What to know about doing a morning desert safari in Qatar

A vast ocean of sand that terminates at the horizon stands in the middle of the urbanized expanse of contemporary Qatar and is now a popular tourist destination that is constantly expanding and alluring. The desert is where the hearts of Qataris beat, and it goes without saying that a journey to Qatar would always be incomplete without at least one visit there.

This time, there are more than just cactus, lizards, oases, and mirages in the desert. There is more to it than just a sandbox to explore. An exciting, heart-pounding experience in the early hours should include a picturesque morning desert safari in Qatar.


Rough Itinerary

Your safari will start with a pick-up from your Doha hotel or any other location inside the city boundaries. For the next hour or so, take in the scenery as you travel to Sealine Beach on the outskirts of Doha. Before departing for Doha city, savor a few beverages while taking in the breathtaking view.



The most popular safari vehicles are the Hummer, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Prado, all of which are operated by drivers who have received expert training to provide you with the most exhilarating episodes of reckless driving without sacrificing safety.


Should You Drive?

Unless you have prior training experience in morning desert safari in Qatar and deflating the tires for the same, it is not advised to bring your own automobiles on the safari and offer yourself a driving delight. In this situation, there is a greater chance of accidents.


Take Many Photos

Take photographs when you can since you might not have another chance for a better shot. You can permanently remove the images afterward and preserve the best. On your first drive, you could strike it fortunate and witness some incredible dunes. Don’t assume that this is how things will always be. Don’t forget to capture whatever you see with a camera since you never know when you’ll get another chance.


What to Wear

It is advised to wear clothing that will help you feel comfortable in both the morning and afternoon temperatures because the morning desert safari in Qatar takes place between pre-dawn and mid-afternoon. The ideal option is to wear loose-fitting clothing like t-shirts and slacks made of natural fibers like linen, cotton, poplin, or lightweight textiles that absorb sweat. Any jacket or sweater will do as it can become a little cool in the desert. It is best to wear open-toed shoes like sandals or slippers so you can quickly shake off the sand. Bring suncream, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your face if you are photosensitive.


Your Shoes

You should ensure your hiking boots are as well-worn-in as possible to lessen the risk of blisters if you intend to wear them. You should if you don’t intend to buy hiking boots or even borrow some from a friend.



Are you stuck in the Doha airport for a long time? Or do you prefer the morning to the nighttime for your most daring moments? If you said yes to any of them, you should take the morning desert safari in Qatar for an exquisite serving of the desert’s fresh, unspoiled splendor. Get in touch with Doha Adventure Tours & Safari to plan a perfect tour, no matter how long or short your trip is.



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