Wrinkle Problems On Dry/Oily Skin

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Wrinkles, phew! A wide topic that is famous amongst many people above the age of 35. A wrinkle, also known as a rhytide, is defined as a fold or a crease in an otherwise smooth surface, whether the skin or a piece of cloth. It is a common problem that is combated through a skincare routine.

The initial wrinkles tend to appear on a person’s face in specific regions where the skin naturally folds in facial behaviors. This happens due to thin skin, or diminishing elasticity of the skin throughout life. This process is altogether known as fibrosis.

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They start appearing around the lines of the eyes, mouth, and the skin starts to loosen down because of aging. A regular skincare routine and many beauty tips and beauty tricks are recommended by dermatologists to avoid early wrinkles.


AGE: The process while growing up, your skin naturally becomes less flexible and more fragile. Due to less natural oils present, the skin dries out and makes it look wrinkled. Hence a good skincare routine is recommended.

ULTRAVIOLET (UV) LIGHT: Ultraviolet Rays, speeds up natural aging. The process is considered the primary cause of early wrinkling of the skin. There are many SPFs and other creams available many beauty tips also point towards regular cold washes on the face to minimize the effect of UV rays.

SMOKING: Smoking is injurious to health, we’ve heard it since we were kids. Smoking accelerates the normal aging process for your skin, hence wrinkles. For those who smoke, your skin is more vulnerable to dryness than others, the best beauty tip here is to keep yourself hydrated.

REPEATED FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: The facial movements and behaviors, like squinting, also leads to finding lines and wrinkles. Face yoga is the latest beauty tip that is being inculcated as a regular skincare routine.

Which Skin Type Prone To Have More Wrinkles?


Oily skin comes with a line of stereotypes, like larger pores, shiny skin, and the skin is often prone to acne and blackheads. The oil offers the skin moisture and provides a plump look to your skin and it provides extra padding to your skin.

For oily skin, breakouts might never stop as they age. But oily skin does have an advantage: It fades off wrinkles better than dry skin because the natural oils keep the skin moister and smoother.

People with oily skin are somewhere lucky as the apparent wrinkles and fine lines tend to appear at a later age as the skin is comparatively thicker.

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If observed genetically, dry skin is thinner, pores are smaller, and skin appears to be smoother. But it takes a lot of beauty tricks to maintain dry skin patterns. Dry skin is mostly dehydrated in nature so it leads to premature fine lines.

So fine lines and wrinkles do appear more exaggerated. Making moisturizing an important part of your skincare routine  helps in trapping water into your skin which helps mask tiny lines and creases


PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN: The time you spend in the sun, especially midday, should be for a limited time with protective clothing, such as wide-brimmed long hats, full-sleeved shirts, and sunglasses.

MOISTURIZE: Dry skin dehydrates plump skin cells, which leads to premature fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizing and cold water face washing is great beauty tricks for preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

NO SMOKING! : Even if you’re a chain smoker, the skin tone and texture can be improved if you decide to quit smoking anytime soon.

HEALTHY DIET: Vitamins that are essential to your skin should be consumed regularly. It can help protect and nourish your skin. Proper diet and food steers to energize your skin, make it shine and you certainly have an awesome glow.

Follow the above beauty tricks and skincare routine to combat early age wrinkles.


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