Why Does SEO Take So Long?

How long does SEO take to show results?

The most frequent queries asked by SEOs get asked about is “how long will SEO take to produce results?”

It’s a hot issue in the world of business.

Companies need to know when they’ll to see the effects on their investments (and justly so) however SEO isn’t the same as paid media where the results can be observed when advertisements are activated. It takes time for SEO the results. But how do you know how long?

In this article we’ll answer this question and analyze the various factors that influence the amount of time required to see the results of SEO strategies.

how long seo take

What does SEO success look Like?

To answer this question, we must first to establish what SEO results look like in order to make sure that the metrics of success are precise.

And when you’re putting together strategies for SEO, it’s normal to set up campaign goals and KPIs.

Let’s break it into smaller pieces.

Goals = The final outcome you’d like to attain
KPIs: are the metrics that indicate the progress you have made towards your objectives

Both of these are important indicators of achievement and ultimately, the results out of the efforts you’ve made. Typically, it is that these objectives and KPIs will look like the following:

Goals = To see an increase in income by the specified amount during a 12-month period.
KPIs: Growth in organic traffic or impressions, visibility or rankings.

Setting goals is about setting up measurable but achievable targets. To address this issue we’ll focus on the time required to observe results across the important KPIs. We’ll also consider that goals are usually different for each business and differ significantly based on a variety of variables.

Expect to see the results of SEO in 6 to 12 months…

SEO will show results in the 6-to-12-month time. In terms of results, we’re talking about an growth in traffic and the resulting lead or sales. It doesn’t mean that you’ll achieve your goal in this moment, but any company that invests in SEO can expect to to track improvement within this time frame.

It’s difficult to provide an estimate that is applicable to every website, and the best that an SEO can offer is an estimate that is from analyzing the website’s performance and the plan.

It’s not difficult to accept how long it can take to build your SEO. Google (and various other search engines) are looking to provide the most effective results for any question, and it takes time to get to the top of the list. You must earn the the best search engine visibility.

If you have the right strategy implemented 6 to 12 months is a sufficient time to evaluate the effects from SEO efforts and to be able justify the ongoing investment in growth.

The elements that determine how Long it will take to achieve the benefits of SEO

In order to help you know how long it takes to achieve SEO results we’ll look at the variables that influence the length of time it takes to achieve this.

1. The history of your website

How long your company is working with a fresh domain is among the most important factors that affect the length of time required to see the results of SEO.

A new domain is almost always be slower to demonstrate the results than an established domain because it’s still not built up any authority or gained any backlinks. As a contrast, an established domain will typically have at least a certain amount of authority and have backlinks that point towards it.

A domain that is brand new can expect results in the next 9 to 12 months, not six to twelve months.

2. The Competitor

The results can be seen quicker in low-competition niches and low-competition search queries than those with high competition.

Do you want to rank your site with competitive personal finance terms (e.g.”credit cards’)? It could take two years or more to achieve an enviable page 1 position. However for narrower or local keyword terms that are less competitive it is feasible to achieve promising results in just 3 to six months.

You must consider the way your competitors came to the position they are in today and the strategies they’re using to keep their position. Your plan and projections should take into consideration the competition you face as well as the strength of strategies used by other companies.

3. Your Resources

It’s impossible to influence a site’s past or its competitors.

But what you are able to (usually) manage is the amount of resources allotted to the SEO project. It’s essential to comprehend how this plays a major factor in the time required to see the effects of an SEO campaign. The more money you can allocate to SEO more quickly you’ll get results.

It’s common to create a backlog of actions at the beginning of the campaign (detailing every opportunity and steps) and then prioritize this according to the allocated resources. This will help you identify the possibilities that are in the pipeline that could be accelerated with additional money.

Let’s look at the 3 components of SEO success and how they impact the time to get results…

There are three main elements that are essential that are essential to SEO achievement, and each of these will affect the time will be required to achieve results. Let’s look at them.

Technical SEO

If you have issues with technical SEO on a website that you own, they must be addressed before you can see the results you’d like to observe.

Technical SEO is a term used to describe things such as:

  • Crawling and indexing
  • Speed of the site
  • Canonicalization
  • Structured data
  • Duplicate content
  • Sitemaps XML
  • Hreflang

and plus

The resolution of issues in some of these areas could be more significant than others, however the reality is that all technical issues should be addressed.


You’ve probably heard that the word “content” is the most important thing, and the fact is that content is still one of the three factors that Google ranks first in its ranking.

Google’s mission is to deliver the best results for a particular search query. So why wouldn’t content that isn’t good be able to rank well in the SERPs?

It is essential to place the highest priority on creating excellent content that is in line with the searcher’s needs However, be sure to study what’s being ranked and discover ways to make something more effective. It’s possible to learn a lot from studying web pages that are already performing.

Quality that isn’t the best (or even ordinary) content may cause delays to show results, while excellent content that’s well thought out and brings something new to a subject could aid your website in ranking more quickly.


As with content, links also count as one of Google’s top three ranking factors. They are a sign of confidence and the popularity of a website and can boost a website’s ranking.

In the end, they’re in essence a form of vote of confidence between two websites. However, you must realize that there isn’t a shortcut to gaining high-quality backlinks.

It’s not easy and generally involves creating excellent content that others want to share. And If there’s a significant gap in links between rivals, it can be a long time before closing.

But there are many different kinds of links. Not all hyperlinks are created equal and better quality links in the end can boost ranking faster than less quality ones.

It is possible to build your backlink portfolio, however, be aware of the necessity to fill the gap in your links could cause a delay to see the results.

how long seo take

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