Working With Micro-Influencers for Marketing: the Pros and Cons

Working With Micro-Influencers for Marketing the Pros and Cons
Working With Micro-Influencers for Marketing the Pros and Cons

Think about your company’s objectives before researching the influencers crucial data, such as the number of followers and engagement rate.

Take a step back and consider your goals for Instagram influencer marketing efforts.

What Makes Influencers Important?

Do you have any particular goals in mind for influencer marketing?

  • There should be three main objectives:
  • Raising brand recognition
  • Making sales or leads.
  • Increasing the number of Instagram users.

These goals will impact the influencer you choose.

For instance, utilising a specific hashtag will force you to design contests or quizzes to grow your Instagram following. The best course of action is to include an influencer who can take part in the competition and motivate their followers to do the same. On the other side, you will need the usage of affiliate marketing and coupon codes for lead generation and sales.

Therefore, you must collaborate with influencers whose followers are likely to purchase your goods.

Keep an eye on the People Who Are Following Your Brand.

We can tell with certainty that brand followers are interested in your company. They eventually found something appealing about the brand.

It implies that you accomplished something well; thus, you should benefit from this circumstance. Find Instagram influencers by looking at the list of individuals who have followed you. View each influencer’s profile to learn more about them, their shared content preferences, posting frequency, follower engagement levels, and the language they choose when interacting with followers in comments. Is it safe, or is it offensive?

The amount of followers they have is another crucial factor. The number of followers is used to classify Instagram influencers:

  • Mega-influencers are online personalities with a following of one million or more.
  • Influencers having a following of a million or more are considered macro-influencers.
  • Individuals with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers are considered micro-influencers.

Nano-influencers are individuals with less than 1,000 followers who exercise significant influence over a very small market.

Create a list with all the information you have gathered, and then start contacting people on it.

Conduct Pertinent Hashtag Searches To Locate Active Instagram Influencers

The following hashtag is crucial to any successful social media marketing approach. These might be branded hashtags, technical terminology exclusive to a certain sector, or catchphrases. You must become an expert at hashtag searches if you want to discover how to locate Instagram influencers, regardless of the sort of hashtags your sector employs. Of course, certain sectors have a wider range of appropriate hashtags than others and vice versa. This heavily relies on how big your industry is.

Keep track of who is creating similar material while doing these hashtag searches. Some individuals will be either casual amateurs or those with a primarily scholarly interest in the sector, while others will be significant influences. They may be identified by their big followings and above-average engagement rates. Check to see if they have any sponsored content as well.

Are these individuals involved in the larger industry? This is another issue to look at. Influencers who are thought leaders are very useful. Even if not all of them have Instagram accounts, several have sizable followings there and on more formal platforms. Before beginning your social media marketing plan, it never hurts to take into account the general degree of interaction.

Rate Of Engagement

Engagement rates show how well a public reacts to and connects with an influencer’s material. A high level of interaction demonstrates that the audience is interested in what the influencers are publishing.

Add the total number of likes and comments the influencers get on a post to determine the engagement rate. The sum should be divided by the influencers’ total number of followers, and the resulting figure should be multiplied by 100.

You should obtain the average engagement rate across at least ten posts to get an Instagram profile’s average engagement rate. You should determine the influencers’ engagement rates as well as if they are taking the time to reply to their followers. Influencers who respond to comments promptly create strong bonds with their fans. As a result, their fans are probably more interested in the information presented with them.

One of the crucial indicators for Instagram influencer marketing is engagement. In 2021, an Instagram influencer’s average engagement rate was about 3%, with influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers seeing the highest engagement rate of 8%. As the number of followers rises, the engagement rate declines. This number, nevertheless, may sometimes be deceptive since not all popularity leads to conversions.

You must first assess the engagement’s sincerity.

Utilise influencer markets or influencers marketing tools.

The fact that the industry is beginning to grow is one of the positive aspects of influencer marketing. Nowadays, unlike in the past, marketers may locate and work with influencers using a variety of technologies. Some of them could even hold the solution to your how-to locate Instagram influencers conundrum. Why? They essentially eliminate the element of guessing in influencer marketing. One of two methods is used to do this: either by offering a marketplace or discovery and management tools.

The influencer marketing tools come first. I’ve written a lengthy blog article previously on influencer marketing techniques. There are several kinds of tools. Blogger outreach and social listening tools are excellent ways to find out who is talking about your sector. You may identify potential collaborators using marketplace and discovery tools and then get in touch with them. More tools do more specific activities to support your marketing.

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