Why Android is more Popular than iOS?

why android is popular

Apple is regarded as the first organization that brought the concept of touchscreen smartphones to the customers. However, the market for iPhone has dropped since its commencement. In the year 2010, Android took over the market and became the most popular operating system in mobiles. Since then, Android has been occupying the market and till 2022 it has been increasingly used by the people.  

Reasons for Widespread Use of Android 

If we analyze the popularity, there is no doubt that Android is much popular among users and in the global market as well. Android has been maintaining 80% of the market and is much bigger than iOS. Android app development has been the talk of the town for decades. In this article, you will gain an understanding of how android is more popular than iOS. 

Smartphones are Based on Android: Device manufacturers and smartphone users are using Android as the operating system for their devices. However, iOS has been restricted to Apple-made iPads and iPhones. Now, there comes a question why do manufacturers prefer to use Android? In the year 2007, Open Handset Alliance came into being.  

The OHA was launched by Google and other software companies to come in competition with iPhone. The OHA made Android its mobile platform and provided an open-source license for the manufacturers. Therefore, most manufacturers use Android as their platform. 

Android Devices are available at All Prices: One of the major advantages of Android over iOS is due to the price range. Apple’s gadgets are out of budget for many people and countries while Android devices are available in all price ranges. 

Android is Compatible with Many Devices: Although there is an iOS ecosystem that incorporates third-party devices, it is not compatible with most devices. This is a major disadvantage for people who are using iOS devices. An android device is compatible with many devices and has a wider ecosystem consisting of wearable and peripheral devices. There are no issues in transferring data and synchronization is not a problem on Android devices. Therefore, if someone is planning to change a device then cables and accessories can be used easily. 

More Diversity in Android Devices: There is a huge number of Android devices and tablets in Android devices. Every year there is a huge variety of Android devices are launched. This is not the case with iOS devices. Apple launches only selected devices in a year. This makes Android more popular than iOS. Therefore, Android app development companies hire android app developers, and their demand is also increasing.  

Sum Up 

All these reasons make it clear why Android is more popular when compared to iOS. However, it depends on whether an individual wants to buy an Android device or an iOS device. The debate on which technology is better will continue to go on as we progress.  

  • Android is compatible with many devices as compared to iOS. 
  • Android devices come in all price ranges while iOS are comparatively expensive. 


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