Where Does Termite Damage Typically Occur in Karachi City’s Homes?


fumigation When you hear the word termite what do you think of? Do you cringe? Do you picture thousands of tiny termites chewing away on a piece of wood? Termites fumigation can be beneficial in decomposing and recycling fallen trees and debris in our forests, but we often don’t think of them in a positive light. We tend to picture them where they don’t belong – in our Karachi city’s home.

Secure Fumigation Pest Control Company provides free general pest and termite inspections in Karachi, (DHA, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Clifton, Nazimabad as well as all Business and Companies and home Fumigation solutions) . We specialize in termite control, pest control, bee removal, rodent control, and more for residential and commercial customers. Locally owned and operated very satisfaction service, we use the latest and most technologically advanced methods of pest elimination available to the industry while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our employees are fully trained and licensed, and attend ongoing education to provide you with the best service possible. We take care of ALL pests! From termites, flies, scorpions, spiders, pack rats, wasps, bees, crickets, cockroaches, and many more we are proud to be your COMPLETE desert pest management specialists. Unfortunately, our homes can be subject to their damage throughout the year. Yes, even in the winter, termites may be active inside Karachi City’s homes. The colony’s nest is built in tunnels underground, allowing them to escape the winter weather. If inside your home, the warmth and vast supply of wood will allow them to remain active all winter

how to resolve termite issues & Problems. termite is a wood pest, secure fumigation give the best termite prevent solution. termite fumigation services

Termites are another dangerous and harmful pest that is threading to the whole world due to its vast biting effects and pain that it can provide to us.

Termite treatment is essential to those who really are in discomfort due to this pest.

For old houses where termite signs are found, treatment is completely different as mentioned above. In this case, drilling is done up to the depth of 2ft along all the internal and external walls of the house and medicine is pumped in with pressure.

Termite proofing treatment / sign, inspection, details

what do you know Termites tend to avoid open air and bright lights, and as a result, their colonies are typically underground, Out of sight or within wood materials so more often than not, he was able to escape your gaze and gain his foods status,

Our pest and termites inspection staff first of all inspect around of your property area, The areas that will be inspected include the interior and exterior of the building as well as accessible roof cavities and subfloor areas. It is also important to see how many parts have been damaged by termites. which is give termite treatment our company it was To say termite proofing or termite fumigation.

Termite treatment

Termite is that type of an insect which can be destructive for a newly or old constructed house. Specially for houses that have lots of solid wood used during finishing works such as in doors, door frames, wardrobes, consoles, kitchen cabinets etc. It can be devastating both for natural solid wood and laminated sheets such as plywood or MDF. It can even destroy anything made from paper such as books and your official documents. It is found everywhere specially in newly developed societies where most of the plots or land surrounding your house is empty or has old trees that attract termites.

Major source of food for termites is rotten wood and if you have any tree in your lawn or outside home that has rotten roots or stems will definitely attract termites. Different woods have different natural characteristics, some woods are hard and some are soft. Soft woods are also one of the sources that attract termites. Another attraction for termites is moist wood, any wood that has more than acceptable moisture content should not be used during construction or kept inside house after finishing. It will attract termite which will then make its way inside the house and causing damage. Termites are smart enough to make their way through sewerage pipes or electric conduit pipes to anywhere their food source is. Though it cannot eat uPVC or plastic but it can definitely make its way through it. Similarly, termite cannot damage concrete or bricks but it can fit through the cracks available to it.

For natural environment, termites are beneficial since it eats up the rotten wood and turns it into an organic material that improves the quality of soil. But when we develop and build house on land, termites become destructive. Termites exist in form of family and a colony that has a king and queen responsible for reproduction till the family reaches a certain size. For a house to be completely safe from a termite attack, precautionary measures are mandatory at the time of construction at certain stages to prevent this colony from being nourishing. These precautionary measures are termed as “anti-termite spray” or “termite treatment”. Sometimes it is also referred to as “termite proofing”, however in reality there is no thing as termite proofing because there is no medicine that can completely eradicate or kill the termites. Termite treatments keep the insects away from the area within which treatment has been done.

Signs of termite in a house

Most significant signs of termite presence in a house is the emergence of mud tubes on walls in irregular but upward direction as shown in picture below. If these kind of tubes exist on internal or external walls of your house, then it definitely means that termite is damaging wood items of your house. Similar tubes should be searched on tree stems too inside or outside your house. If found, tree should be removed before the termite travels inside the house or anti termite spray should be carried out at earliest.

Next round of spray is done at the time of internal and external floor pack. When compaction of floors is done and brick ballast or gravel is laid, before concreting all internal and external spaces of ground floor are sprayed using same medicine through same company that was used at the time of stage 1.

Treatment for old house

For old houses where termite signs are found, treatment is completely different as mentioned above. In this case drilling is done up to the depth of 2ft along all the internal and external walls of house and medicine is pumped in with pressure. An alternate to this method that is in practice these days is special pvc piping during the construction of foundations of a house as shown in picture below. This method is also recommended as it has special inlet nozzle visible outside from where medicine can be pumped into the foundations and directly into the soil anytime in future if required. However mostly this method has a blocking disadvantage of its outlet nozzles present inside foundations or concealed in soil.

Welcome again! In this post we are going to tell you more about the destructive insect, termite. Further you will learn why termite control is important and when is the right time to do so. So, let’s begin our topic.

Termites are Destructive

Termites are one of the most destructive insect species which are a serious threat to your house and surroundings. These tiny little insects are smaller than ants. They build colonies in the places where darkness and humidity prevails. They commonly feed on living as well as dead plant material. They can cause damage to buildings, structural wood, wooden fence and wooden furniture of your house.

Termite Control is Not an Unnecessary Expense

Termite control may seem like an unnecessary expense but it is absolutely essential to avoid destructive amount of damage to your house and costly repairs. There are a lot of ways to deal with termites on your own, but it is better to go for professional pest control service. Termite control is a difficult task and it should be treated by termite control professionals as they have extensive knowledge.

Termite Control As Soon As Possible

Regular inspection is essential. The best time for termite control is as early as possible. Termites are active throughout the year. If you have spotted termites in your home then don’t let these pests settled in. You need termite control service immediately. If you will allow the infestation to get worse even for some days, then it will cause a lot of damage.

Termite Control for New Home

However, if you are planning to buy a house or an office building and want to know when to set up termite control service then winter season is an ideal time. Winter season is the best time to implement termite control treatment for both your home and business, as these pests are not expected in this season.

Winter and Summer Season for Termite Control

In the fall or winter season termites are not active as compared to summer season. In warm months as the temperature increases, termite colonies get larger which is a serious threat for your home or building. Some termites form new colonies known as swarmers. These swarmers fly away to form their own colonies and appear during warmer months. Termite control service in winter season will detect these termite colonies before they spread. It will also reduce the chances of damage to your home or building.

Termite Control Experts

Annual termite control is a fast, easy and best solution to reduce the existence of termites. With an annual termite control service conducted by termite control professionals, you will be able to inspect termite before the damage. Thus, ongoing termite control will reduce the chances of termites. Secure fumigation service is an expert company for termite control. If you are looking for Termite inspection or Termite control, the expert team of Secure fumigation service can assist you in the best possible manner. You can contact us or book an appointment online to get more information about our termite control services.


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