What is web development?

web development

Web development or web programming is a generic term for the processes and skills required to create websites and web applications.

Examples of web applications include games, messaging applications, email, and online shopping. Simply put, everything you encounter in your web browser and all background processes are created by web developers.

Depending on whether the content you create is visible or “invisible,” it is categorized as either an external or internal developer.

If your business requires you to know both front-end and back-end development at the same time, you are considered a full-stack developer.

Let’s look at the differences between these two fields.

Front-end development

It includes everything a user sees on a page when they interact with a site or web application.

Front-end developers take images, text, designs, animations, and colors selected by web designers and insert them into their websites. They make sure everything is in place and the data coming from the backend is displayed correctly in the user’s web browser. It also verifies that all client-side logic is working correctly.

Their main tools are: HTML, CSS and JavaScript . Each of these languages ​​controls one of three key elements of a web page: content, design, and functionality. There are many more languages ​​to learn, but these are the three main tools that frontend developers need to know. These days, front-end developers also need to know several frameworks such as Angular.js, React, Vue.js, and Bootstrap.

Website builders, on the other hand, create designs and create HTML, CSS and JavaScript . Website builders focus on translating their artistic vision into computer code without dealing with server-side or server-side languages. Starting as a website builder requires minimal programming knowledge (compared to other positions) and is a great way to start your web development career.

Backend development

Web developers can also handle servers, databases, and other “behind the scenes” tasks. This particular kind of web development is called “backend” development.

External developers do everything the user sees, while internal developers handle the invisible process of creating, storing, and sending information from the server to the browser.
While using some of the knowledge you learned on the frontend, becoming a backend developer requires you to master a completely different set of tools. This means learning a new programming language. Some examples of popular internal languages ​​include: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP .

Experience as an internal developer can also transfer skills to other IT roles related to database and systems administration. These tasks are not related to programming, but require knowledge of server-side processes.

Database management

The database administrator is responsible for administering the server and ensuring that it is functioning properly.

They also spend most of their time storing data and updating their systems to keep websites running smoothly.

The quality of database management can affect load times, user experience on your site, and your site’s position on Google search results pages. Good database management can also prevent sites from crashing or returning errors to users. All of these factors are very important and can make or break any website or online business.

The database management process also requires learning a new set of programming languages. Some of the most popular database management tools include: Oracle, SQL, Apache .

System management

Like database administrators, system administrators focus on keeping software and hardware up to date. A system administrator’s job typically consists of installing, updating, and monitoring system performance in an enterprise environment. The system administrator IT structures that virtually every major enterprise in the world need to protect their IT structures and solve problems as they arise. Corporate email, business applications, and internal communications are handled by system administrators. Without these important productivity practices, your business is likely to fail in today’s marketplace.

The work of system administrators can be considered tedious or mundane, but the work they do is very important and can create or break the IT structure.

How can you differentiate between a web developer and a web designer?

You may have heard that Web Developer and Web Designer are used interchangeably. However, this does not mean that they are one and the same.

Web developers focus on programming and working with code, while web designers create graphic design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, branding and graphics for websites.

A web developer implements the concepts of a web designer in code. To give a real-life example, a web designer is like an architect who draws blueprints for a building and creates a model of what the building will look like. As a builder, a web developer draws up these plans and starts building brick by brick.

Although web developers and web designers are in different places, they often overlap. If you’re a web developer who likes to design, you can use graphic editing software like PhotoShop to create images, logos and layouts for your website.

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What is web development?

Web development is a fun and rewarding profession that provides ample space for creativity and artistic expression.

As with any other form of programming, working on web development requires working odd hours and waiting nine hours to fix bugs and issues as they arise. However, many web development jobs require a typical five to four o’clock schedule.

One of the main benefits of web development is the many opportunities to work remotely. This gives you freedom and flexibility not found in other areas of activity.

A web developer’s daily life consists mostly of spending time in front of a computer. During the day, we’ll have short meetings with colleagues and clients, discuss what we’re going to be working on, and then we’ll start programming. When new problems and problems arise, I spend time looking for answers on sites like Stackoverflow.com and online forums for programmers.

You can also open multiple tabs at the same time while manipulating projects, communications, and research. While working, I spend most of my time writing code in a text editor. These programs make it easy to write code and provide a variety of tools to help you keep things tidy. Coders also use terminals to communicate directly with servers and other software for database administration, version control, etc.

One of the biggest benefits of web development is instant feedback. Because the code is displayed in a web browser, you can view the results of your work on virtually any device. It also allows you to test and troubleshoot code faster than other forms of programming.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique to rank your website on search engine like google. It involves On page, Off page and technical SEO. After developing a website, it is a best practice to rank your site on search engine on different keywords. It will help in increasing the traffic for your site. It is purely organic.

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