Why Should you Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing and How to Use it

Why Should you Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing and How to Use it

When it comes to market your real estate business, we often go for the traditional marketing methods such as print marketing, card distribution or word of mouth advertising. On the contrary, if you see the digital medium you’ll find more opportunities as compared to the ground advertising.

Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter hold huge followings that you can use for your business growth. In the same context, Pinterest is also beneficial for online growth. Although it’s the most neglected platform, the benefits it provides are immeasurable, especially for the real estate business.

So, if you haven’t heard about Pinterest yet, here’s why it’s beneficial for your business and how to use it.

Pinterest is quite different from existing social media platforms. It focuses on gathering traffic through the visuals and to the point information. For example, if you want to be short and straightforward, you can use the visuals, mention the stats and present it all on the storyboard.

Why is Pinterest Beneficial

 Post Stays Longer

Once you have created your storyboard on Pinterest, you don’t need to market it hard because based on the information you mention, you will get the traffic from several other resources. For example, if your niche is a loft for sales Toronto, you can share tips and tricks about how to buy it and things to consider while buying.

Gain Traction through Visuals

Facebook is best when you want to write notes about a specific topic and Instagram is best for sharing your picture but Pinterest is the culmination of both. With attention-grabbing visuals and mentioning the important information, you can become the right account to be followed by others. You can talk about the available listings of your website and the benefits of purchasing it. In addition, collaborating with other real estate platforms will also benefit your business.

Direct Audience to your Website

When your audience likes your pin or thinks it’s valuable, they can easily direct to your website to gain more information. Since the goal of social media marketing is to gain traffic on your website to nurture leads, on Pinterest you can format your pins to get photos directly from the website.

The platform also allows the call-to-action button on your profile so when visitors click on it, they can be directed to your website easily.

Now, let’s see the tips to use Pinterest for business.

  • Start with a Business Account: Starting with a business account is most beneficial because it gives you the demographics, analysis and complete statistics of the incoming traffic. If you have your personal profile you can also convert it into your business account. But with the business account, focus on storing the real estate relevant content instead of your personal collection because the pins you save is visible to your audience.
  • Write a Compelling Bio: In your bio section, you have a small space to tell your audience about yourself. Keep it to the point and captivating enough to make the audience follow your account. Also include your specialization such as if you’re an expert in selling condos downtown Toronto for rent, mention it in your bios so people can know your expertise and look towards you for a solution.
  • Craft your Pins: After settling down with your account, start creating valuable pins for your audience. Keep the information relevant to the audience. If you have blogs on your website, you can also repurpose it as pins and start earning traffic from it. While crafting your pins, also follow pin from the relevant accounts and like them, collaboration is the key to win a great following for your real estate business.

To Wrap It Up

Social media reach is as important to the real estate business as the website. There’s a lot of searches recorded on the digital mediums to find the relevant property so if you want to make the most of your business opportunities, don’t skip the digital medium especially Pinterest.

The guide above will help you to grow your business following online and the website traffic to grab more sales.

Do you use Pinterest to promote your business?


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