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Video marketing is a part of Digital marketing or Online Marketing Service. Many businesses are using this strategy. We are all aware of the TikTok trend. Almost every smartphone user once installed TikTok on their phone.

After the TikTok ban in India, there are replacements for this app like Moj, Mitron, ShareChat, etc.

When agencies of online marketing services saw the potential of video entertainment in the market, they started following this video marketing on a priority basis.

What is Video Marketing?

Before the social media boon, businesses used television ads to showcase their brand. We can say commercial ads were a part of video marketing.

People prefer videos to other methods of learning about a brand because they are easier to watch and take less time.

Types of Video Marketing

There are different types to know about this marketing strategy, namely, YouTube ads, webinars, social media ads, content videos, such as Instagram Reels and Stories, YouTube shorts, etc., vlogs, event recap videos, testimonial videos, and how-to explanatory videos.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Here are some key benefits of this marketing strategy:

  • It makes your page or website SEO better because people spend more time on your page watching videos.
  • It is easy to make videos in this smartphone era. Almost every mobile phone can create simple videos for social media content like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts.
  • Videos get more reach than normal blog posts or commercial ads. Especially if you post it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.
  • It is easier to communicate with people when they like or comment on your video ad or post on social media platforms, which results in building a strong and loyal customer base.
  • If you share live testimonials of your customers with potential customers, your brand gains trust, resulting in instant conversions.
  • Video content is useful even in e-mail campaigns to attract potential buyers.
  • There are high chances that if your video gets viral, it will attract a lot of viewers.

How to Do Video Marketing?

Video marketing can be complicated when you try to do all things at once. So, let’s look at the plan on how to make this strategy work effectively.

  • Plan Content

Planning anything beforehand makes implementation easier. This is the brain-storming time. You need ideas to reach your audience. If you vaguely create any video and try to make it work, it won’t. Decide on the motto and purpose of your video. Make it easier for people to understand.

  • Choose Your Audience and Platform

It is best to observe your audience first before deciding on any platform. Once you check what type of audience would like what you are offering, then decide on a platform.

  • Set a Budget

Setting a budget is the first step for some people. Decide how much you can invest, and then check which platform will suit your needs.

  • Create Video

Creating a video can be easy or difficult. Nowadays, there are many apps like Vimeo, Filmora, Animaker, Wideo, Kinemaster, etc. to create or edit videos on your smartphone.

One thing to keep in mind while making videos is that you should always put interesting information first in your video. Waiting for the best part to be the last can shoo away your audience because of irritation. Try to keep it short.

  • Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

This, by far, is the easiest thing to follow on the list. Digital marketing agencies make your work a lot easier by creating a plan, budget, and content ideas and creating videos effectively. Find the best digital marketing agency for your business.

Video marketing is the use of videos to advertise and market your product or service, boost interaction on your digital and social channels, inform your audience through a new medium, and raise brand awareness.

What sort of video marketing is that?

A third of all online time is spent watching videos. Even purchasing decisions are aided by videos. As part of their marketing strategy, a number of large corporations have produced some of the best video advertisements and viral films.

The Geico “Hump Day” commercial and the Always “Like a Girl” campaign are two excellent examples.

The 15 Types of Videos for Marketers

  • Company culture video
  • Interview / Q&A video
  • Featured / Product video
  • Explainer video
  • Live video
  • User generated video
  • Event recap video
  • Webinar / online event video
  • Tutorial / How to video
  • Educational video
  • Case study video
  • Personalized video
  • Short-form social media video
  • Paid social media video
  • Testimonial video

What exactly is a video marketing plan?

The approach used by marketing teams to produce, curate, and use videos to advertise their goods or services to their target market is known as video marketing.

The goal is to maintain audience engagement with the company in an approachable and understandable manner.

What advantages can video marketing offer?

Here are the top five advantages of video marketing that will help you expand your company, boost sales, and gain new clients –

  • Video can help improve SEO
  • Video keeps users on pages for longer
  • Videos are captivating
  • Video converts more
  • Video is easier to share

What kind of video marketing do you conduct?

Start by taking these actions:

  • Understand your audience and set campaign goals.
  • Stay on brand, and nail down your message across videos.
  • Make sure your video budget makes sense.
  • Optimize your videos and target for each channel.
  • Test and Test again.
  • Don’t forget Connected TV ads (CTV)

What difficulties does video marketing face?

Knowing the Obstacles in Video Marketing

  • Neglecting to Develop a Plan.
  • Not Creating a Compelling Headline or Thumbnail.
  • Not Including a Call to Action.
  • Starting with a Call to Action.
  • Not Considering SEO.
  • Missing Your Branding.
  • Not Collecting Data & Measuring Success.

What difficulties does video marketing face?

Understanding the Video Marketing Challenges and Best Video Marketing Practices

Best practises for video marketing emerge from these difficulties. The key to success is strategy: You must plan, test, analyse, and retest if you want your video marketing to be successful.


the purpose of your videos is to captivate viewers and tell a compelling tale, but from a marketing standpoint, they also need to be in line with your sales funnel.

What does each video’s purpose are? Who are the viewers? What part of the video advances your marketing objectives?

In the end,

your video marketing approach should be guided by overall strategy and analytics. Plan a sound approach first before creating a video for each stage of your sales funnel.

Describe the subject matter and objectives of each individual video. Identify the metrics that will most accurately reflect a video’s success.

Then, put it to the test.

Analyze. When necessary, adjust your videos (and their distribution). Work to increase their efficiency. The cornerstone of your brand’s marketing efforts in 2022 and beyond is video, therefore do it in everything you do.


Digital marketing has different aspects to it. One of them is video marketing.

It is more effective in boosting your sales and reaching the audience in less time than any other marketing strategy.

Are you looking to put this idea into practice and don’t know where to start? We at OMR Digital, are offering you all the digital marketing services, such as SEO, and social media marketing, including video marketing.

If you plan to make your brand visible in the market, then we are just a call away!


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