WordPress Chat Plugin

WordPress Chat Plugin

What are WhizzChat word press chat plugins?

Wizz s Whizz WordPress chat plugin are soft wares that add chat function options to any WordPress website. These Wizz s Whizz WordPress chat plugins add some other advanced features of chat tools. Furthermore, all of these Wizz s Whizz WordPress plugins are developed in the high PHP programming language. This is further installed to work on any WordPress website. Certainly, these plugins are very easy to install without the need to learn any coding language. Additionally, the online business can easily install this chat plugin to have easy two-way communication.

WordPress Chat Plugin

Steps to install Wizz s Whizz WordPress chat plugin.

The Wizz s Whizz WordPress chat plugin is easy to install. But first, you need to buy these plugins from wordpress.org. More ever you can pay for these plugins through a PayPal debit card or visa. After buying these plugins can be installed through 3 easy steps

  • Firstly log in to your Word Press account.
  • After opening the dashboard there will be the option of the plugin on the left side. Select this option.
  • Secondly, go to the “add new” option. Here select the option of “pure chat” at the top right.
  • Lastly, install and activate the Wizz s Whizz

Furthermore after complete installation “pure chat” option will appear on the left sidebar. In the end, all you need to do is click on the pure chat option to turn word press chat option on your website. This chat box can also be activated on any android or iOS app by turning your status available.


This Wizz s Whizz WordPress is richly packed with many features. These features provide live chat services for only its premium users only. Besides Wizz s Whizz WordPress is the best in its functionality and interface among all others WordPress chat plugins. Of course, other WordPress chat plugins are also great. But Wizz s Whizz plugins are best suited for any kind of unique situation because of their advanced interface.

Wizz s Whizz does not provide any free plan to its users. Likewise, there is no free trial available. This means you need to buy this plugin. To get benefits from its features.

Key features of Wizz s Whizz WordPress Chat plugins

Design, Colour, and interface of Wizz s Whizz

These plugins have a great clear and modern design. Plus users can use its design throughout the interface. Besides these designs are also available for Chat Widgets. Furthermore, Users are free to change the colors and design of the chatbox. Just like WhatsApp messenger, this plugin has its web app option available. Through this option anyone can use this chat plugin on their desktop as a desktop app. plus this plugin can be used further on any other major platform to extend the communication.

Auto-generated response for greeting and queries

Furthermore, the Wizz s Whizz plugin provides many auto-generated responses in it. These responses are very helpful for automatic greetings and specific answers to visitors. Similar to this, there are many canned responses installed in this plugin. On different Chat platforms, users can have a little sneak-peek on another person typing before getting a message. A very similar feature is also present in this WordPress Chat plugin. so you can have a hint about any message before it is delivered.

Sharing feature option and google map integration

Apart from text messaging some features are to be a must in any messaging tool. These features are picture, video, and location sharing. WordPress Chat plugins provide all of these features. Additionally there is Google Maps integrated into this chat plugin which allows its users to share their location. Furthermore, there is an option to share your small video clips and pictures through this chatbox. Certainly, all of these features are very secure. One body wants their chat to be leaked. This is why the word Press Chat plugin ensures all the security criteria in sharing options.

These plugins have tracking and Google maps integrated into them. Furthermore, there are initiative features like feedback surveys, built-in tickets, and analytics present in WordPress Chats plugins.

Importance of Wizz s Whizz word Press chat plugins

Important for customer service.

Every business needs to provide customer service. While this customer service all depend upon two ways of communication. In this modern era, online business has to act fast and need to provide instant support. To handle all these situations word Press chat plugins are present. Furthermore, these word press live chat plugins are best suited for customer support. They can easily solve any customer complaint and gives a response.

Makes communication much faster and easy

Word Press chat plugins minimize the hassle of sending email or support tickets to different customers. Plus this way of communication was very time-consuming. Furthermore, these words Press chat plugins work like any messaging tool.it is Just the same as what’s the app, Google chat, and messenger. The quick response and interactive nature of Wizz s Whizz Word Press chat plugins make them perfect for online business. Most importantly they are 100 % compatible with any kind of word Press theme.

Easy to install and easy to use

Through Wizz s Whizz word Press, chat plugins owners on online businesses can successfully integrate live chat options in their websites. Apart from this; there is no need to learn any programming language to install live chat options. There are a lot of free demos online available to install this plugin. In short, the Quick response and interactive nature of Word Press chat plugins make them perfect for online business.

Concluding remarks

Wizz s Whizz WordPress Chat plugins are just like other Chat tools like messenger, Imo, etc. These Chat plugins are very essential to have a better and efficient way of communication. Keeping all these things in mind WordPress has created that plugins with live Chat options.

Besides no one wants to waste their money, on any plugin that is not fully featured for Chat. Everyone is looking for an all-purpose chat plugin. Certainly, the Wizz s Whizz world press chat plugin is an all-purpose chat plugin you are looking for. Lastly, Wizz s Whizz is compatible with any website of WordPress.



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