What to expect from a visit to the skin specialist?

Seeing the best skin specialist in Karachi is the best thing you can do to help clear up your acne or any other problem. But if you’ve never been to a skin specialist before or it has been a while since your last visit, you’re probably wondering what goes on during your first visit, and what you should expect.

The day your appointment is, you need to make sure that your skin is clean and has no makeup or chemicals on it. This will help your specialist have a clear vision of your skin. 

Prepare yourself to Answer Questions About Your Medical History

Your first visit to the skin specialist will be almost the same as your visit to the primary care physician. Meaning that you will be questioned about your medical history, what medications are you on, any health problems, and things like these.

This session is very important because your skin specialist has to know everything about your medical history in order to appropriately treat you for all your problems. Everything about your body will be relevant, also the issues which aren’t directly connected to your skin. But before visiting them, you may want to take a few steps to prepare.

Write down all the over-the-counter- products you are currently using at that time, or the ones you have tried, any medicines you are taking. 

The Skin Specialist Will Check Your Skin for Things Other Than Acne

You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re asked to disrobe and put on one of those lovely paper gowns.

However, if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen a skin specialist, you may be treated to a full-body check for other skin problems like suspicious moles or any other thing. 

This might seem odd to you if you’ve made the appointment because of acne, but always remember that your skin specialist is there to help you with absolutely all of your skin problems, even ones you are not aware of yet.

Expect to Be Treated With Respect

Most skin specialists are professionals who actually want to help and have their patient’s best interests with them. However, there are some very few bad apples out there too. 

Therefore, don’t stand for a skin specialist who is rude or demeaning, doesn’t spend time any time looking at your skin, clearing your doubts and listening to your concerns, or gives you a hard-sell for skincare products or any advice on your skin.

If your skin specialist is rude o you are not comfortable talking to them, it is time to change your skin specialist. 

You’ll Most Likely Leave With a Prescription

Once your skin specialist is done examining your skin and gotten all of the essential information, she or he will likely prescribe an acne treatment medication for you or any problem treatment you want. You can expect to leave with a prescription that very day.

Along with that, make sure you are aware of the way your new medication or product has to be used, and also, it is important to know what are its side effects and how should you manage them. You also will feel the need of asking about how long it will take to see the improvement. 


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