Why is the internship important

Why is the internship important

We all plan to binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows and munch on our favorite snacks in our semester break. And we deserve it too, right? After pulling all-nighters for about a week to prepare for semester exams and final presentations. We all need a long break where we can just do whatever makes us happy and spend time with our loved ones. As attractive as it sounds, I would like to burst your bubble and shift your attention towards the importance of internship during the semester break. Internship during the semester break is very important as it helps an individual prepare for the future and be able to learn everything one should know about professional life.  Assignment Help London explains the importance of the internship during the semester break.

The internship is basically an experience an individual gets before their professional life starts that mainly teaches the students how to act professionally, particularly in the real world. It provides the students with all the learning experiences that you need to know before their actual professional life starts.

Gain skills and knowledge

Students are advised to do an internship during their semester break as it helps in gaining the relevant skills and knowledge in their interested fields. While you are an intern, you will have an opportunity to learn from the industry directly. During the university period, you learn everything theoretically; however, in an internship, you get the practical experience everything that you have learned. At least with the big picture that you have in your mind about the professional life and industry like you will learn and equip yourself accordingly when resuming your university.

Mentor Learning

As much of the resources available for you to learn, nothing can beat the learning experiences that you go through during your internship days. You cannot deny the fact that learning from a mentor is far more effective and successful than learning on your own through YouTube and notes. Mentors in the internship location help you in knowing each and everything about the particular field.


Networking is the most important aspect of professional life. While you are chilling at your home and watching your favorite show. Your friend might be out there in the industry making a connection with the professional people, which will help him in the future when he will be looking for the job. To think long term, and be prepared for the future you must work today. You can always find time to chill in bed and watch Netflix, but this is the best time to work a little harder and look for the internship. When you are an intern, people love to help you as they can see themselves in you and would like to assist you in everything they can. Do not ignore this opportunity that you have currently that you might regret later in life while you are out there in your professional life years later.


Internships also make your resume stronger and more attractive. If the employer receives two resumes, one with no internship experience and the other one with the internship experience. In such cases, he/ she is more likely to employ the one with the internship experience. The company resists hiring fresh graduates with no prior internship experiences; therefore, it is advised to the students to look out for the internship opportunities.


With the help of the connections that you make in your internship period, you are more likely to get a permanent job due to this. Your internship mentor is more likely to put forward you if he comes across any relevant job opportunities. One cannot ignore the importance of developing a strong relationship with your mentor and all the other people you get to meet during this period. Internship opens many doors of opportunities for the students who are eager to move forward and perform better in their professional life.

Practical knowledge

The knowledge and information in your is nothing if you cannot experience it practically. What is the point of storing the information in your mind if you cannot practically experience them? The internship gives you an opportunity to implement all your school knowing that you have gained in your classrooms practically. It gives you the way t implement all the knowledge base and then widen it more. In professional life, the marks that you obtained in your classroom does not hold as much significance as the internship experience does.


A student who scored 100s in his/ her classroom with no practical experience is worth less than the one who scored less but has practical and internship experiences. This in no way means you should not work hard to score better, but along with that, you must get practical experiences as well.

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