If done correctly, education apps can be more profitable than social media.

What is the most popular app in your app store? The top applications are usually the same whether you’re on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store – YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook…you get the picture, right? Even when it comes to categories, gaming, social media, photographs, entertainment, and shopping are the most popular. Aren’t those some constants that never change? You won’t find an education app at the top of the most downloaded list.

But it happened. Remind, a school messaging software, got to the top of the most downloaded free iOS app chart for roughly a week in August 2023.  It was an astonishing occurrence to see an educational channel dethrone common media and entertainment app, which generally regime supreme on the charts. The development assuredly emphasizes the essentials of education apps in our climate. There is a sizable market for them, and some much-needed disruption is in order.

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Education apps are doing extremely well.


Premier education apps such as Lynda.com, Udacity, and Coursera have previously endorsed how to make significant profits by determined by high-quality educational context. In 2022, LinkedIn paid $1.5 billion to acquire Lynda.com.

The achievement of Byju’s – The Learning App in India speaks for itself. Byju’s is an example of edtech at its best, with a gigantic 100 Crores in monthly revenue and a venerable reputation.

“We crossed Rs 100 crores in revenue last month.” We plan to end the year with Rs 1400 crores in sales, based on sustained 20% month-on-month growth. In an official release, Byju Raveendran, CEO of Byju’s, said, “The launch of the personalized version of our app last year helped us boost engagement and enhance the learning experience for our students.”

The Education System Requires a Technological Revolution


The way applications have altered our lives is nothing short of revolting. Waiting is in its infancy. Everything is done for, whether it’s waiting for a cab, standing in line at the bank, or waiting for a flight at the airport. There is a mobile app for it.

When it comes to education, however, we’ve eaten the delicious potential, but we’re fixed not there. We know that technology can be used to radicalize education. There are several excellent educational apps available, but many more are required. The world is now open to efficient -quality mobile apps development service that –

·        Make learning smooth

·        Trim the stress of schoolwork

·        Make conceptions easier to learn and remember.

·        Visualize lessons to make them effortless to understand and remember.

·        Make well-delivered lectures accessible for self-study on demand.

·        Use imaginative animations to assist children overcome psychological hurdles and experience learning as enjoyable rather than forced and tedious.

·        Break down the language barrier and assist students in learning in a language that they are comfortable with. Assist students in learning new skills in addition to the usual curriculum.

·        Allow for efficient research and note-taking.

As you may expect, there is a lot of market demand and opportunity here. There are many apps that provide game-changing edtech right now, but there is still plenty of room for growth, and if you are a tech enthusiast or entrepreneur with a desire to improve the education system, education apps can offer you not only a profitable market but also a chance to truly make a difference in the lives of billions of students and learners around the world who are struggling with a particularly challenging, nearly dysfunctional education system.

To get you started, let’s go over some of the key features and functionalities that any effective education app should have.

1. Find Your Focus Value

There are several methods to use technology to enhance education, as evidenced by the list above. So, what are your plans for your app? Are you interested in focusing on the fundamentals of education and creating a subject-specific app that provides lessons, tutorials, and interactive lectures, akin to Lynda.com and Byju’s?

Or, like Remind and Google Classroom, would you like to create a platform for students and teachers to connect, collaborate, and interact?

Could you make an app to help teachers save time on time-consuming tasks like grading assignments, keeping records, sending out notices, creating and sharing exams, providing individualized feedback, and so on?

Alternatively, you may create apps that assist teachers in improving their teaching by providing intriguing presentations, animations, diagrams and graphs, and so on. You may also create specialist education apps like Abhisam that focus on industrial training.

Concentrate your product development on your primary value. Determine the features you want your app to provide based on the audience you want to reach, whether it is instructors, students, or parents.

Cross platform mobile app development is a versatile strategy that allows the development of multi-platform solutions, including mobile apps for numerous platforms. It entails using numerous tools and technologies to create bespoke cross-platform mobile apps. There are several options available for developers, ranging from offshore cross-platform app development to mobile app platforms.

2. Determine what your target audience requires the most.


Spend a lot of time investigating the extent of your service once you’ve decided which part of the school system you want to help. What is it that your target audience finds difficult? Where do they feel trapped? What do they look up on the internet?

3. Showcase Your Creativity in the Value You Provide


Now comes the exciting part. How can you improve things? What can you do differently this time? What added value can you provide?

Apps such as Photo math, Math way, and Wolfram Alpha allow students to take a picture of their math issue and solve it in detail. Remind converts messages into 70 different languages, making it easier for parents, teachers, and students to communicate.  Teach Learn Lead is a teacher-only social network. Doceri transforms your phone into a digital whiteboard.

What can you do to make students’ and teachers’ life easier? Find your own unique solutions, and if you do it well, you will have an education software on which your customers will learn to rely, this results in a large and loyal user base and, needless to say, consistent revenue.



Education is not a passing fad; it is a lifelong journey and maybe our civilization’s oldest institution. At Linkitsoft, Quality education given via an app is an excellent method to both transmit knowledge and develop a sustainable business. So, if you want to help people learn better by using technology, the amazing world of education apps awaits you.


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