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Zero Liquid Discharge
Zero Liquid Discharge Image

We have expanded the water purification system line of WOG Technologies from the domestic to the industrial sectors. Our consumers receive excellent service from us as a result, WOG Technologies is working on a research project that will allow our personnel to supply zero liquid discharge. The wastewater treatment plant eliminates suspended particles, breaks down organic molecules, and discards sludge. Important to realize, humans may struggle to dispose of sewage. Wastewater treatment plants play an even more important role in the study of industrial wastewater and sewage. Eventually, we provide great service to our customers.

Zero Liquid Discharge
Zero Liquid Discharge Image

Water scarcity will be a key challenge for companies in the coming years. With an ever-increasing demand for water, the only solution is to preserve and reuse it in every possible way. One technique for addressing this issue is zero liquid discharge. Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)effectively uses wastewater treatment, recycling, and reuse, above all minimizing the need for freshwater.

Zero Liquid Discharge

It refers to a recycling and treatment technique in which the facility does not release liquid effluent into surface water. It will effectively reduce pollutants from bodies of water. We can define zero liquid discharge as a procedure for recovering water consequently as possible from a wastewater source that would be equally important water.

It will pump water, and it transported the salts and other particles in the wastewater. Before we could dispose of it off in a landfill.

There are several approaches to achieve zero liquid discharge(ZLD). As a result, the ideal system design is site-specific, there is no “one size fits all” option. The kind of wastewater and the number of streams that need to be treated. Operating expenses, footprint availability, and other factors all play a role in determining the best design.

Based on the parameters of the wastewater, we offer the activated sludge process using fine bubble diffused aeration, aerators, or jet aeration systems in Aerobic technology. The key advantages of this technology are large savings in liquid resources which results in zero liquid discharge. We offer membrane procedures with submerged or external membranes for high-end treatment requirements.

Zero Liquid Discharge
Zero Liquid Discharge System Image

Motivation for Zero Liquid discharge

 Zero Liquid Discharge is an expensive procedure. It opens the door to economic gains by recovering salts and other chemical components. The following factors encourage the Zero Liquid Discharge system:

  • Lack of water
  • Economics of water
  • Environmental laws and regulations
  • Recovery of useful 

There are certain advantages to using Zero Liquid Discharge:

  • As Recycling eliminates the need for wastewater disposal.
  • Water and salt recovery contributes to lower Zero Liquid Discharge operating costs.
  • It enhances the industry’s and the environment’s long-term viability.
  • Because the textile industry uses less water, more water is available for other purposes such as irrigation and home utilities.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge aids in environmental recovery.
  • The cement industry can make good use of the sludge.

Design of a Zero Liquid Discharge System

Evaporation systems are more expensive in terms of capital and operating costs. Membrane systems, with crystallizers being the most expensive. As a result, and whenever practical, membrane systems can lower the evaporation system’s capital and operating costs.

Provided that, the wastewater composition, preconcentrating with a membrane system can minimize the sizing required of the backend evaporations system. High recoveries in a wastewater membrane system require suitable pretreatment, such as softening and pH alteration.

Different Stages of Wastewater Treatment

In our water filtration system, we use cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology. WOG Technologies is a collaboration of researchers and experts. Eventually, we are dedicated to the development of Industrial Effluent solutions. We will correctly process the effluent water purification so that after that it can be discharged into surrounding water bodies. The mechanisms ensure that the water is clean so that we can dispose of it in the environment without harming the environment. For the most part, we use the modern and innovative wastewater treatment methods available. This system can be either residential or industrial.

WOG Technologies collaborates with organizations in both the public and private sectors. The wastewater treatment process includes three stages.

  1. Primary,
  2. secondary, and
  3. Tertiary wastewater treatment.

As we know, Pollution levels can range from millions to billions, and companies must deal with these contaminants at each stage, which may need oxidation or fine filtering technology. Each of these actions had previously accumulated contaminants, and the water became cleaner as it progressed through the steps. Secondary water treatment processes remove more than 80% of contaminants from water, making it soluble and ready for disposal. Tertiary wastewater treatment is costly and will only be operating in extreme instances.

Wastewater treatment procedures

WOG Technologies maintains a research and development program, which eventually boosts our employees to make ongoing attempts to improve water filtration. As an innovator, we make every effort to meet our clients’ objectives. WOG Technologies has a reputation in the market for supplying high-quality industrial wastewater treatment systems. Water purification is currently accomplished by the application of an effective treatment technique.

Various industries use the Industrial Water Treatment method to clean water. For example:

  •  Including textiles industries,
  • chemicals, 
  • Food Industry,
  • Iron Industry and many more.

Organic materials, non-organic materials, and all other impurities are addressed in an Industrial Water Treatment’s wastewater treatment solution. Industrial Water Treatment is vital in a wide range of companies.

Membrane Bio-reactor for Wastewater Reuse

WOG Technologies contributes to the world’s growing urbanization by incorporating wastewater services into each city’s water cycle. We handle environmental sustainability and provide comparatively water resource management solutions. Eventually, WOG Technologies is in charge of facilities, that can treat more complex effluents while conforming to ever-stricter discharge rules.

Sewage treatment methods currently come in a range of shapes and sizes. The sewage treatment facility that employs MBR technology is one such sewage treatment procedure that will solve the problem.

The Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Treatment Plant is known as the MBR Sewage Treatment Plant. As a matter of fact, it is a ground-breaking wastewater treatment technique. It integrates two different processes such as membrane filtration and biological treatment.

WOG Technologies provides the best solution

As an innovator, customers recognize the company as one of the most advanced producers of industrial water treatment equipment. Our Wastewater Treatment Plant uses less energy and fewer chemicals and as a result, it produces high-quality water. Most businesses have made substantial adjustments to their manufacturing operations to produce less wastewater, resulting in proper production research practices. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant image

To conclude, WOG Technology’s solutions can help businesses that rely on wastewater-generating operations. We were present, and we made every attempt to fulfill our future responsibilities. We will give it a chance as a provider in the spirit of water conservation and efficient utilization. Our previous successful industrial effluent treatment projects have established us as one of the top producers of industrial effluent water treatment in the industry.


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