What is the best car wash system?

Keeping the car clean is very important for the care of the paint on the outside, for hygiene in the passenger compartment and for the engine by keeping it in optimal conditions.

There are different ways to clean the car , conventional washing either at home or in a car wash , ecological washing with ecological pressure washers, washing without water , steam washing and roller washers.

Conventional washing

Conventional washing refers to washing the car with plenty of water, whether we use a hose, a garden pressure washer or take the car to a conventional car wash.

Ideally, if conventional washing is carried out, it is to use biodegradable products that do not affect the car or the environment. Do you use these types of products? Or maybe just use detergent to wash it?

This question should be asked when you take the car to the car wash, these car washes must comply with various environmental regulations. Some are not very defined but at least you must have the following:

The water you use to wash the cars should not be drinking water (tap water or aqueduct) this water is treated and is suitable for human consumption, so this is the first concern, do you drink water from the aqueduct?

Is the residual water from car cleaning poured directly into the sewer? This is poured into rivers and streams, therefore the products must be biodegradable. The use of silicones, oils and petroleum derivatives should be restricted. To avoid these contaminating agents, the laundry sewer system must have sludge and oil traps (filters) to prevent them from reaching rivers and streams.

Ecological washing (pressure washer)

This washing system is the one we find in parking lots, shopping centers and at home. They use a pressure washer in the form of a biche or bonice mango cart, some promise that they use a maximum of one gallon of water per cart.

It is a system that uses water responsibly, remember that a conventional pressure washer spends an average of 3.17 gallons per minute (How long do they last using water in a car?) and the ecological wash offers us 1 gallon for each car.

Ecological washing (without water)

Dry cleaning is one of the options offered today, where not a single drop of water is used. It is enough to just apply a quantity of product and it is removed with microfiber cloths, obtaining a cleaning similar to that obtained in a conventional wash.

Steam wash

Steam car wash uses a jet of steam to wash and clean the exterior and interior of cars. The steam jet is completely safe on vehicle surfaces when used correctly. On the other hand, steam has disinfecting and deodorizing effects. The most special feature of the steam car wash is that of being ecologically responsible.

Very little water is needed (<1 gallon per vehicle on average), and it does not cause any sewage runoff. The power of steam washing is truly amazing. You can achieve without any chemicals. Our Optima Steam Cleaner was specially designed to safely and efficiently wash and clean vehicles.



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