Why Does Pharmaceutical Packaging Need Specialized Box Printing Solutions?

box printing

Operating in the healthcare sector is costly. Businesses need huge investments to research and produce medicines. Not every corporation has the means for indefinite branding. This is why box printing is taking the medicine industry by storm lately.

Do you know that last year pharmaceutical industry was valued at a whopping $ 1.43 trillion? It might make your head spin and look at profitable medicine businesses in envy. But hold on! Your brand too has the potential to make it big in this industry only if you imbibe the qualities of custom printing onto your packaging.

North America is the largest region in the global pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 46% of the total market share last year. It symbolizes huge opportunities in the market and customers’ growing inclination towards medicines. Such stats encourage more businesses to set up in the industry and try to shift buyers’ attention from their go-to pharmaceutical brands.

Customer loyalty depends on two main elements; one is the brand identity that they know by-heart and the second is the box appeal that makes it more prominent than others. The good news is that both of these are achieved using innovative printing techniques and features.

Starting out recently?

Are you new to this industry? Are you weary of the dynamic industry norms and customers’ expectations? Spending on marketing is the main financial issue faced by many medicine companies. You might also be confused as to what is the optimum fraction and amount?

Well, it depends on your medicine market, competition density, and financial constraints. While the first 2 can be assessed using available data, the third one is individual to your business and needs careful internal planning.

But mere packaging is not enough, it is the material printed on the boxes that allow for:

  • Effective deliveries
  • Fulfilling regulations and expectations
  • Capturing customers’ attention
  • Standing in for conveying branding.

How can printing serve multiple purposes?

Have a look around the nearest retail store, what do you see on the medicine boxes? in all probability, the retail shelves would be lined with colorful and creative box designs.

Why are they there? It is no coincidence that most medicine brands choose to style their boxes. The packaging is an extension of the brand image and conveys a host of branding elements to the shoppers so they become impressed and purchase the brand.

Have a look at how printing helps to make the branded medicine boxes more visible:

  1. The brand name

How do you recall your favorite brand? Invariably, it would be the business title!

Putting your brand name and logo on the most visible box spot works to introduce the company to new customers and creates brand differentiation. Panadol is one such brand that has effectively changed the code name for paracetamol. Most people now demand this medicine without even looking for alternatives.

Innovative box printing methods allow these brand names and logos embossed, foil stamped, debossed, laminated, and printed in premium inks to stand out. It makes for better visual interaction. The retail shelves are lined with a lot of medicines and only creative printing sticks out from others.

  1. Compulsory medicine details

Medicine makers have to comply with the set guidelines for transparent info. It covers details regarding manufacturing, nutrition, expiry date, country of origin, allergy reactions, and side effects. Printing these on the boxes helps to expand the brand’s distribution to more customer demographics and avoid possible fines.

Customers, who are well educated about what they want, read the contents of the medicine boxes before buying them. It is a good idea to place all the required info on the boxes and also to save costs in printing separate leaflets for the same.

  1. Stating handling details

Medicines are sensitive items and need specific conditions to remain in their true forms. You must have seen medicine boxes labeled with apt storing temperatures and external conditions.

Pharmaceutical companies place all these necessary guidelines so the supply chain companies and customers know how to handle the medicines appropriately. Without effective and clear printing, it is impossible to convey such important data to stakeholders.

  1. Allow branding

Surveys reveal that the total footfalls in retail stores bring more eyeballs to the boxes than even billboard advertisements! The whole purpose is to bring attention to the brand and styling the boxes does so with ease. Your brand can get all the desired branding material printed on the boxes. This way, the total marketing costs come down and fit into your budget.

box printing

Is custom printing suitable for you?

This is a common misconception that printing only pertains to a handful of pharmaceutical products. However, the recent surge in custom-made medicine boxes has proved it otherwise.

The best part about using customized printing is that it is:

  • Flexible to market any pharmaceutical company regardless of its size.
  • Creatively describe all medicines and promote them too.
  • Affordable with custom features.

As a medicine business, you must be worried about changes in customer tastes and global healthcare routines. Lately, the world has become more dependent on modern medical supplies than ever. Thriving in the industry depends on reflecting these changes.

The packaging offers a window into the business ethos and customers judge this before making a purchase and pledging loyalty to a brand.

No matter what medicine sector you cater to, or produce varied medical supplies, you need packaging that maintains the dignity of your products throughout shipping. Printing the desired transport environment makes it possible. Also, certain items have unusual shapes and need to be kept straight. Stating such instructions with other relevant info can change the way customers perceive your brand.

Acing the unboxing challenge

Social media handles are flooded with unboxing videos. These are not just for electronics and cosmetics but have lately expanded to include all types of retail products even medicines and supplements. People love opening their deliveries and then sharing them with others. It gets free brand publicity and inflates revenues.


These arguments in favor of custom printing prove that your brand can effectively use it for attaining various branding prospects. Affordable rates make box printing a necessary part of your distribution and assembly lines.


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