Logo designing is no walk in the park; it requires creativity, critical thinking, attention to detail and a lot more efforts. One wrong step and your overall brand identity are in shambles. You cannot afford to make this mistake particularly if you are a startup. There is a plethora of things that you must be careful about before making one right decision. It is better to hire the experts for this job; you cannot let an amateur handle this big of a responsibility. Remember, your logo is the gateway to your brand; it acts as a door for your brand which allows the people to know more about you. Can you let an unprofessional person do this job? You think he/ she can handle it?

Logos are one important part of the brand; they serve your brand identity and make sure your audience knows about you. While you are designing your logo there are a few aspects that you must not ignore, you ignore them and you put your brand in jeopardy. That is not how it works, there is a certain criterion that one should follow in order to have a creative yet authentic brand identity. The key to have an innovative and attractive logo is to think of the logo design that can attract your customers. Your logo must be deeply etched in your customer’s mind that it makes them think about your brand.

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Must Avoid Logo Mistakes

It is a long-term investment when it comes to logo design. It’s a common thought that one of the biggest investments that the investor makes is on the property or equipment, logo often takes the back seat. This is where you make a grave mistake, it is important to give your logo a specific attention and time so that it perfectly represents your logo.

In case your logo is not very authentic or does not have a smart aura, I have bad news for you, your business will look the same.

Avoiding the following logo design mistakes can save you hard work from going down the drain.

1)  Do not be a copy cat

Copying what others are doing? C’mon you can do a lot better than this. Trust me there is nothing that destroys a design faster than plagiarizing a known and famous logo. Being authentic and real is the key to have a unique and attractive logo. It might be unintentional attempt too, but if your logo has a slight familiarity with the already existing logo, it can sabotage your market reputation. It’s not only illegal, but you will probably lose your customer base too. Do not risk it.

Apart from this, if your logo is similar to other logos, you are out there and challenging them for their operations and other marketing tactics as well. It will be the cherry on the top if your logo is same as any known brand, your company will be taking all the criticism then, it is not worth it.

However, it not humanly possible to check all the designs for similarities. But it’s imperative to do a rapid check of your competitors to ensure you are not falling in this trap.

2)  Bad Font Choice

When it comes to creating a successful logo, choosing the right font can make or break a design. Going over the top with fonts will just make your brand look silly or unprofessional. Failing because of the poor choice of font is not uncommon today, we all have seen such downfalls. Every company has their own personality and nothing explains such personalities than the right choice of fonts. It’s up to you what personality or font you choose for your brand. Such as the serious bold font and the hand drawn font, they both give quite different vibe and convey different meanings. Therefore, it is advised to choose the font wisely.

Spend some time researching the various fonts that match your company’s style. Don’t be afraid to try out different fonts or modify them to match your needs. You could even create your own!

When you have prepared the whole logo list, its time you percolate them for some time. Give it a rest, do not think about it much and do not even look at it for at least 24 hours. Trust me, next time when you see them you would be amazed to see how different and better, they would look, you can also make some changes when you see them with your fresh eyes.

3)  Overdoing trends

The best way to stay in light is to follow the trends, but there is a pattern for that too. You cannot blindly follow the trends and expect them to bring you on the top of the game that is not how it works. There is thin line between being smart and cliché. There is an end to every trend and we know how brand logos should be classic and never ending. Go for the ones that are timeless because you do not want to change your brand identity after a few years trust me.

Staying aware of the recent trends is a smart approach but it’s not imperative for you to stick to them. Do not rely excessively on them, instead focus on your other identities of your business. How are you going to get the business? What is the strategy to attract customers to your brand? These are a few important things that you need to think about.

4)  Bad color coordination

Trust me finding the right color balance is as important for your logo as choosing the right font. Your brand colors must represent your company’s message. If your brand is sophisticated and gives off that elegant vibe do not make the mistake of going with the red color. Learn about the colors and their meanings beforehand and then choose the best shade for your company. The best way to stay away from this problem is to go classic and choose whites and blacks only.

Your colors can make and break your logo, make sure you are going for the hues that resonate with your brand. Every color has the meaning behind it, you must go for the colors that explain your brand. Color is so important, and your inspiration board will likely have a few colors that reign supreme. It’s important you give a particular attention to this feature as it has a lot on influence on your audience. Colors can trigger come crazy actions, features and emotions.

Looking to add some trust factor? Go with the blue color. Want your audience to perceive you as someone sophisticated, there is no better option than gray or black.

So, are you ready to design a killer brand logo? If not then you can always ask for help from the Ingenious Gurus!


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