the mess and makes every meal taste better since its cooked over higher heat.  There is less chance that food will get stuck onto your pan which makes clean up process much easier!
  • It’s great for making stir fries and can even be used to make soups and stews of any kind.  It cooks your food quickly on high heat, but retains enough juice to keep you coming back for more time and time again.
  • Anything you cook in a wok will taste delicious!  It is because of the way it cooks over high heat, leaving your food more tasty and less likely to crumble compared to using other types of pans.  This allows any meal you prepare to turn out perfectly every time!
  • It helps save more time by reducing the amount of pots and pans you have to clean up after cooking which leaves that extra bit of time for yourself at the end of a busy day.
  • You can easily use up any leftovers or fresh produce from the market with a stir fry cooked in a wok.
  • When there is a fire, having a wok would be useful since it uses less oil than other frying pans and thus, is less likely to cause a mess on your stove top.  This will help you avoid any unpleasant spills that might happen if food ever gets stuck onto the pan!
  • It’s perfect for making fast meals even at those busy weeknights but also gives you enough time to cook something healthy for yourself and family.
  • They are also great for boiling shrimp in no time.


Wok is the most useful part of a cookware that can be used to do many different things. From frying, boiling, searing, steaming or even smoking with one pan makes cooking so much easier than using multiple pots and pans throughout dinner prep and cleanup time afterwards.
Woks have sloped edges which reduces the mess and makes every meal taste better since it is cooked over high heat.
Woks are great for making fast meals even at those busy weeknights but still have enough time to cook something healthy for yourself and family.


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