Direct Flights to Delhi From USA

Following are the best airlines to fly from USA to India Flights – There are several means to travel from one corner of the world to another, but flying has emerged to be the most convenient and safest option. With the advancement in technology and innovation, there isn’t any remote place you cannot reach. Many airlines are available in the worldwide market today, and there are many choices for passengers. From budget options to high-end luxury ones, it is up to you to decide your flying experience and choose the one. You can opt for direct flights if you are in a hurry or the ones with long layovers to explore new cities on the way. This has made travelling a loved and embraced hobby for people as these “travel enthusiasts” have emerged somewhat of a tribe.

People are now connected over the internet and share their travelling experiences and journeys. There is a large audience that follows their expeditions and dreams to go on them someday. All of these things have boosted the travel economy in the past years. More and more people are saving for international trips, exploring their countries or even leaving their jobs to see the world. This industry’s tremendous growth has a significant component in the ease and availability of many flying options. It has acted as a substantial conductor and allowed people from all spheres of life to find options suiting their needs. There are now many budget airline options that are an excellent choice for everyone on a tight budget. These affordable options allow them to save as much money as possible on flying tickets. Also, the money saved on these tickets can help them splurge on shopping, eating local delicacies or go to a new destination. That is why these options are preferred by all travellers when planning for a new trip.

Consider these pointers when choosing an airline for yourself.

The airline you choose must cater to your specific needs and, most importantly, the budget allowance. There are many options, and looking for the one needs research and patience. Also, it is better to go through the airline website and look for customer reviews before making it final. It will help you see whether the service is good or not. Keep these points in mind when choosing an airline:

  • Check on the years of experience of the airline and whether they have been in the business for long. It would be more helpful to choose a reputed and experienced player.
  • Check out the ticket price but don’t make it the sole factor for choosing the airline.
  • Read the reviews of past passengers and their experience.
  • Keep in mind the facilities and comfort equipment offered by the airline.
  • If you have a long journey, such as Non stop flights from USA to India, it would be best to spend a little more money on a comfortable seat.
  • Select the date and time of departure and keep in mind the layovers and the total time. If during an emergency, you need to reach your destination quickly, it is better to choose a direct flight.
  • Choose the airline that provides options fulfilling all your needs according to budget, date, times and other facilities.

Top airlines to travel from the USA to India.

There are many options for travel between the USA and India, but it is always prudent to conduct research. Even the best and reputed options could disappoint you with lousy service and may even ruin your trip before it starts. Choosing a suitable alternative will help you begin the journey on a good note and sit through this long time comfortably. The distance between India to the USA is a long one, and you don’t want to end up in a small congested seat just because it was the cheapest option. It will ruin the mood and perform the opposite of helping you relax.

Air India

  • It can easily be defined as one of the biggest and oldest airline carriers in India. Its vast years of service and consistent quality has made it an excellent option for travellers worldwide.
  • It flies to around sixty places globally, and its route for India and the USA is a much-reputed one. People consider it as one of their priority choices when booking Direct flights from Delhi to USA.
  • It has a generous baggage limit of 32 kg, fro a single piece.
  • Being India’s flag carrier airline makes it a top choice for everyone looking for safe travel options.

United Airlines

  • An excellent choice for a journey to India, United has grown to recognize as a household name in the United States.
  • It flies to almost 48 countries, making it an accessible choice for flying almost anywhere in the world.
  • United was a founding member of the reputed airlines’ group, the Star Alliance.
  • For the baggage, it can offer you a free limit of 23 kg.
  • It operates non-stop and direct options for the India-USA route, making it a great choice if you want to get back to your country soon.

Delta Airlines

  • Another notable name in the USA, Delta, has also grown with the booming travel industry.
  • It is famous for the experienced and polite staff, which is an essential thing to consider, especially when travelling for a long distance.
  • Delta also has a comprehensive route map, expanding to almost 52 countries of the world.
  • It has various convenience and entertainment options on-flight, from an ample baggage limit to entertainment media to listen to when flying.

Qatar Airways

  • This airline is recognized as the epitome of flying with luxury and comfort. It is the top choice for people who don’t want to compromise their luxury and comfort as it provides luxurious seats and cabins.
  • Qatar, being a relatively young carrier, has the latest technology and safety measures in its aircraft.
  • It travels to around 150 places in the world.
  • Qatar offers a comprehensive baggage policy of 46 kg with two pieces.
  • Qatar’s flag carrier has made its name as a recognized and dependable airlines of the world.


  • Another luxurious carrier, Emirates, is shadowing the other airlines that target luxury as their selling point.
  • It offers private cabins for fliers and shower options, which is something totally new and unheard. If you want to take a luxurious, hot shower while flying, Emirates will help you take it off the checklist.
  • It can take you to over 80 countries in this world, with 3600 flights flying daily.
  • The baggage allowance extends up to two bags, weighing 23 kgs each.

Etihad Airways

  • Earning its name between one of the top players in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad has become a top choice globally.
  • It conducts over 1000 flights per week, flying to 120 places in the world.
  • It is an excellent choice for all the people on a tight flight budget as Etihad has affordable options offering a good service.
  • You can carry a total of 46 kilograms, divided equally into two bags.

All of the above airlines are the top choices for a great flying deal for the US-India route. They will offer you excellent service, years of experience and comfortable flying. If you want to book Non stop flights from USA to India, it would be best to decide your budget first. It will help you select the best option which fits your limit and offers the service quality you want.

Follow this guide to find the best carrier for your trip and begin your adventure with comfort and convenience.

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