What Is the Google New Organic SEO Traffic Strategy?

SEO techniques are constantly evolving to keep up with Google’s continuous algorithm updates. Thus, experts must go through a trial-and-error method before finalizing any optimization tactic. However, there are two basic traffic generation strategies that professionals use across the globe that is organic and inorganic. While both are effective, one should begin with the former and hire an organic SEO company in India before anything else.

This is because this cost-effective method brings an array of advantages with it, especially when you put Google into the mix.

How Do Google and Organic SEO Work Together?

The primary purpose of SEO is to bring more traffic to any website. And Google’s work as a search engine is to find new web pages, index its information, and rank on the SERP.

Apparently, it seems like two distant purposes; however, both of them are inter-connected. Let’s understand its interrelation in simple terms.

SEO service providers produce web content to rank on Google SERP. Thus, they need to follow certain rules set by Google. Only by adhering to the web content gets ranked on the SERP.

Some prominent advantages of organic optimization techniques are:

  • It enhances PR relations.
  • Generate organic leads.
  • Provides credibility to the business.

To understand how organic SEO and Google work together, we need to discuss the various SEO strategies. Then it will be easier to understand how these collectively drive quality traffic.

Trending New OrganicSEO Strategies for Google

  1. Conducting a Thorough Research

Every organic SEO service in India first conducts heavy research to find relevant and trending topics. Then they perform extensive keyword research.

Once they finalize these two aspects, they then check their competitors’ websites to understand what SEO strategies are involved. This step helps find any keyword gap, link gap, and an opportunity to prepare better content.

  1. Creating Relevant Pages

Google algorithms are very smart, and they understand if any content is stuffed with the same keywords. So if it finds any, it would immediately de-rank the page.

If some websites have 10-12 pages related to the same set of keywords, experts prefer to merge them into one. This process is known as creating cornerstone pages. To prevent any such situation of de-ranking, organic SEO agencies in India put so much effort into producing relevant and unique content.

  1. Enhancing Content Quality

Organic traffic only comes if the content is of good quality. So no matter what the strategies are, quality contents always stand out.

Before adapting to any technical SEO methods, one needs to write good content.

  1. Placing Keywords Strategically

Keyword stuffing is a serious issue according to Google’s guidelines. Therefore, SEO experts place them in such an order that it doesn’t appear as forcefully stuffed.

According to Google, apart from the content, body keywords must be placed in the following places-

  • Meta tags
  • Headings
  • Alt texts
  • URL slugs

Only the best organic SEO company in India knows the tricks of optimizing each of them for the search engine.

  1. Using Anchor Texts

Interlinking is an effective method used in website content that promotes users’ engagement; thus, SEO professionals prefer using anchor texts in their content. One effective tactic used by professionals is using a keyword variant as anchor text.

Google always highlights that it is necessary to increase dwell time and reduce bounce rate. Hence using anchor texts in the correct spot fulfills the requirement, which eventually draws the attention of more traffic.

  1. Optimizing For Mobile Friendliness

Google must enhance mobile-friendliness for every content. This is because most of its users are always searching for content on their mobiles.

If contents are not designed in a mobile-friendly way, there are chances of missing out on prospective clients.

  1. improving user experience (UX)

Google’s motto is the satisfy user intent. Similarly, organic SEO techniques also work towards improving user experience. Only by understanding the searcher’s intent is keywords are selected.

Organic SEO consultants in India always suggest including long-tail keywords because they are more specific to the searcher’s intent. These are some of how optimization experts improve the UX of a website.

  • Adding relevant images, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Reducing page loading speed.
  • Writing relevant content that satisfies the user’s intent.
  1. Adhering Webmaster Guidelines

For organic SEO, Google has a set of webmaster guidelines. This clearly states what kind of content is eligible to appear on the SERP.

The webmaster guidelines are general rules that help the websites secure a position on the SERP. However, if these are not followed, Google has the right to omit the page or the website.

  1. Optimizing for the “People Also Ask” Section

If you have noticed on the SERP, some questions appear under “People Also Ask.” This feature is new, so SEO professionals have tried and tested some ways to rank through this section on the SERP.

They have used long-tail keywords, tried to add answers to probable questions, and also included FAQs in the contents. These are some of the ways of optimizing for this particular section. If you want to see a drastic implementation hiring an organic SEO company in India would be ideal.

  1. Being a Part of Featured Snippets

And SEO analysts have found ways to optimize as well.

It is important to note that feature snippets are of various types, paragraphs, images, videos, lists, etc. Thus, the ways of optimizing are also varied. Nevertheless, these are some of the ways of optimizing feature snippets.

  • Try adding answers to questions people may search for.
  • Include data, lists, and graphs.
  • Make sure the article or blog answers more than one question.
  • Organize the content properly
  • Make it appealing.
  • Keep on updating images.

Evergreen Organic SEO Techniques

Apart from these new organic SEO techniques, some old and evergreen methods remain effective. For instance:

  • Use link-building strategies by using digital PR.
  • Keep a track using google console to understand who are the target audiences are.
  • Producing skyscraper content.
  • Improve presence on social media.
  • Keep track of the leads generated.
  • Remove whatever slows the website down.
  • Always tracking Google algorithms and updating accordingly.
  • Improve existing content, and add new sub-topics.


In 2022 ranking only on the search results isn’t enough. You also need to use the optimum space on the SERP to garner your customers’ attention. Even though these methods mentioned above will help you immensely, the real potential lies in the hands of a professional.

The present-day requirement for a robust web presence is immense. Hence, those providing organic SEO services in India optimize for every position like Google image carousel, feature snippets, Google videos, etc. This way, they can ensure your site reaches your targeted audience.


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