Where to Go and What to See in Orlando Theme Parks WITH YOUNGEST KIDS


Orlando is a country with numerous amusement parks. It is not surprising that most families plan their trips to Orlando every spring and summer when the weather is especially favorable for traveling. Kids and adults wait with impatience for the day they meet Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld. The beaches in this area are also beautiful so that you will always find much to do. However, you can hardly find the right destination for traveling with infants. Of course, most of the rides and attractions are not infant-friendly. Visiting them you will find nothing but unnecessary stress and harass. So, how is it possible to travel with a baby in Orlando?


First of all, go to Rental24h Orlando to rent a good family car. Economy class cars with two doors and sports cars can hardly help you. Check the prices for family vans or SUVs if you have more than 1 kid and need much space in the car. Don’t forget about the car seats. Taking a long car trip with your baby is absolutely impossible without special seats. Pick the seat according to your kid’s size and age and ask your rental company about your additional need. All seats need to be approved and properly fastened so your baby can feel safe and comfortable. It is worth mentioning that newborn babies are not the best travel companions when it comes to attractions.



  1. Theme parks

You should know that some of the theme parks in Orlando have properly equipped zones for youngest visitors. How to find them? You’d better go to Walt Disney World which is the best place for kids of any age and interests. Sea World is the best place to walk and enjoy the sea views, underwater inhabitants. Go to LEGOLAND and you will never be disappointed. These parks offer free entry for children under 3. Be aware of water rides. Your kids are too small to take a dangerous ride even in your presence. Nevertheless, you can always find a wading pool, special playgrounds, and restrooms for the youngest ones.

  1. Indoor attractions

Each park has numerous indoor attractions. Which are good for infants? How about visiting Loch Haven Park? It is 10 minutes driving from downtown. This is a good place not only for attractions but for learning. You have a chance to expose children to learning sciences and arts. Also, never miss visiting the Orlando Museum of Art. There is a special kiddy section, called Art Adventures.

  1. Outdoor attractions

What are you going to do with your baby outdoors? It is not a good age to try anything wild and speedy, is it? But you can always find several joint outdoor activities to have fun together with your kids. How about taking a stroll around the lake in Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando? There is a possibility to walk in the park or arrange a picnic. Look around! It is even better for kids than visiting amusement parks! You can see many nice boats, designed in the form of swans, and numerous fountains. This is a good place to relax, arrange a picnic. If your kids are active and ready for adventures, go to Gatorland. This is a unique and safe place for young visitors to ride a bike, splash in the water, and even pet a goal or one of many colorful birds.

Reese in the Rain

  1. Places to eat

As a rule, theme parks have wide opportunities for eating and taking some rest. The territory counts more than 5 000 restaurants with different cousins and attractive menus. So, if your kids suddenly feel hungry, you will never have problems to feed them. The prices are different so that you should choose carefully. It is better to pick an eating place with the help of restaurant finding apps. If you don’t like crowded and noisy cafes, you’d better ride a car and go to eat somewhere far from the theme park. If the idea to eat in the theme park is good, go to Walt Disney World restaurants to dine with the Disney animated characters. Never miss such kids-friendly eateries as Chef Mickey’s Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, and Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  1. Kiddy resorts

Of course, you will need a quiet place to stay for the night. The park territory is full of themed hotels and resorts. You can try to book a connected suite. It is a good option for big families when kids and parents live in separate rooms. So, what are they, the most impressive and family-friendly resorts? Try Caribe Royale in Orlando, Lake Buena Resort, Westgate Palace Resort, and many others.

Sure enough, it is often difficult to pick a good place to eat or a daily attraction for your family. Try to use mobile apps to navigate you. As a rule, tourists don’t have much time to waste for searching and doing nothing. It is better to have a short and clear plan before the trip.


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