Why Tagembed Is The Best Elfsight Alternative

elfsight alternative

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” — Milton Hershey

Social media has become omnipresent. As a result, it has become an important part of our lives. 

Believe it or not, many businesses have been affected by the emergence of social media. Some of them have flourished over time, whereas others have withered. 

In both scenarios, social media networking sites have definitely played a role. Because that’s what marketing is all about, if you do not opt for the trend, you will eventually get outdated in the market. 

Social media is a game-changer for your business. A business is unimaginable without its social media presence. Therefore, a lot of brands have started to embed social media feed on their website. 

And whenever it comes to opting to embed a social media feed on a website, one name appears in everyone’s head, that is Elfsight. 

However, in the past few years, Tagembed has emerged as the best Elfsight alternative in the market. This has become possible because of the amazing features and affordable pricing plans provided by Tagembed. 

In case you are unaware, Tagembed and Elfsight are both social media aggregator tools. The social media tools are the ones that help you to aggregate the online content and embed them on your website. 

In this blog, you will learn about Tagembed and why Tagembed is the best Elfsight alternative. 

Tagembed – The Best Elfsight Alternative 

Tagembed is an incredible social media aggregator tool that works on the principle of collecting curating and embedding. The tool helps you to accumulate content for more than 20+ social media platforms. Once you collect and embed the feed on the website, you can also customize the feed according to your brand image. 

For example, you can change the themes, templates, and fonts of your feed to make it more presentable to your website visitors, according to your wish. This feature helps you to make your website even more engaging. 

Tagembed also has a no-code embedding process, which means that you do not have to hire a developer to manage your website. You can easily handle your business and the embedding process as Tagembed offers you to complete the entire process in just three clicks. 

Besides having an easy embedding process, Tagembed also provides you with the moderation panel which means, you can remove the posts you do not want to showcase on your website. This helps the users to show the best version of their website. Tagembed also offers a responsive widget, which means your feed will be adjusted according to the screen size. 

Tagembed Vs Elfsight 

As a marketer, one needs to find a tool that is affordable and easy to use. Tagembed provides you smooth process with budget-friendly subscription plans. Currently, Tagembed has four subscription plans. Continue to read this blog to know more about it. 

A). Lite Plan 

The Lite plan of Tagembed offers a forever free plan. Unbelievable, right? But it’s true!  When you opt for the Lite plan of Tagembed, you get 2000 views on the social media widget, whereas Elfsight only offers 200 views in a month. Apart from that, Tagembed enables you to embed 5 social media platforms. 

B). Basic Plan 

The basic plan of Elfsight is priced at $5 per month, in which you get 5000 views on the widget for the month, a feature of logo removal, and free installation. Whereas once you invest in the basic plan of Tagembed, which is priced at $11, you get 10000 widget views in a month integration with 20+ social media platforms, 2 hours of update time, logo removal, and manual moderation.

C). Pro Plan 

The Pro plan of Elfsight is priced at $10, which offers 50000 views on the widget for the month, installation service, and logo removal. While the pro plan of Tagembed offers 10000 views on the widget for the month, 20+ social media platforms, 30-minute update time, a manual LinkedIn, and much more at a price of $24. 

D). Plus Plan

This plan of both the tools is aimed at large businesses and agencies. The plus plan in Elfsight is known as the enterprise plan. 

The Plus plan of Elfsight offers 500000 views on the widget for the month, premium support, and installation service. 

Whereas Tagembed has unlimited views on the widget for the month, LinkedIn auto-updates, custom CSS, 15 minutes update time, API access, moderation panel, add-free widget, and a lot more. You can avail all of these features for just $49. 

In A Nutshell 

We hope, by now you must have agreed that Tagembed is the best Elfsight alternative. 

Tagembed offers a lot of features that make it the best marketing tool. The best part about Tagembed is that it offers you customization in all of its plans. It is highly affordable for even small brands and business owners. The custom CSS feature of the tool helps you to personalize the appearance of your website so that you do not have to worry about the overall look of your website. There is more to the tool, and to discover these features you need to use Tagembed.

So, get started with the best social media aggregation tool and upgrade your marketing game. 


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