Why Video Is So Important In Digital Marketing

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Why Video Is So Important In Digital Marketing

Each and every day, close to 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched, according to TechCrunch. To be honest this is not a surprising statistic since video is what has been dominating the digital marketing space for quite some time now and the trend is set to grow even more. Hence it is easy to see why making good use of video should be part of every marketing strategy.

Why Should Video Be Part Of Digital Marketing?

There are countless reasons why it is important to create video to use for digital marketing, some of the statistics that are especially impressive and show how important video is in today’s marketing world are as follows:

– A staggering 97% of marketers attribute the use of videos to giving their customers an improved understanding of their products.

– 81% of businesses use video as part of their overall marketing strategy.

– Total traffic includes 13% of live videos

– 90% of consumers state that one factor that will help them to decide on a purchase is a video.

If you are not impressed yet, then think about why you, as a digital marketer, love to watch videos yourself. When they have been crafted well they are simply addictive, they provide a personal connection between the user and what is being watched. When businesses use videos to market they are able to quickly and effectively showcase what makes their business so special while also providing unique pictures, funny voices, graphics, and so forth.

What Types Of Videos Can You Use?

Digital marketers have a wide range of video choices at their fingertips but here are some that tend to be successful for a client’s digital marketing strategy:

  1. Live Videos On Facebook – Viewers are able to get an unedited look at a business and can then comment on what they think of the video in real-time.
  2. Interview-Type Videos – A short interview with a well-chosen employee can let customers see inside your business while keeping the outlook professional.
  3. Animated Informative Video – These are really common videos that provide key business statistics, polished pictures, short video clips, and fun graphics.

What Are The Restrictions That Apply To Marketing Through Video?

All platforms are different and hence the video restrictions for each will vary. If you post a video directly onto Instagram’s feed it needs to be 60 seconds or under. If not you will need to post it to IGTV. You need to research the restrictions of any platform where you want to post a video and bear this in mind as you create the video. You will have a much easier and less frustrating building and editing process if you are well informed on the guidelines for each platform in advance.

Video Marketing Here At Burn Media Group

We are experienced here at Burn Media Group in making videos that make a lasting impression for all the right reasons, this is both for our clients and our own digital marketing needs. We would love you to check out our sample work and make contact with us if you love what you see. We are excited to meet you and work together to make video an integral part of your digital market strategy.

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