What Is Corporate Law: Meaning, Features And Attorneys

corporate law

What is corporate law? Most of us do not have a proper idea about the area of corporate law and corporate attorneys. Yes, almost everyone knows that this law is related to corporations or businesses.

But that is not enough to describe corporate law and its features. So, here is a detailed discussion about this. Let’s start with some very basic pieces of information, and that is what corporate law actually is.

What Is Corporate Law?

Corporate law is the body of rules, regulations, laws, and practices, which typically governs the formation along with the operation of all corporations. This law body is responsible for regulating legal entities, which exist in order to conduct business.

The obligations and rights of all the people, who are involved in owning, forming, operating, and even managing a corporation are looked after by corporate laws.

The Major Characteristics Of Corporate Law

When we are talking about corporate law, there are five main principles related to this as per the Business Attorney Atlanta. So, let’s get some basic ideas about those five principles.

Legal Personality

Corporation owners usually pull almost all of their resources into a separate entity. That particular entity has the right to use the assets along with selling them.

And when it comes to creditors, they can not take the asset back easily. Instead of that, they generally develop their own entity, which is capable of acting on its own.

Limited Liability

Whenever any corporation gets sued, it is only the assets of the specific corporation, which are on the line. The plaintiff can never go after the personal asset of the person who owns the corporation.

The limited liability of a corporation lets its owners take risks along with diversifying their investments.

Transferable Shares

In case an owner decides that he or she does not want a share in the corporation, that does not mean that the particular corporation has to shut down. Actually, the owners can actually transfer the shares without any difficulty or hassles, that is, for transferring the specific ownership of a partnership with the help of a Business Attorney Atlanta.

How the shareholder’s transfer ownership depends on some limits. But the particular fact that ownership can be transferred lets the corporation go on even when the owners wish to make changes.

Delegated Management

For conducting their affairs, corporations have officers and, of course, a board of directors. The decision-making authority is split and shared by these groups. Board members are responsible for hiring and monitoring officers.

The board is elected by the shareholders. Officers take care of all the day-to-day operations of the corporation. When it comes to making the business run every day and conducting transactions, the officers are the leaders.

Investor Ownership

Owners always have a right to take part in the decision-making for the corporation, but directly they do not run the company. To the profit of the corporation, investors also have the right.

In proportion to their ownership interest, an owner usually has the decision-making authority along with profit sharing. In order to elect the board of members, owners typically vote.

Why Become A Corporate Lawyer?

All the Business Attorney Atlanta or corporate lawyers help companies conduct business. In order to do business in a better way, corporate lawyers help corporations. Lawyers, who usually like to write and read, might enjoy their work as corporate lawyers.

Throughout the lawyer’s entire career, a corporate lawyer might represent only a single corporation. Through many years of business, they might witness the corporation. Lawyers, who usually prefer a long-term client base, may like the long-term working relationships, which can be developed with corporate leaders.


Corporate law is basically the foundation of economic activity. Whether it is forming a corporation or doing business, corporate lawyers help with everything related to a corporation. A huge part of their work is foreseeing any issues before they even start and helping the corporation to eliminate the factors that can be the reason for the issues.


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