Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Carpets?

You have recently been promoted to the rank of manager, and to celebrate this much-awaited event, you had thrown a party yesterday night at your apartment. It was an eventful weekend, one to remember. Your guests thanked you for throwing in such a beautiful party, and it’s not just them; you too enjoyed the evening. However, when everyone left the house and you started with the cleaning process, you noticed food and wine stains at various places on your carpet. 

You have invested hundreds of dollars on the carpet to beautify your apartment, and these stains are certainly not looking good. In fact, when the fabric does not have its glossy appeal and is rather looking worn out, it is far from giving a welcoming appeal to your home. At the same time, it is not easy to clean the carpet manually. Yes, some fresh stains can still be removed but not the old and rigid ones. What is the way out, then? Is your carpet meant to be like this forever? Certainly not. The fabric protection of your carpet is very much possible with professionals. 

Why Is It Important To Protect Your Carpet?

  • Having a clean carpet at your home gives your house beauty, style, and finish. It improves the air quality and hygiene of the house and renders warmth and comfort to the indoors. Besides the indoor look enhancement, a clean carpet also protects the flooring of your house.
  • Cleaning carpets come with health benefits. When a carpet has not been cleaned for long, the fabric tends to lose its resilience, colour, and lustre and attracts dirt and germs, impacting health and attracting diseases. Hence if you or any of your family members have allergies or asthma, the tendency to have them reduces when the carpets at your home are clean. Also, with fabric protection, the dullness in the carpets immediately disappears. 
  • Professional cleaning of carpets with a non toxic upholstery protector is an eco-friendly practice and benefits the environment. Keeping the carpet clean not only keeps mildew and mould from infesting, but it can also keep the fibres as new as ever.
  • Hiring a professional expert increases the carpet’s longevity and protects the carpet for months to come. The professional cleaning creates a non-toxic and non-allergic protective layer on the fabric, thereby protecting it from stains and spills and reducing future maintenance costs leaving behind a fresh and beautiful aura without any odour. Professional cleaning with their years of expertise can also help protect the carpets from being faded by the harsh sun rays.
  • When the fabric is protected, it is easier to vacuum the surface. Thus, dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens and cleaned easily off the floors. When the carpet is maintained, it is not required to replace them frequently. It means that the furnishings in your apartment last much longer. 

How can one extend the life span of a carpet?

You must take good care of your carpets to keep them looking great. You can extend their life expectancy by taking a little extra care.

This post will discuss some simple but effective ways to keep your carpets looking great year after year. These are all easy to do and can be integrated into your regular house cleaning routine.

Avoid carpeted areas with furniture with sharp ends.

You should ensure that any furniture placed on top of your carpet does not damage the carpet’s fabric. Although all furniture can cause dents in the carpets, some furniture is more damaging than others. You should be careful when placing furniture on a fragile carpet. Flat bottoms are better than vases.

Move heavy furniture around in carpeted areas.

You can prevent carpet pile crushing by moving around the furniture. It’s best to move the furniture around on your carpet. This may or may not always be possible, depending on the layout of your living space. If it is possible, we recommend it.

Stains shouldn’t settle in the carpet!

Carpets are best kept clean by removing spills quickly. Spills can often be cleaned with soapy water. We previously discussed how to remove stains from carpets without using chemicals. It might be worth your time to check it out for great ideas to remove these stains.

However, you should not use a scrubber or a brush with coarse bristles to clean your carpet. Carpets are delicate and should be treated with care.

Do not wear heavy boots on the carpet

Your household should make it a rule that everyone removes their shoes before they step on the carpet. While stilettos, boots and slippers are the most common culprits, light shoes and slippers are also a problem.

Our shoes have been all over the city and picked up who knows what. Although we may try to wipe our shoes off the front door mat before entering the house, it doesn’t seem to do much. You can expect to walk on carpets with shoes on. This will result in a transfer of dirt (visible and invisible), allergens and bacteria onto the carpet’s surface. They will also stay and grow. Even if your carpets are regularly cleaned, why would you allow this to happen?

Protect your carpets from the sun

The sun is not what causes the damage, but the amount of time it is exposed to. Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure to preserve the carpet’s brightness and colors.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

You can also clean your carpet on Saturday. Your carpet’s health will be maintained as long as it is vacuumed at least once per week. Regular vacuuming of carpets, mats and rugs is important.

Start vacuuming in the middle of the rug and work your way towards the fringes. The vacuum cleaner should not be able to pull the fringes out of the carpet. If the rug isn’t too difficult, you can turn it around and vacuum the other side.


It is clear that by shelling out some dollars and hiring a professional to maintain your carpets, you are left with a beautiful home and maintained furnishings for a long time ahead. 

While it is not necessary to clean all the carpets of all the rooms at once, it is wise to hire professional cleaners to clean those carpets that require immediate cleaning. Examples of rooms that may need immediate attention include kids bedrooms or dining rooms which are susceptible to stains and spills. 

It is safe to use professional cleaning practices at home even if you have pets and small babies. The trained experts can quickly spot the problems and fix them quickly while you can concentrate on other tasks and be rest assured that your house will shine in a matter of hours.


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