Why did my direct deposit fail on Cash App? Fix it now!

cash app direct deposit
cash app direct deposit

How to Enable Direct Deposit on Cash App? Certified Steps


At this point in time, needless to say, that time is money. And to save time and effort more and more people are switching from manual banking to online banking. As we are talking about online banking, it is important to inform you that now your favorite payment app, Square Cash App supports direct paychecks withdrawal services. Yes, you read it right, now say goodbye to all of the pain that comes with going to the bank, standing in line, and facing a lot of hassles just to withdraw your paychecks.


 Cash App direct deposit could be the best answer to your concern related to receiving money from a payment check. The best part of it is that everything is done automatically. Plus, Cash App takes quite less time to complete the process of check withdrawal. To enjoy this hassle-free direct check withdrawal service, you will require to learn how to enable Cash App direct deposit.


If you don’t have an idea about direct deposit service, the first section of this post is for you. In the next two sections, I will be explaining the simple steps and troubleshooting steps to fix errors.


What is a Cash App direct deposit?


As the name suggests, Cash App direct deposit feature refers to a straightforward payment check withdrawal service. As this service is online, you will not require going anywhere. Once you enable this feature, you can get money through your checks directly into your Cash App wallet without being charged for anything. Yes, this service is totally free. 


That’s not all, if you wish you can transfer your money to your linked bank account or invest it to buy Bitcoin and stocks. After knowing all these benefits, then the chances are high that you would like to learn how to enable Cash App direct deposit in simple steps. If yes, scroll down and have a quick look at the certified method to activate the check deposit service on the Square payment app.

 Note: According to the Cash App official website, there is some cash app direct deposit limit. You can receive up to $25,000 per direct deposit and up to $50,000 within a day.



How to activate direct check withdrawal service in Cash App?

The process to enable Cash App direct deposit is simple and quite user-friendly. All the steps you can perform yourself on cashapp. For more clarification, let’s walk through the step by step process:


  • Login to Cash App on your phone.
  • Tap on the “My Cash” button available on the home screen.
  • Now from the list of options, select the cash option.
  • Get all the way down to find and select the “Enable Direct Deposit” option.
  • The next screen will show you the routing number of the Square Cash App. Note down this number for further use.
  • Also, on the same screen, you will get the “Get Account” number tab. Tap on it.
  • Eventually, here comes a most awaited option “Enable Direct Deposit Account”. Press it and your direct check withdrawal service will be activated.


Important Note: To avail of the direct check deposit service on Square Cash App, users must have a Cash App Visa Debit.


Why did my direct deposit fail on Cash App? Fix it now!

However, check withdrawal failure issues are one of the rarest issues that hardly occur. But, in case it has happened then you make sure that your employer or check issuer has sent money using the right Cash App routing number, account number, and bank name.

Also, remember that Cash App may take a maximum of up to 10 days to reflect money in your Cash App wallet. If everything looks fine but still you did not receive money then feel free to get in touch with Cash App customer support.


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