What paraffin wax can you use?

If you’ve been using paraffin wax and are worried about giving up your love of candles, you don’t have to do this. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural candle alternatives to choose from. Just as the candle-making world has moved away from butter, professional candle makers have successfully used alternatives to paraffin wax.


Palm wax candle

A natural, plant-based alternative to paraffin wax is sustainable palm wax, a non-gm and rapidly renewable resource. As the name suggests, palm wax is derived from palm oil, which comes from Southeast Asia. When used for candles, palm oil does not require the additional use of paraffin wax (a non-renewable resource), which is beneficial for those who prefer a green lifestyle.


If you like fragrance, as many candle lovers do, you’ll be happy to know that palm wax candles absorb fragrance easily. They then spread them around the room to immerse you in the fun of scented candles and bring a touch of luxury to your home.


As a natural, non-toxic and renewable resource, palm wax is sourced from sustainably grown and felled trees, allowing you to enjoy luxurious candles without worrying about your impact on the planet. Oil palm trees grow in areas where there is plenty of rain, so they need very little irrigation. Palm oil requires less fertilizer, pesticides and fuel to grow and process than other oil crops, such as soybeans. In addition, oil palm trees produce ten times more oil per acre than other oil crops.


To ensure you’re making eco-friendly choices, look for candles made from sustainable palm. Traditionally cultivated oil palm trees are unsustainable and their cultivation has been linked to destructive practices such as forest burning, bulldozers and community displacement.


Of course, you don’t just buy candles to save the planet. You want to know that it will burn well, last for a while, and remain aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, palm wax burns longer than paraffin wax. Therefore, it is very practical, even if you buy unscented candles to keep yourself in the event of a power failure. Even better, it produces very little soot. Less ash means less chance for your candlestick to attract stains. Paraffin wax, by contrast, leaves an unsightly, persistent black mark.


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