Who are the best fireproof fabric suppliers?

fireproof fabric suppliers

List of fireproof fabric suppliers


Daletec is the trusted Norwegian manufacturer of hot metal, fire retardant clothing, heat and fire protection. For over 40 years, they have developed specific processes and advanced FR therapies, including impregnation, lamination, special coating, and other groundbreaking FR technologies. Daletec manufacturing is now known for its consistently high quality, comfort and extremely durable goods and the provision of reliable service and environmentally friendly solutions is valued at Daletec. They have fireproof fabric suppliers in 35 countries on all continents that have supplied enough FR fabric — to circulate around the planet multiple times over. Daletec also developed, manufactured and tested a worldwide highly efficient supply chain with efficient and reliable mills and the best raw materials. Our textile engineering team constantly checks all our production in our laboratories. It is accredited ISO14001. Daletec services are provided by experienced professionals from FR manufacturing with constantly updated expertise in manufacturing qualification, research, and product development.


Tyndale has more than 325,000 customers and is one of the three largest fireproof fabric suppliers in the FR clothing market. Tyndale managed apparel programs, all of which enhance the product choice and enhance user satisfaction, maximize bottom-line savings and services as well as garment and spend tracking and reporting. Their extensive range combines their own Made in the US FR clothing with products of leading suppliers in order to provide men and women with the biggest selection of the industry. Quality as a company is woven into Tyndale’s fabric. The clothes we sell are equally important to our clients, our workers and our honesty.

Bulwark Protection

Companies can turn to Bulwark Protection if real lives are at stake and corporate reputations are involved. They are one of the best fireproof fabric suppliers which completely surround you. They are balancing the FR and PPE demand that is as well as safeguarded. With the latest information, advice and guidance you expand your knowledge in all directions. Protection for Bulwark Protection constructed around the need for safety.

The power of VF Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of clothing, is supported by Bulwark Protection. And they agree that FR and PPE clothing will look as good as it protects. Each look, line, label, fitness, functionality, and functionality they create is designed with the best of our own knowledge. They are making clothing that isn’t dull looking and displeasing to the eye.


Westex by Milliken offers a wide collection of AR / FR products, which include fiber, yarn and FR technologies in various different ways. They ensure the flame resistance of all their product lines for the durability of the clothing. In order to deliver the highest-quality AR / FR material on the fireproof fabric suppliers market, Westex’s team of engineers uses advanced equipment, innovative processes and patented technologies— many of which are NFPA 2112 certified and NFPA 70, conforming. For assistance in customizing the right FR program, contact the Westex team from Milliken.


TenCate is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of emergencies, industrial and military protective fabrics. They offer a full range of products in quality, comfort and FR performance that exceed all others in most fireproof fabric suppliers. TenCate sets the pace for the industry by developing advanced solutions based on unparalleled scientific know-how first to market.

A fully equipped, up-to-date laboratory certified by ISO and certified participant in the UL Client Test Data program, is located in the United States Corporate Office. The lab is fully able to conduct major flame-resistant textile tests to ensure compliant compliance with strict NFPA and other international standards with a complete complement of state of the art appliances. With a wide variety of equipment, the lab will test by most important test methods of ASTM and AATCC. The TenCate laboratory can provide the most accurate analysis and measurements of FR fabrics, with experienced staff.


For over 40 years, Rioma has designed and manufactured textiles for upholstery and home decor. We are distinguished through the intense and specialized work of their design department with experience supported in more than 80 nations. Every year more than 100 new propositions are developed which lead to new collections in our contemporary, classical and child-youth lines. For its unique designs, Rioma is internationally recognized. And to create a trend with a new bright color style and traditional and minimalist collections.

MCR safety

MCR Safety has 45 years of experience as a personally sensitive equipment (PPE) manager. Their product includes gloves, glasses, and garments made from materials of the highest quality available to guarantee maximum safety, convenience and style. MCR Safety stands out as a developer of its core product classes. As fireproof fabric suppliers, they have the resources that help them to assess other supply sources to ensure reliable quality and competitiveness. They are also proud of the technological capabilities and superior customer service their distributors offer.


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