Why Sample Box is Necessary Before Full Production

sample box

Your packaging prototypes play a vital aspect in the effectiveness of your products and brand.

While your packaging design might look great on paper, your actual packaging might not meet your expectations.

Allowing your packaging to be what your customers expect is vital to establishing trust in your brand and maintaining customer loyalty.

Ensure The Box is Perfect for Your Product Packaging

Determining the exact dimensions of the box can be a bit difficult, especially for uniquely shaped items.

A simple sample could be a great way to test the structure’s design and ensure that the packaging has been designs to your product’s specifications.

It is essential to ensure that your packaging is suitable for your product as it minimizes the chance of damage during your item’s distribution and shipping stages.

The lack of space between the products and the packaging allows a lot of room for your product to move around, potentially getting damage.

While this threat may seem insignificant, ensuring your product is secure inside the packaging is vital to building rapport with customers and growing your brand reputation.

If customers are given damage products, they will not be able to maintain your brand image in good condition in the future, and they are also more likely not to buy from your company and not to buy from you again.

If you’re designing custom packaging, it’s about creating an experience for your customers; therefore, include the prototyping part of your design to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

With a prototype, you can check the size of your product early on and get an idea of ​​what changes need to be made to make your product comfortable.

In addition, you can decide whether the structure design is suitable for your product and brand.

This could be your material choices or even the structure of the box.

Consider this a chance to identify your product requirements rather than what you would like to see. Adjust accordingly before mass-producing packaging designs for a lasting and impactful impression on your customers.

Examine The Box Quality

The high quality of your packaging boils down to:

  • Material
  • Printing Results
  • Finishes and Coating

It is essential to check the quality of the packaging materials that need to be checked to ensure that they can hold and withstand the supply chain.

The output of your print is critical to consider as this is what will ultimately show your brand image and convey the quality of your print to your customers.

Note that the displayed color spectrum and printing may have different results.

If you don’t convert your RGB art to CMYK using Illustrator, you won’t get the print quality you want from your artwork when it’s print.

Converting the color modes of the artwork is not the final step. Adhering to artwork guidelines is essential, but it’s different from ignoring the finer details of how your artwork will look.

This is why many choose to use a custom digital or production swatch to detect imperfections that aren’t obvious on display.

Asking for a digitally print model could not give you a clear impression of the print quality.

However, it provides a chance to spot small mistakes in the layout of artwork and typography.

While everything may look fine on paper, small mistakes in grammar or spelling can seriously damage your business’s reputation and credibility.

Customers are less likely to trust the brand’s reputation if they notice spelling errors.

Improve the Customer Experience and Build Relationships

As mention before, one of the advantages of taking a packaging sample is that you can examine the packaging in person and identify imperfections that were not evident in online proofs.

This also allows you to discuss possible improvements, tweaks, or changes you would like to see in the final product.

As a business, you could be blindside by small mistakes. However, your customers will notice them.

Another advantage of purchasing empty or multiple samples is the ability to mail a few sample boxes and the product you are selling to a smaller but loyal customer base for feedback.

The main reason for this packaging is to improve the customer experience and build relationships.

Based on customer feedback, you can make final adjustments or changes according to real-world customer feedback.

This will give your company assurance about the experience of unpacking your products.

Box Sample Options

There are many samples you can get from your packaging supplier.

Based on your product’s packaging requirements, you can select one or the other to understand the changes that need to be made to the final product.

Existing Box Sample

One of the most common ways to obtain packaging samples is to request an existing sample from the manufacturer.

These samples were made for a previous customer.

The sample you have already received will help determine if the stock and print suit your project.

It is also possible to test the packaging strength with the product’s actual packaging to gauge how thick or suitable it is for your item.

Existing samples are cheaper than custom ones but still give the best idea of ​​how the final packaging will work.

Existing samples can also give you ideas to incorporate into your design. This could include items such as varnishes or coatings.

Custom Box Sample

A custom sample will be exactly what it is.

Samples are create according to the specific requirements for your project.

The sample you receive from the packaging manufacturer will give you a clear picture of how the product will look in production.

Two types of samples that are customizable:

Production Grade Box Sample

These are offset printing samples (longer lead time, higher costs).

Production samples are often expensive due to the cost of setting up a small number of prototypes.

However, if you plan to offset print the final packaging design, it is recommend that you obtain a production quality sample for the most accurate illustration of the final design.

Thus, you can more clearly examine the print quality and color result.

Digital Print Proof

These are digitally printed samples (faster lead time, lower cost).

If you do not plan to offset print your box, you can request a digital sample to get an idea of ​​how the final packaging design will look.

Although digital printing is of lower quality, it allows you to spot any last-minute art designs or text changes before moving on to offset printing to complete your project.

If you are considering using digital printing to create your final product, you will need to ensure your designs are simple and easy to produce a better quality product.

White Standard Box Sample

The standard white sample consists of plain white boxes with no print images or graphics and is generally use to test box quality quickly.

This option is the most economical of the three options and is usually the quickest to accomplish.

If you’re way behind on your project timeline and want to ensure the material you’re using holds the product adequately. standard materials are the best way to go.

Sample packaging is a simple way to understand ​​how customers feel about your product.

It’s the only way to ensure customers get the experience they want.

Your design for structural integrity plays a vital role in protecting your product. Review and adjust according to your needs to ensure a better overall unpacking experience.

A prototype allows you to ensure that the quality of your product meets the project specifications. It also shows precisely what you need for the entire production.

This eliminates any inconsistency in product design and quality from what you would expect and what you receive and provides an individual experience to your customers.

To summarize, don’t be stingy and get the samples out of the box before production!



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