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In this article we’ll take a look at 50 free and cheap apps for Windows 10. This list includes Dropbox, Slack, Mozilla Thunderbird, PhotoDirector 10, and many others. Hopefully you can find one or two of these useful programs for your new PC. And don’t forget to check out our other Windows 10 guides for other free and cheap apps. There are so many great ones out there, it’s almost impossible to list them all.


Slack is a team collaboration tool with many integrations for teams. If you work with many people, you’ll find that using Slack to communicate and share files with your team will make your life easier. Not only will you save time and be more productive, but you’ll also be able to stay in touch with your colleagues in real-time. It also has group calling features, but the number of participants is limited to 15 at a time. If you need to video conference with a bigger group, you’ll have to find an alternative tool.

Slack offers a free version, which allows up to 10 team members to communicate. However, it’s limited to only 10,000 messages in a search history and is missing advanced features such as data security and data protection. However, if you’re a business that relies on group chats, you’ll be glad you upgraded to a premium plan. You’ll also be able to add external collaborators and set custom retention policies.

Slack is a messaging app that lets you communicate with teams and clients. It’s a great way to keep track of your work, but it can also get messy if you have a lot to discuss. There are other, better alternatives available for Windows 10.


If you are searching for an app that can keep your files safe and accessible, Dropbox is a good option. The service offers several plans that suit different needs, from free accounts with only 2GB of storage to Dropbox Plus, which offers unlimited storage and synchronization across all of your devices for $9.99 a month. Other features available in Dropbox Plus plans include a 30-day file recovery guarantee, single sign-on, tiered admin roles, and phone support during business hours.

Dropbox is an online file-sharing service that lets you share documents with anyone with an internet connection. It provides personal cloud storage and client software for easy file sharing. Users can easily access the files they need from any device and collaborate with others on the same project. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows, so it’s a great option for people who use different devices to work on the same documents.

A similar service, Redbooth, helps teams manage tasks, communicate, and keep everything organized. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. Dropbox supports integration with other applications, such as Microsoft Office. It allows you to open files in Office desktop and mobile apps, and edit them from the web app. It’s also one of the most popular enterprise cloud storage services, with a number of partners including Dell, Adobe, and SalesForce.

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you’re looking for a great email application for Windows 10, you should check out Mozilla Thunderbird. It has an attractive, clean interface and can handle all your email accounts with ease. You can open several tabs at once and switch between them as needed. Plus, there’s no limit on how many accounts you can have. Unlike Outlook and Gmail, Thunderbird supports several languages.

Another advantage of Thunderbird is its support for multiple windows, and you can even open multiple email windows at once. This isn’t possible with Windows 10 Mail. It also has some great features like an attachment reminder and phishing protection. Thunderbird is compatible with many different architectures and operating systems and can automatically detect the delivery format. It’s also free to download and use on any Windows 10 machine.

Another great feature of Thunderbird is its support for smart searches and the ability to create custom folders. You can also work with different email providers and use different web-based tools with Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is available in multiple languages, and you can find a number of articles on its website for further reference. You can download it from the Windows Store for free. It’s a simple download that will make your life easier and faster.

Another free Windows 10 app is Microsoft OneNote, which lets you attach photos to notes. You can also sync notes across devices. It can also be used to create reminders with Cortana, and it even recognizes addresses and mobile numbers. It also allows you to manage multiple email accounts with Smart Folders. These features make it easy to find important information on the web. This free email app is an excellent choice for any Windows user.

PhotoDirector 10 Essential

If you love taking photos, then PhotoDirector 10 Essential is a must-have. The application offers a variety of features and tools for all levels of editing. There is also an active online community that offers helpful plugins. Users can edit their photos to make them look more professional. The program is also free and easy to install. However, the user interface is a bit intimidating for beginners.

PhotoDirector 10 Essential can be used to edit photos, and it supports various color spaces. The software also supports full 16-bit per-channel editing and unlimited layers. It’s an excellent Photoshop alternative and offers plenty of useful features for an affordable price. PhotoDirector is also available as a perpetual license or as a subscription. You can try it out for free or buy the full version from the Microsoft store.

The app features 27 blending modes and text controls. It also allows you to add text to your images. It also includes detailed text controls for font size, kerning, shadow, and border effects. You can also subscribe to the paid version, which comes with additional features like Sky Replacement. In addition, the app offers free access to Shutterstock’s website. This is a great way to get access to thousands of high-quality photos.


One of the most popular free and inexpensive programs available for Windows 10, IrfanView allows you to view, edit, and share images. This program has an image preview window and a toolbar. The main area of the window displays an image, while the left-hand side is home to the Image Explorer. Clicking on an image opens it in a new tab. The program has a slider mode that lets you scroll through a list of images without using full-screen mode.

This photo viewer supports countless media formats, including jpeg, png, and png. This free application also has a decent image editor. It also supports batch processing, which means you can edit multiple images at once. It also lets you zoom into the image or switch to the next one using the scroll bar. It is so convenient that it is the perfect choice for older Windows PCs.

The app is lightweight, weighing only 2 MB. It also supports a wide range of file formats, including rare RAW format and BioRAD. It’s also fast and doesn’t require a lot of disc space to load images. This is a great option for people who don’t need to edit photos in a heavy-duty way. IrfanView also includes a few other features to make your life easier.


Foobar2000 is an easy-to-use, hi-res music player. The program is compatible with most hi-res audio formats and includes all of the basic features. The program is also portable and can be copied to a USB flash drive. This allows it to be shared between many PCs. Foobar also comes with support for UPnP media servers.

Foobar2000 is a music player that is fast and customizable. It supports a wide range of audio formats and has powerful under-the-hood features. Its interface is fairly simple, but it offers themes to customize it. If you want a black or white theme, Foobar2000 has it. There are also user skins for customizing the program. Despite the dated look, Foobar2000 is an excellent music player.

Foobar2000 is a free download from the Microsoft Store. It weighs 4.64 MB and offers powerful music management capabilities. It supports synchronizing music across multiple devices and is portable. It also offers security and malware removal. Its antivirus and malware scanner Malwarebytes can detect and remove threats on your PC, so you can feel safe using it. This tool can scan for viruses and spyware, but you need to have antivirus software on your PC in order to prevent it from causing problems.

One of the best free and cheap apps for Windows 10 is Microsoft OneNote. It allows you to attach photos to notes and sync them across multiple devices. The app can even help you create reminders for Cortana. It can detect mobile phone numbers and addresses and open the appropriate app when they are detected. If you’re looking for a note-taking app, Foobar2000 is worth looking into.

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