Why Should You Consider Hiring a Virtual Employee from India?

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Virtual Employee from India?

What is a virtual employee?

In the marketing world, your progress depends largely on the nature of the employees that you select. If you are possessing a difficult time obtaining the right people to choose, one choice that you might need to consider is a virtual employee. What precisely is a virtual employee and why would you desire to choose one?

Virtual operators are basically a type of freelance worker who works on an indirect basis for your business. You do not hire the virtual employee as you would with a normal full-time worker. Instead, the personal works on tasks that you allow for a specific fee, as an autonomous contractor.

With improvements in technology, it is reasonable to outsource many of the duties that your business has to someone in a different part of the world. Your foreign worker can manage these tasks and make sure that your clients are taking care of as if you were managing them.

What can a virtual employee do?

Virtual employees can do nearly anything that a conventional employee can do, short of standing there in person to talk to a client in your store. Do you need someone to respond to the phone for you? A virtual attendant can handle that. What about delivering emails and responding to clients who have questions? That sounds like a perfect outsourcing possibility.

Virtual employees can manage inbound or outbound calls, deal with IT queries, talk to consumers on instant messaging assistance, schedule interviews, do research, and a multitude of other things. remote employees can even handle commerce functions for you over the phone or over the Internet. A virtual assistant could work on designing a website for your company or building content for it. You could even have a virtual employee supervise your accounting and accountancy functions. A virtual employee can manage the work related to IT or Non-IT domains. There are very few boundaries on what a virtual employee could be capable to do for your company.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Employees

Hiring virtual employees originates with a variety of benefits. Besides the ability to work remotely, you get a chance to enhance your projects by colluding with workers who have highly specific skill positions. Remote employees provide satisfaction to employees and it can remove any possible disappointments that germ out from working via offices. here are some of the main key points that show the benefits of hiring virtual employees. 

  • High productivity – remote operators tend to stay highly productive thanks to the versatility of their working atmosphere. This increases the efficiency of other employees that are already working for your company. 
  • Cost reduction – you can reduce costs on utilities and insurance while getting returns beyond office hours.
  • Less turnover – virtual employees choose the flexibility allowed by remote collaboration. They manage to stay with the business for a long time, thus reducing the turnover charges and charges associated with it.
  • Growth opportunities – if you’re looking for extension possibilities, remote workers can help you accomplish this goal by granting the necessary skillsets and enhancing your team’s output.
Scroll down to read in detail about other benefits you get when you choose to hire virtual assistant India.

Why Hire a Virtual Employee?

Look at businesses around the world, almost every firm is implementing methods to cut their operating costs at the same time which increases their efficiency. If you are in business, you must want the same thing.

To save costs, many companies, initially, choose to hire freelancers to meet their business needs. But later, many have to struggle due to poor quality of work and non-timely delivery of projects. Because freelancers serve more than one client at a time, this affects their work performance.

This is why a better option that entrepreneurs and business owners can take is to hire a dedicated virtual employee. This will cost slightly more than freelancers, but this extra expense will be worthwhile in the long term, as it will help generate higher revenue.

Nowadays, more and more companies temp to hire virtual employees from India because of its growing popularity around the world for its outstanding services at a cost-effective rate. Not only SMEs, but many large-scale enterprises prefer to outsource their business processes to Indian outsourcing firms so that they can have access to a highly talented pool of individuals at a really low cost.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why you should consider hiring virtual employees from India:

  1. Want to reduce business operating costs?
  2. Want to hire a skilled and qualified VE?
  3. Want to have several options to choose from?
  4. Want to hire VEs who are proficient in speaking English?
  5. Want your VE to work in your time zone?

All the above mention points are the main questions that a business owner should ask himself/herself if they want to increase their business profits. So without wasting any time let’s dive into the main question of why you should consider hiring virtual employees from India

1. Want to reduce business operating costs?

Isn’t it a great idea, to save some significant amount on hiring and managing employees and invest that money in other key areas of the business? It is a little investment that you will make today, but in the long term, it has the potential to produce the sweetest fruit for your business. Spend this saved money on marketing and R&D or anywhere you think will be beneficial for the growth of your business. And see what significant impact it is bringing to your business.

By hiring a dedicated virtual employee from India, you can save more than half the cost of hiring employees in your country. In addition, you will save on overheads. Overall, you can save up to 60–70% of the cost. This is a big saving, isn’t it! Then why not choose this cost-effective option to hire employees for your firm.

2. Want to hire a skilled and qualified VE?

By choosing India to hire a VE, you do not have to compromise the quality of work. Just tie in with the right outsourcing firm, and you will be provided with employees with some exceptional skills.

According to a NASSCOM report, in the next five years, 40% of India’s workforce is expected to hone its skills to meet the needs of outsourcers. And it has been observed that on many occasions, Indian employees not only match but outperform their western peers in terms of education, skills, and quality of work at a strikingly lower cost. So this one is best to make your mind go for India VEs.

3. Want to have several options to choose from?

India is the second-most populous country in the world and most of the people in India are young. This is why, by choosing India to appoint VEs, you will have many options to choose from. These young talented minds can do any task no matter how hard it is with time and help you all possible ways.

India has a large pool of talented and skilled individuals. It is an IT hub and the birthplace of many of the best developers worldwide. In a recent study, India is considered the best destination for setting up offshore development centers due to cost-effectiveness and talented professional availability. Therefore, by choosing India, you can join some of the most brilliant minds in your team.

4. Want to hire VEs who are proficient in speaking English?

In India, the population of English speakers is very large. This is because English is taught in Indian schools from an early age.

According to ATKearney, India is still the leader in global outsourcing. This is because, over the years, India has been a pioneer of the industry, offering a large number of skilled English-speaking workers that no other country can provide at this low cost.

5. Want your VE to work in your time zone?

The time gap between India and America is about 13 hours. So if you are living in the US and you want your VE to work in your time zone, all you have to do is ask your outsourcing provider for this. They will give CVs of virtual employees who can work for you in your time zone so that you wouldn’t have to be disappointed when your employees are not available when you need them.

Furthermore, if you want your company to provide 24/7 services to your clients or customers, you can easily do so by hiring Indian virtual employees. With a Flexible Lifestyle that almost every employee dreams for many people want to be a remote workers and this increases your chances to get the best talent from the world.

If you looking for a virtual employee then you should go for Invedus. Invedus is a UK-based company that specializes in providing virtual employees for companies of all sizes. They can supply you access to large organizations of individuals or just a few operators, based on your company’s needs. This makes it conceivable to find the precise labor solution that you require without hiring full-time assistants.


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