What Is Salesforce ?

This tutorial will introduce you to the word CRM before moving on to understanding what Salesforce is. Employees used to manage data manually back in the day. They scribbled down notes and filed them away. They were unable to utilise all of the available data in this manner.

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Companies gradually began to employ Excel sheets and documents for data management as years passed and computers became more common. When dealing with enormous amounts of data, however, this method proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.

Every person in the organisation needed to be able to efficiently handle and evaluate large amounts of user data. The term “effective” refers to strategies that could be used to boost customer satisfaction. CRM, as it was then called, was born.

What Is Salesforce and How Does It Work?

Salesforce, Inc. is a well-known CRM software firm situated in the United States. Salesforce is a prominent customer relationship management (CRM) solution used by support, sales, and marketing teams all over the world.

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Salesforce services enable organisations to better communicate with partners, customers, and potential customers by utilising cloud technology. Companies can use Salesforce CRM to track customer activity, market to customers, and perform a variety of other tasks.

A CRM platform allows you to dig deeper into all of your metrics and data; you can also create a dashboard that visually displays your data. Additionally, you can use automation to personalise your outreach. A CRM platform can also increase customer service’s capacity to assist customers or a sales team’s outreach efforts, which is a huge benefit.

Architecture of Salesforce

This lesson will now take you through the Salesforce architecture in more detail. Here, you’ll learn about the many layers of the Salesforce architecture one by one.

Salesforce stores data in a single database schema, making it multi-tenant. Multiple tenants can share a single instance of a software server. In a multi-tenant architecture, a single shared application service is provided to multiple clients. As a result, it is cost-effective. In a single-tenant building, on the other hand, all development and maintenance costs must be borne by one client. As a result, multi-tenant architecture is advantageous.

Salesforce is built on a metadata-driven development model. This allows developers to concentrate solely on the application’s development. Customization and scaling up are simple with this metadata-driven platform.

Salesforce’s API is a great tool.


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