What to Do When Fighting for Custody of Your Kids

If you want to be awarded custody of your children, there are proactive measures that you can take to increase your chances of becoming a custodial parent. A judge will be likelier to grant you custody if you do everything possible to prove that you’re the most suitable parent. Here are a few tips that may help you win your fight to get custody of your kids and end your legal challenges.

Become More Financially Stable

One of the best ways to convince a judge to award you custody is by proving that you have the income to support yourself and your children comfortably. Paying off debts, settling debt collection disputes, and paying any back taxes that you might owe are just a few things that you may need to do to improve your financial situation. You may also need to consider getting a new job that pays more or applying for promotions within your current company to increase your earnings.

Be Diligent About Scheduled Visits

If you’ve been granted visitation rights, you should make a point to always see your kids at the scheduled times. You could hurt your chances of getting custody if you are frequently late or don’t show up regularly for visits with your children. You should also refrain from rescheduling visits, and a child custody lawyer can help you plan a visitation schedule that will work best for you, your children, and the current guardian.

Don’t Lie About the Other Parent or Guardian

If your former partner, a family member, or another guardian currently has custody of your children, you shouldn’t tell lies about the other person to try to get your children back with you. The truth will likely come out at some point, and you could sabotage your chances of ever getting custody of your kids if you’re caught lying. Telling lies can hurt your credibility, and the judge might believe that you’re an unsuitable parent if you show dishonesty. You could even face defamation lawsuits and other legal consequences for lying about the other person.

Keep Records

Keeping records of when exactly you visited your children, what you did during your time with them and other important details of your relationship with your kids and your abilities as a parent can be to your advantage. Emails and details about phone calls with your kids are always good to include in your records. Even though you shouldn’t lie or be too negative about the current guardian, you shouldn’t be afraid to document any proven instances that show that the other person is unfit to have custody of your children. If you keep records that prove that the current guardian is abusive or negligent or doesn’t maintain a suitable home for children, this information can work in your favor.


Child custody battles are usually difficult and painful, but you can take steps to try to ease some of the hardship. If you approach the situation with an organized, rational mindset and work closely with your attorney throughout the process, you may finally achieve your goal of getting custody.


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