You Need To Know These Top 5 Reasons To Travel

reasons to travel


The reasons to travel are unique to different people. In most cases, why we choose to travel depends on factors such as what we are trying to achieve and hope to do during the vacation.

The world right now seems to have come to a halt with mandatory shutdowns. Travel restrictions are placed in almost every country to exercise social distancing and control the spread of the virus.

Without further ado, let me share the Top 5 reasons to travel.

1. We all need the time off

Whether we are working professionals or staying at home to take of the children, we work around the year like wound-up toys. This leads to an excessive amount of stress and frustration in our regular lives. When that happens, our productivity and ability function efficiently is hindered.

exhausted and lying on table

Taking time off to recuperate and recover so that we can come back with full energy and a lot more focused state of mind. A survey conducted in 2013, by American Psychology Association confirmed that traveling can help manage stress and anxiety by removing ourselves from toxic and negative environments from time to time.

2. A Change of Perspective

In one of my solo travels, I once met a young fellow selling tea and condiments in a tiny corner shop in a small but touristy city. Naturally inclined, I ask him if he dreams of doing something else and not being stuck in the life that he has right now. I would answer, “Hell Yeah”.

To my surprise, he responded to my question with a smile. He said that my dream is to have a simple life, peace, and a night of sound sleep.

That response threw me off, and I came to think that we are constantly stressing ourselves to achieve more in life and tend to ignore the blessings we already have in our lives.

Change of perspective - Reasons To Travel

Of course, by no means, I am saying that it is wrong to aspire to achieve greatness in life. However, some times we get carried away with that and forget to be grateful. Not because we are ungrateful but sometimes it’s because we haven’t thought of theses in that sense.

3. Walter Mitty Experience

If you have watched the movie, then you would know what I am talking about. On a mission to recover a lost negative from a famous photographer, the lead, goes on traveling to different parts of the world while he constantly tracing the fast-moving photographer.

He had a boring life, no life partner, and a job that he could lose any time. When he is traveling, he is realized that he is a different person with the potential that he never knew he had. Consequently, when he comes back from the trips he is changed and sees life the way he had never seen before.

experience life in full

Sometimes unexpected travels and experience can help us see us differently from what we were used to. You should definitely watch the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Movie. Everything that you have read just now would immediately make sense.

4. Go Find Yourself

Of all the top 5 reasons to travel, this one is my personal favorite. It reminds me of a song called the Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin. The song seems like it’s a prayer asking for a fancy car, a T.V., and other such things. Whereas, it was a rebellion against that kind of culture that promotes the importance of materialistic things over the acts that would truly bring joy.

find yourself

Having said that, I would say that, most of us would agree that we haven’t truly found or discovered ourselves. There are so many things that we didn’t know that we are capable of or have the potential to learn.

For Example, I usually took my camera whenever I traveled. To basically, keep a record of my journey and I’d have something to look back to in future. Then I wanted to write about my travel stories. So, I started carrying a notebook, and sooner than later I picked up a hobby for writing. I have been writing ever since.

5. You need to relax!

If none above reasons to travel appeal to you. This one definitely should.

You deserve the time to rest and relax.

Even if it is for a few days, like a weekend getaway, just getting out of the regular environment can help you relax in many ways. There are plenty of beaches to go to, mountains to look at, or just chill at a luxurious resort.

relaxing at the beachWhatever is your type of vacation, take that. Break yourself from the monotony and give yourself that well-needed relaxation trip. When you are having a rough time managing work, home, family, and friends, just take that one trip for a few days.

You will be surprised by the experience and you are most likely going to come back with more focus.

We need to know that we can’t continue to pour from an empty cup.


I hope that these Top 5 reasons to travel have got you dreaming about a vacation. I have another trick up my sleeve, in case there’s still scope of adding more motivation to your travel lust. Read this list of movies that I guarantee that you won’t be able to stop yourself from traveling as soon as you can.

Enjoy and stay safe.


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