When did Soccer Originate

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Exploring the history of soccer is not as straight forward as you would imagine. This is partly because there were a lot of similar games played a long time ago that might look like a football, but they’re not exactly the same.

A lot of research work has been done on the origins of soccer, but I’ll try to keep it as simple and as smooth as possible (so it doesn’t get boring for you!)

When All This Started

There is no specific evidence as to the era and place of origin of today’s most famous sport -football. However, many historians believe that some sort of ball game has been played before 3000 years.

The origins of the play can be found in games played in Japan, Egypt, Greece, and China, before the modern game established in England ผลบอลสด7M

It has also been said that the Ancient Greeks and the Romans played a number of ball games involving the use of their feet. A long-standing characteristic of competition appears to be the high degree of violence with which these sports have been played.
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Perhaps older forms of soccer were practised as far back as the second century BC when the Chinese might play a very boring kicking game. Many soldiers (such as the ancient Greeks) may use soccer-related games to get training for battle.

Moreover, as far back as 3000 years ago, the Chinese army claimed to have played a game called Cuju (kick-ball). Cuju involves kicking a leather ball into a form of a target consisting of silk fabric and bamboo canes.

A violent form of soccer emerged in medieval France, entitled as la choule. And when I say soccer, every body part was allowed, including any aid, to bring the ball into the target of the competitor. In addition, the game was so brutal that it was censored for some time.


However, in medieval England, a new variant of the game caught on and quickly became very famous with the rules and regulations.


The English came up with the ‘Game Rules’ in 1863 when the Football Association was founded.

In the First World War, a memorable thing in the history of soccer came in. Germany and England clashed on the Western Front until Christmas Eve in 1915 when there was a formal ceasefire between the nations. Somewhere the ‘football’ was tossed out, and both Germans and Englishmen started a free-for-all soccer game. From the boxing day on, they were out in the trenches firing at one another (with guns… not soccer balls!). Isn’t that crazy old game?

According to studies, Soccer was first organized in the USA in 1827, although it was contested again between college players on ‘bloody Monday’ and the fists were also seen.

However, the very first international game between Scotland and England was contested in 1872. From here on, the soccer game became very prominent in Europe and spread quickly to many different regions of the world.

The American soccer league was founded in 1921 and soon became more popular. In recent days, the American Soccer League has begun to draw well-known, young soccer stars.  Fredrick Ljungberg and David Beckham are the players to be noticed.

Soccer is now popularly referred to as the most famous sport in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo sold $120 million (£80 million) to Real Madrid from Manchester United in 2009.

Players’ wages are increasing by more than $150,000 a week. Large stadiums are being constructed all over the world.

The history of soccer has come a very long way since the ancient Greeks enjoyed a bloody free-for-all. The Continental Competitions and World Cup draw large crowds, and the standard of players has become very strong.

It has become a highly entertaining game, played around the planet on the back gardens and streets as much as it’s on new pitches, both outdoor and indoor, as well as on the virtual plane.


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