Why Dunlop Tyres Market Harborough Is a Good Choice for You?

Tyres Market Harborough

PBT Supplies is a consumer-focused group of individuals. We aim to provide the best services to our customers. We are a group of hard-working, determined and passionate individuals.

The team provides its customers with genuine and cost-effective suggestions according to their individual needs. There is no ulterior motive. We are truly professional in our work.

We specialize in tyre work for cars. You can count on us for everything related to tyres, from fitting to supply of tyres. Our team caters to every type of car like sports cars, 4x4s, passenger vehicles etc. We deal with a number of reputed brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin and many others.

We aid our customers in selecting the best tyres according to their needs. The choice of Dunlop Tyres Market Harborough depends on the driving requirements of the driver. Therefore, tyre selection should be done carefully.

Customers can visit us and take advice from the experts regarding tyre selection. You can also book an appointment online. For this, customers just need to visit our website and select a convenient time. We have been in this business for years and our regular customers speak of our goodwill. PBT Supplies was started in 2017 with the sole aim of being the best in catering to consumer needs.


Our team has experience spanning over thirty years. They have Dunlop Tyres Market Harboroughworked in multiple areas like distribution, tyre-fitting etc. and therefore possess impressive knowledge. It is safe to say we have a good understanding of cars and tyres. Our team provides you with the best assistance in these areas.

The fitting team works with high standards. We extend the best possible assistance to our customers. All the services are provided on time so that it does not interfere with your schedule. We are located in Market Harborough. We own ample spaces so as to conduct fitting and other services. Therefore, the customers need not wait long for their fitting or any other services. PBT Supplies also takes care of affordability. We try our best to complete the task at minimum expense. This allows the customers to save more. Throughout the servicing process, the safety and health of the staff are kept in mind. We ensure that our staff is safe from any mishap.


Dunlop’s success story began in 1888. It has earned respect for being a producer of tyres for commercial vehicles, motorbikes etc. The emphasis of this brand is on providing durable as well as premium quality products. Particularly, this brand is known for its quality.

In addition to Business to consumer segment, Dunlop also provides Business to Business services. It is the original product supplier to many reputed brands. This can be credited to the intensive research that it does for each product.

We provide tyres for passenger vehicles, sedans, sports cars etc. All types of tyres including performance tyres, winter tyres, van tyres etc. are provided. Interestingly, all the products come at an affordable price. So, visit us to shop from this big collection.

Customers can make purchases by visiting us or online.

Why Choose Dunlop Tyres?

The brand uses cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges posed by extreme driving conditions. This technology is demonstrated by the multiple-blade tyre. For all types of winter weather, a tyre with multiple blades is appropriate. A specific blade serves a specific purpose. As a result, the company offers a wide range of blades to suit a variety of surface conditions.

As you drive to your destination, the last thing on your mind should be a punctured tyre. Dunlop’s Run-flat tyres, as a result, can travel fifty miles on a flat tyre. Drivers can now safely visit a garage in the event of a punctured tyre. This eliminates the need for any kind of outside assistance. And the driver will be able to get to a reputable service station on time. Dunlop recommends using run-on-flat tyres with vehicles designed for this purpose for safety reasons.

As Dunlop makes a number of Tyres Market Harborough we have provided a list below. PBT Supplies has almost every tyre available.


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