Why Saudi Arabia Has Banned Palestinians to Perform Umrah

Why has Saudi Arabia ban Palestinians from performing Umrah? Several reasons are given for this ban, including public order and Coronavirus. We’ll explore the specifics of this ban in this article. Read on to discover the reasons for this ban and how Palestinians in the West Bank can go to perform the ritual. Whether it is a ban on travel or public order or a Coronavirus outbreak, the decision is deeply concerning.

About the Ban

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Foreign travelers are still prohibite from performing hajj in July, but umrah can be performe any time of the year. If a pilgrim from one of these countries has the proper vaccinations, they will be allowe to perform the ritual. And while the number of permitte foreign visitors is limit at first, it will gradually increase to about two million a month. But there are still many who are left wondering: How to get around the ban?

Travel Ban

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The decision has shock people worldwide. Over 600,000 Palestinians have no way of traveling to the holy city. Hundreds of travel agents in the region are reporting a drop in business as a result of the new law. Palestinians have no legal means of travel, and their travel plans are halte until such time as the government finds an appropriate solution. Until then, the Umrah season would be limit to Palestinians living in Jordan.

Public Order

The recent ban on Palestinians performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia has raised eyebrows around the world and is now raising the question of why the Saudis are doing it. A Palestinian columnist has called the moving part of President Trump’s “ultimate deal” with the Saudi government.

However, both Israelis and Americans have publicly expressed their hope for a peace deal with the Palestinians. While the Saudis have not made an official announcement, the issue must be addresse bilaterally between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as multilaterally within the context of the Arab League. In the midst of all of this, Jordan has launche a special broadcast to explain the current situation.

The change in Saudi Arabia’s laws is unprecedented. In the past, the Kingdom’s religious police, or Committee for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice, was prominent. However, the reintroduction of religious police has led to a rise in unrest. During the 2011-2014 hajj season, religious police officers were arrest at the Hajj complex, and it was not until the Saudi government enacte a new law in May 2014 that they were no longer able to use their authority.


The Gazan government has said that the second batch of Palestinian pilgrims will leave for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. The suspension was imposed after the outbreak of the coronavirus. The number of cases has decreased since the mid-January outbreak. Umrah is one of two Islamic pilgrimages to Mecca. The pilgrimage can take place anytime during the year, while Hajj occurs according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

The CDC has confirmed that the coronavirus has struck 33 countries, including the Palestinian Authority. Those wishing to perform the hajj must have a coronavirus vaccination certificate to travel to the Kingdom. Until then, however, no vaccine for the disease is available. Saudi Arabia has canceled Umrah pilgrimages in the past but is now allowing up to 20,000 pilgrims per day and more than 600,000 in a month.


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