5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

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Offering an incredible user experience (UX) is inevitable for the success and growth of a product/service. And the same applies to websites. Websites have become a crucial aspect of every business in the current time. Now, having a good UX UI Design for websites is as crucial as having an uncluttered or neat storefront. But, with the rapidly-evolving digital trends, your site might start feeling and looking outdated. At times, re-designing may help; however, you might not have the resources or time to spend on it.

Hence, to help you overcome this challenge, here are five simple tips that can improve your website UI UX design. So, let’s get to it!

  1. Use white space to boost user attention:

Whitespace is that area of a webpage that’s left blank. It is the space or area between graphics, margins, images, text, columns, and various other elements. Though it is known as white space or negative space, it does not necessarily imply that this space needs to be white. It simply needs to be unoccupied of any kind of elements.

The white space in a webpage helps smooth things and gives the page a refined look. In fact, you will find a professional UI UX Design agency in USA using it to convey a direct and clear message to the audience. The white space is also related to sophistication because it helps organize elements and text systematically. Besides, it also helps grasp a user’s attention to the important elements and information on the web page.

One of the best website UI UX design examples is the search page of Google. It is neat and clean and lets you concentrate on significant things.

  1. Enhance the site’s page load speed:

Nowadays, where everything is changing so quickly, people don’t have the patience and time to wait if your site’s web page takes a lot of time to load. Remember that the longer the page load time, the quicker your visitors will leave.

As per a study, the visitor bounce rates could rise by 20 percent with each passing second. Therefore, you must keep a tab on your site’s loading speed. In fact, Google provides a completely free tool, called Google Analytics, for monitoring a website’s speed. Just enter your site’s URL, and you’ll get an accurate speed insight for desktop and mobile versions. You can then optimize your site’s load speed as per the analysis.

A great way to improve website UI UX design is by compressing all your pictures before you upload them on the site. That will enhance your site’s loading speed drastically.

  1. Use catchy CTAs:

Most visitors are already familiar with what information they want and where they need to focus on your web page. And the CTA’s (Call-to-Action) is one of these elements. CTA buttons on your site will guide the visitors and make them take action. That’s why it is important to use catchy CTAs.

When designing them, concentrate more on the color palette you select and the color psychology. Several studies show that color affects a user’s choice. Choose the correct color for your CTA button based on the message or info you wish to convey to your visitors. You could also test the CTA button with varied colors to determine which one works best.

Besides, the other factor that helps the CTA buttons stand out in UX UI Design for websites is the kind of words you utilize. Ensure to add an action phrase or verb that excites or encourages a visitor to tap on it. Selecting the correct words is very important. Words trigger a person’s emotions and make them take action. Hence, it’s best to select time-sensitive, straightforward words that provoke the users to take action.

The signup page of Netflix can be a great example here. It says to the point, just what’s needs to be conveyed to the audience. While they sign up, most visitors are unsure whether they can end their subscription later. However, Netflix takes that fear away as soon as visitors land on their signup page. The streaming service mentions clearly that they can stream anywhere and cancel anytime. The correct color for the CTA buttons and the white space help the service stand out from the rest.

  1. Offer information efficiently and concisely:

A visitor heads to a website to get some kind of relevant information. However, a few business owners underestimate this fact during their website UI UX design process.

When you provide information in a structured and elegant manner, your users will be able to find what they are looking for. Today, web designers are inclining more towards simple designs. Several are using bullet points to deliver information and getting amazing results too.

While 70 percent of the users look at the lists having bullet points, 55 percent look at the lists without any bullet points. Offering information concisely and efficiently is profitable for a business and helps ensure that its message is successfully conveyed to visitors.

  1. Optimize your site:

Last but not least, it is significant to focus on factors like mobile responsiveness while working on the website UI UX design. That, in turn, has a positive effect on the revenue. Things such as mobile responsiveness or website speed are not too expensive or challenging to implement. You will find many tools to help evaluate your website’s performance as well as optimize necessary features.

Enhance Your User Experience Today

A good website UI UX design is the one that works for your business and your users both. A well-planned UX is all about directing users to the resources or data they need while eliminating everything that may obstruct their way. While the objective appears to be universally acclaimed, it could be slightly difficult to attain it.

If the users cannot find what they want, it is inexistent to them. Discoverability might guide them in locating it. Therefore, a business owner should aspire to develop website interfaces that are simple, intuitive and more discoverable. For that, you need to connect with a creative designing company like Revival Pixel.

We hope that the tips above help you identify the elements that can make your website design work for your audience and assist you and your users in interacting better.


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