Why You Should Buy a Honda Civic Price in Pakistan?

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan

People are in love with buying SUVs because they offer a superior view of the road ahead. While writing about the Honda Civic price in Pakistan sedan sits low to the ground.

Section 1: Why the Honda Civic is perfect?

The new Honda  Civic Price in Pakistan

The first new Honda Civic price in Pakistan has been produced for the American market since 2006, it’s still going strong more than a decade later. The 10th-generation Civic features a three-motor hybrid drive train that’s anticipated to get 54 mpg (combined city/highway) in EPA testing. That’s more than enough to let you enjoy the ride on a smooth highway. During your daily commutes when fuel economy tends to drop.

The gas-electric vehicle also gets extra power when it detects traffic or hard acceleration or braking is imminent. So it’s not like you’ll be bored, which is important when there’s a 16-year-old in the back seat who you can’t shut up about the new Audi Q7 or whatever it is she’s into these days.  The car is comfortable and quiet.

The Honda Civic is an award-winning family sedan and small car that is perfect for those who value driving enjoyment and reliability. It has achieved 40 straight years of quality and reliability.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the quintessential example of the driving pleasure a compact sedan can deliver: confident handling; comfort-plus seats; and best-in-class fuel economy. For 2018, Civic offers the newest technologies like Honda Sensing and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, among other features.

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The history of the Honda Civic

there are dozens of ways these days to buy a car and not get too bogged down in the details. A good used Civic can go for as little as $17,000 from dealership websites.  Honda didn’t invent the Civic hatchback, but it was the first to successfully market it. Few cars have enjoyed as successful a life cycle as the Civic. One of the first-generation Civics had a four-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual transmission, but in 1973 the engine was replaced with an inline-six and a three-speed automatic transmission, giving the Honda Civic its first advantage. The four-cylinder engine was also reintroduced in 1983, and the first Civic Si model (all Honda Civics are part of the Si series) arrived in 1987.

The safety of the vehicle

The major problem with Consumer Reports’ review is that it leaves out a critical factor in determining a vehicle’s safety: how safe is the vehicle’s design? This factor factors heavily into how good the car is at preventing bodily injury. But in an analysis of every vehicle in the CR fleet from 1996 to 2017, didn’t include any vehicle that scored less than a ‘good’ in any of the following categories:

1. How close is it to meet the federal standards for safety?

2. How many driver deaths from 2006 to 2016 came from frontal crashes?

3. How often were these deaths from accidents that would not have been prevented by the airbag, and how often were these accidents caused by collisions at 60 mph or higher?


The Dependability of the vehicle

Three year’s accident history with all 3rd party coverage

No predicted recalls for the model year 2018 or earlier vehicles


On average, the cheapest car sold in the US during 2018 was the Honda Civic LX at $18,616.

On the contrary, the most expensive car on the list was the Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 S with a base price of $82,390.

Here’s the full list of safest and most reliable vehicles, from left to right:

Best Flexibility

Top Class for Multi-Person Carpools

Best Luxury Car for Average Families

What are the features that make the Honda Civic so great?

There is a Civic Type R for people who love driving aggressively. A Civic LX is available if you want the tried-and-true Civic experience and there is even a hybrid model if you need that extra oomph to make it up a hill. Honda, which has been going strong for over 60 years, has more than 20 vehicles in its lineup and the Civic is one of the best sellers  The car is also among the most reliable and a solid 10 of the 13 variants of the model have received five-star ratings in crash tests.  How to get the most out of your car, but you should not pay too much attention to what the media tells you. Many car reviews don’t have the slightest bit of depth in terms of understanding the drive experience.

The Honda Civic is not just a car that every buyer is looking for – it’s one of the must-have cars of the year.

1. Strong Price An affordable car like Honda Civic with a diesel engine – Rs34.5 million.

2. Easy Manual Transmission For an economy car, this automatic option offers a long, smooth and efficient drive.

3. What’s in the trunk?  Behind the rear seats Passenger space of 407-liters with an expansion cap and more space available.

4. Rear Seats with Backrest Extensions Gives you maximum back support for longer trips.

5. Gold Trim on The Body and Wheel Buyers can buy this Honda Civic with the gold exterior – options available in 8th – 9th trims.  Is Honda Civic in Pakistan?  No.  Period: 1986 to 2017 Base model: Under Rs40, 000 Higher spec models: Prices above Rs500, 000

Who should buy Honda Civic?

Buy Honda Civic because of its excellent fit and finish, refined driving experience, unrivaled handling, outstanding fuel economy, luxurious cabin, and great value for money.  Why Honda Civic is the Best to Buy in Pakistan?  Pricing Honda Civic is the most affordable sedan in its class in Pakistan.  Remarkably, for a mid-sized car, Honda Civic offers impressive interior space and advanced technologies for a relatively low price.  Why Honda Civic is the Best to Buy in Pakistan?  Range of Specs. The Honda Civic is available in 5 variants with one of them offering an entry-level price of PKR 117,555/- (Ex-showroom Karachi).

The Honda Civic is the second-best-selling car in Canada, with 37,349 cars sold so far this year. That’s just a smidgen behind the top seller – Toyota Corolla – with 40,450 cars sold this year. It’s so popular that Honda has had to take back nearly 7,000 cars.  But if there’s one car that Honda did not want to sell a whole lot of, it’s the Civic.  So what do Canadians have to do to get the coveted Civic? And how is it so successful? Here are five reasons why the Honda Civic is the best.  #1: It’s the simplest, fastest, most comfortable, and most reliable car you can buy First things first: The Civic is the easiest to drive around town. It’s simple to get in, and just take off.

Why Honda Civic is the top-selling car for nearly 20 years?

Honda has built over 22 million Honda and Acura vehicles in Canada and over 10 million worldwide. The company has earned the highest cumulative passenger car reliability scores in the U.S. and Canada, according to J.D. Power and Associates, with consistent experience delivering more than 10 years of 50,000-mile plus expected average ownership. And for more than a decade, Honda has invested in the creation and improvement of its portfolio of Honda and Acura vehicles. No stranger to the hottest temperatures. The Civic is built for hot climates with a sophisticated AC system and tank of incredible 10.5-gallons of water to cool down passengers and cargo. The Civic has received the highest potential score for cold weather driving in Canada, with a rating of 3.75 stars.


Admittedly, for an old car with little to no aftermarket options, it may not be the sexiest vehicle on the market. However, don’t let the looks sway you to another vehicle.

For the people of Pakistan. Honda is the best seller in the lineup of automobile brands – outselling most of its competitors, in both cars and bikes.

Though its main competitors in the market are Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Renault, and Hyundai. It is the Civic that has a far higher quality of the engine, and the 5-door hatchback design is widely popular with the people in Pakistan.

Despite its age, the Civic has long been ranked in the top list of cars sold in the world, selling more than 8,000 units last year alone. More than BMW and more than the Toyota Corolla.

In addition, it has recently been rated as being ‘better than ever, and last year. Honda added more than 1000 cars to its lineup, including the CR-V SUV, the Civic sedan, the Odyssey MPV, and the Ridgeline pickup truck.

Not only does the Honda Civic price in Pakistan offers more interior room than other compacts (that are much smaller). But it is also a bit makes getting your car serviced and maintained easier. While you’ll have to upgrade your current tires. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the ride.

A previous owner may not have performed many services. Lastly, the Civic offers better fuel economy than most of its competitors. Add it all up, and you’re likely to receive a car that offers plenty of versatility. It could even be a daily driver for a family of four.



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