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Two-tone Gradient Sunglasses 210408477Our eyes are the windows of the soul. Therefore, we must take good care of our eyes. After all, the eyes are very fragile. If the sun is too strong, it is easy to cause damage to our eyes. So when you are outdoors, it is best to wear sunglasses to block the dazzling sunlight. And wholesale women sunglasses are also a magic weapon to decorate your outfit! It used to be basically the world of black sunglasses. But with the rise of retro style, colored sunglasses have gradually replaced the existence of black sunglasses. Colored sunglasses ushered in a fashion trend and became the darling of fashionistas.

    1. Choose Women Sunglasses according to Your Face

      Geometric Edge Women Sunglasses How to choose the glasses that suit you? First of all, we need to understand what shape of glasses our face fits. Our face is roughly divided into four types: a heart-shaped face, a round face, an oval face, and a square face.

      • Heart-shaped face:

        The main feature of a heart-shaped face is that the width of the forehead is slightly smaller than the bones on both sides of the face but larger than the jawbones. In summary, this type of face has a wider forehead and a narrower chin. A heart-shaped face is more suitable for wearing wider glasses. Such as aviator glasses that can cover the bones on both sides of the face or cat-eye glasses.

      • Round face:

        A round face has a rounder face and a shorter chin. Therefore, it is more suitable to wear glasses with a little square or angular shape. This type of glasses can make the facial lines more pronounced, which is conducive to making the face look thinner and longer. This type of glasses can make the facial lines more pronounced, which is conducive to making the face look thinner and longer. The most suitable ones are square or rectangular glasses.

      • Oval face:

        An oval face is a perfect face shape, and it is easier to choose sunglasses. The width of the forehead of this face is about the same width as the bones on both sides of the face, and the overall contour is relatively uniform. Therefore, many glasses are suitable for wearing an oval face, but more suitable for large frame glasses, choosing aviator sunglasses and oversize sunglasses can better modify the shape of the face.

      • Square face:

        The width of the forehead, the sides of the face and the chin of the square face are basically the same. The chin of this face shape is relatively short. Therefore, it is more suitable to wear round or oval glasses to modify the shape of the face and make the lines of the face look softer. For example, round-frame glasses and aviator glasses, it is best not to choose square glasses.

    2. Choose Women Sunglasses according to Skin Tone

      Fashion Cat Eye Pearl Frame SunglassesThe tones of our skin can usually be divided into three types. Mainly cold tones, warm tones, and natural tones. If you don’t know which color tone your skin tone is. Don’t worry, tell you a very simple method: stand in the sun, stretch out your wrist, and carefully observe your blood vessels and skin color.

      • Cool skin tone:

        Most of the girls with cool colors have fairer and pinkish skin. In the sun, you can see that your blood vessels are blue or purple, so it is suitable to wear some brightly colored sunglasses. For example, red or blue are suitable. It can not only look fairer but also make the overall look more eye-catching.

      • Warm skin tone:

        Women with warm colors have brownish skin, so the color of sunglasses should not be too dark. This skin tone is more suitable for wearing light-colored or slightly brighter colors. This can make the face look shinner, and the overall feeling will be more energetic.

      • Natural skin tone:

        Naturally toned skin is somewhere between cool and warm tones. The blood vessels on the wrist are blue-green, and the overall feeling is healthy and lively. Women with this color tone are more suitable for dark blue and crimson sunglasses, which can bring out your complexion very well. In addition, black is also very suitable.

    3. Tawny Women Sunglasses

      Women Pearl Detail Half Frame SunglassesTawny is a color that is easier to control. This color will not be as monotonous as black, nor will it be too exaggerated. But because the brown color is still a bit darker, it is best to match with more casual light-colored clothes to adjust the dullness caused by dark sunglasses.

      You can wear a pink dress to match it, and then wear a pair of white shoes underneath. Although this combination is simple, it has a sweet feeling. Finally, put on a pair of tawny sunglasses, and the fashion sense of your overall appearance will soar, which not only makes you look younger but also adds highlights.

    4. Yellow Women Sunglasses

      Rimless Tears Party SunglassesYellow sunglasses are also very popular with celebrity bloggers. They can be said to be the popular color of this year. We often see yellow sunglasses in street photography. Because yellow sunglasses can not only help us brighten the skin tone, but also can be a highlight of our appearance. Whether you are wearing dark or light-colored clothes, you can match yellow sunglasses.

      When you wear a black top, there may be a monotonous and lack of vitality. At this time, you can put on a pair of yellow sunglasses to bring the finishing touch to your appearance. Wearing yellow sunglasses can make you a bright spot in the crowd. People can always see you first at a glance.

    5. Red Women sunglasses

      Frameless Cloud Drop Pendant SunglassesRed may be one of the super bright colors among all colors. It often brings a warm feeling to people. If yellow is like the sun in winter, red is like a burning flame in winter. All red fashion items can well set off your skin tone and make you look fairer and more beautiful. Of course, red sunglasses are no exception. No matter what clothes you wear, you can become fashionable with red glasses.

      If you want to pursue the uniform color balance of the outfit. Then you can wear a red striped sling top with red sunglasses to match the color of the clothes. This kind of match will make you unique, with a queen-like temperament.

    6. Pink Women sunglasses

      Fashion Frameless Flame SunglassesPink is as sweet as candy and can give people a feeling of love. The pink sunglasses are more suitable for women who like sweet styles. But if you prefer a more fashionable style, you can wear a more special style when choosing sunglasses, which can weaken the sweetness brought by pink and make it more fashionable.

      You can choose a top with printed or embroidered patterns and pair it with a pair of pink sunglasses. Blue and pink have always been a perfect set of colors. The cute style of the blue top and the sweet style of pink sunglasses will make you look more youthful and energetic.

Alloy Narrow Frame Polygonal Sunglasses 210408642 Color women sunglasses come with filter effects, with the characteristics of retro style. Not only can you instantly become the focus. And multi-color options are also better to match clothes. While protecting your eyes, you can also create stunning looks. How can you miss this year’s beauty lovers! In addition, if you want more styles of wholesale women sunglasses, you are welcome to click our OOK JEWELRY online store to browse. We will provide you with the most cost-effective sunglasses. I believe you will be satisfied!

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