What is Backlink and How to Create High Quality Backlinks?


When a beginner steps into the field of blogging, he has a lot of desire to get traffic and that is why he starts taking information about search engine optimization. In the meantime, one gets to hear about this word i.e. what is a backlink and how to make a high quality backlink?

Hearing this, it just keeps going on in the mind that what is it and how many types are there. Why is it necessary to make it as well as what are its benefits? 

If you do not create a backlink, then the ranking of the post will not increase and the post will come on the first page or not. Knowing what SEO is and how to do it, not everyone can understand the reason why the post does not rank after a long time has passed.

I will share my own experience here and I will also tell you what and how much effect I have seen in the post of making backlinks. I am writing this post only after the completion of 2 years of blogging because I wanted to collect complete information about backlinks and see their practical effect, only then I will tell you about it so that all the information will work. Come in

Let us now know what is backlink and why it is important, apart from this let us also talk about what are the types of backlinks and how to create high quality backlinks.

What is Backlink?

what is backlink

A backlink is also called an incoming link or inbound link in a way. When our website is connected with another website with the help of a link and gives way to come to our website from that website, then it is called a backlink.

You all must know Wikipedia very well and perhaps you will also know that you can also write articles as an author.

So let’s say that you have written an article there and have given a link to your post there for reference and have given complete detailed information on the related topic in your blog, then any reader who comes to Wikipedia will read it. That reader should also come to your site from the link left there.

In this way, Google gets a signal that traffic is coming to your site via Wikipedia and your site trust will build up and ranking will also start improving. Backlinks in a way create the identity of the new blog. When a blog is linked to many big websites, then Google also recognizes that the site is good and big websites refer to it.

Whenever you write a post and create a backlink for it, then it does not take much time to rank in Google. On the other hand, if you do not create a high quality backlinks, then it takes a long time to rank the post.

You must have heard the name of such good and reputed websites like Quora, Reddit, etc. The ranking and reputation of all these websites are very good, but apart from these, there are many websites which are included in the name of a good website and from where you can get quality backlinks.

Why are Backlinks Necessary?

If you are a blogger or Digital Marketer and learned a digital marketing course in Delhi then you must read about this. we give information or service to people through our blog. But for this, it is also necessary to reach the people, in which optimization plays an important role.

Meaning that without optimization our blog cannot reach people. Google is the search engine that is used the most and people search for information through this.

Now here Google puts those websites on the first page whose SEO is very good and whose content is very good and updates the information with time, they always remain on the first page. If you want to know in detail about SEO then you have to learn SEO course in delhi …

  • But this is not the case with the new website because the trust level of the blog is nothing for Google and the domain authority is also negligible.
  • In this condition, there is only one way by which we can increase the domain authority of our blog so that Google trusts our blog. That way is to create backlinks.
  • Let us understand the importance of backlinks with an example. Suppose you have gone to a new city and no one knows you there.
  • You must have often seen that people go to a new place and give a party and invite the big people of that city by giving the invitation.
Why do they do this, you tell me?

Your answer would be that they call people to make links. Now if you get to know well even with 5 powerful people out of 50 who have come, then your value will also increase in the city, and because of them, you will also start doing a lot of work.

After joining them, everyone will trust you with their reference. This is how backlinks work in blogs.

Apart from this, even if you get identified with a big minister, your work gets done in a jiffy because that minister is powerful and because of that, people will also know that it is the identity of the minister and would have done your work. Huh.

The same thing happens when the link of your blog is on a good website, then Google bots recognize your backlink present in that powerful website and increase the ranking.

Types of Backlink

high quality backlinks

No-Follow link

When a website links to another website, if there is a “no-follow tag” between their links, link juice is not passed in it.

  • To be honest, No-follow links do not help in any way to rank your blog. The no-follow link does not have much importance in the eyes of Google and other searches.
  • When Google’s bots check the Nofollow link, they see the Nofollow relation in it and they ignore that link and do not follow them. For this reason, the link juice does not pass out of it.
  • A no-follow link is used by the blog owner or webmaster for any other site about which they do not know much and which is unreliable.

Do-Follow link

If we talk about backlinks in general, then by default all blog or website posts are written and links are added to it, all those links are Dofollow. All these links pass the link juice.

This means that if the link of your website is in another website and there is Dofollow then Google bots will recognize your site by following that link and the ranking of the site also improves.

When you do link building, the most important thing is that it is also necessary to create a Nofollow link because if you only create Dofollow, then in a way it will be called spam from Google. If you are making 75% Dofollow backlink, then also make 25% Nofollow.

How to make high quality backlinks?

how to build backlinks

Brother, we have now understood that what is a backlink, what is the difference between Dollow and Nofollow is, but then the question arises here that after making a backlink, then how to make it?

This question must be coming to your mind that from where we will get this high-quality backlink. So the simple thing is that there are many ways to do this by which you can get both Dofollow and Nofollow links from a good website.

If you are a beginner, then do not think that you have no value, everyone as a beginner has started in this field as well. In the beginning, trust level and domain authority have to be built in the same way.

You just become an expert in writing good content, then you will not have to face any difficulty in any work.

How to Create High Quality Backlinks?

  1. Post Guest

Guest blogging is the best way of high quality backlinks building in my opinion. In this, you get a Dofollow backlink and the biggest thing is when you give the guest posts to a good and big website, then your site gets recognized.

At the same time, people also start knowing you through that site. Even if the site is good and its traffic is also good then you will get traffic from there.

It was a matter of externality, but now I will also tell you its technical benefits, when you write a guest post on a website similar to your niche, then Google’s bots follow the Dofollow link and go to your site and visit your site. The trust level also increases as well as the domain authority.

  1. Submit web directory

There are many such directory submission websites where you can submit the link of your blog according to the category of niche. After a few days of submitting the link, you will also start seeing its effect because it gives you the Dofollow high quality backlinks.

  1. Comment on other blogs

One of the best ways to create high quality backlinks is to go to the website of your niche and comment according to the topic. With this, you get a Nofollow link, but there are some websites where a Dofollow link is also available. By default, it is kept as a Nofollow tag by the comment plugin.

  1. Create a Profile in the Discussion Forum

When you join the forum according to your niche, you also get a chance to put a link to your website and blog.

If you constantly share the problem in the forum and solve the problem of others, then you can also share the link of the post related to it, in this way you also get traffic along with Dofollow and high quality backlinks from here.

If you have any query you can comment on the itsmypost.com website for further information …


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