IRTD 400 Intelligent Resistant Temperature Standard Probe Device

High Accurate Traceable Temperature Standard

Kaye IRTD-400

The IRTD is a high accuracy traceable temperature standard probe used as part of the Kaye Validation systems for calibrating sensors. During sensor calibration / verifications, sensors are compared against the IRTD and offsets are automatically calculated and stored. The broad temperature range from  -196 to 420°C, enables it to be used in virtually all temperature validation applications.

The IRTD is an integral part of Kaye’s automated sensor calibration system and communicates directly with all Kaye Validation systems. With an accuracy of +/- 0.025, the IRTD temperature standard probe provides a 4 to 1 ratio for calibrating sensors to 0.100°C.

The temperature standard probe can be used for confirming the accuracy of other temperature devices. For this purpose, Kaye has developed IRTDWin™ software. The IRTDWin™ software is one convenient interface screen lets you track probe stability, numerically and graphically, and confirm system accuracy.

See real time data of your IRTD using the calibration interface and the Kaye IRTD Console software. The calibration interface connects directly to your computer using USB and to up to two IRTDs. The software immediate shows the temperature of the IRTDs with an accurate resolution to the thousandths degree. The interface is simple, easy to use, and does not need a power source, as it is powered by the computer.


  • Temperature range -196 to 420°C
  • Accuracy over range ±0.025°C
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • Sensor element 200 Ohm Platinum sensor
  • Sheath material Inconel™ 600
  • Immersion depth 101.6mm (4″)
  • Calibration Traceable to NIST or PTB; Recommended calibration period is 1 year
  • Measurement rate 30 readings per second
  • Ambient temperature range 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions Overall length: 603mm (23.75″); Grip: 89mm x 32mm (3.5″ x 1.25″) Sensor sheath: 457mm x 6.35mm (18″ x 0.25″)


This temperature standard probe is used for applications ranging from -196°C to 420°C and where traceability and high accuracy is required.


Specifications IRTD-400
Temperature Range -196 to 420°C
Accuracy Over Range* 0.025°C
Resolution 0.001°C
Sensor Element 200 Ohm Platinium RTD Sensor
Sheath Material Inconel 600
Minimum Immersion Depth 101.6 mm (4″)
Calibration ** Traceable to NIST, DAkkS calibrated (Europe);
recommended calibration period is 1 year
Power to Probe Unregulated DC, 10 to 25V, first probe:
850mW at 15V; each additional probe 550mW
Power Supply *** Adapter: 110 VAC US-style, or
230 VAC VDE-approved
Measurement Rate 1 reading per second
Environmental Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°C)
Humidity 0 to 95% non condensing
Dimensions Overall length 603mm (23.75″)
Grip: 89mm x 32mm (3.5″ x 1.25″)
Sensor sheath: 457mm x 6.35mm (18″ to 0.25″)

* Accurate for 1 year, 0 to 60°C ambient. Includes calibration certificate with traceable to NIST

** Kaye provides a recertification service for calibrating the Temperature Standard

*** Power Supply is not required for use with the ValProbe system

Kaye & Amphenol

About Kaye

For more than 60 years, Kaye has been at the forefront of high accuracy process measurement. For applications from thermal process validation and environmental monitoring to sensor calibration, Kaye technology has provided the most accurate and user-friendly measuring systems available in the market today.

Kaye equipment has become the standard for helping customers increase validation process efficiency and document the results. The Kaye product range is designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and reporting. Specializing in providing turnkey system solutions and supporting them with unmatched technical service, we offer a complete range of wired systems, wireless systems, RF-based real-time systems, temperature standards, baths, thermocouples and fittings, all designed to provide the most accurate process measurement available.

The Kaye product range is relied upon by the worlds leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate and monitor critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies.

Kaye secures partnership with JS Industrial

Kaye has obtained another association with the Peruvian distributor JS Industrial SAC, a leader in providing advanced solutions in process automation and control through the supply, installation, assembly and commissioning of instruments, state-of-the-art measurement and control equipment. The company is certified under the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards, which allows JS Industrial to offer a quality service with expert professionals in order to provide specialized technical support and after-sales service aimed at customer satisfaction.

“We at Kaye are very proud to be teaming up with such a renowned organization,” says Soraya Ramos, sales manager for Latin and South America. “Their devotion to excellence and accreditation is reflected in their quality work, both with their solutions and expert team members.”

JS Industrial has been part of Kaye’s history for years. Most recently, we have consolidated our alliance as distributors to seamlessly get more of Kaye’s high-quality equipment into the metrology laboratories in Peru. Kaye is thrilled to work alongside JS Industrial and knows very well the reputation it holds as a solid organization with an expert team of engineers and technical staff. We look forward and trust JS Industrial in their ability to sell and supply spare parts or components of our products in the Peruvian territory, as well as offer a valuable customer service.

Being a strategic partner of JS Industrial allows us to adopt comprehensive approaches and solutions to help clients increase efficiency in validation processes, environmental monitoring and guarantee the safety of the cold chain.


For more than sixty years, Kaye has been at the forefront of high accuracy process measurement, for applications from thermal process validation and environmental and cold chain monitoring, to sensor calibration.

How to Change Battery and O-Ring on ValProbe RT Data loggers

When your battery needs a replacement on your ValProbe RT data logger, there’s no need to send it back to replace it. We’ve designed our loggers with the customer in mind, making it very easy to replace the battery in the field. Installing a new battery will not void the warranty on any ValProbe RT, as long as the battery is replaced the proper way according to the instructions below.

Kaye’s ValProbe RT and ValProbe Standard data loggers were designed with unmatched battery life in mind by using a 3.6V lithium battery. When working in extremely low temperatures, you can also install a larger, AA-sized 3.6V battery to give your ValProbe RT extended battery life. To ensure your ValProbe RTs function properly, only use batteries supplied by Kaye, (product number M3205 for ½ AA 3.6V) or (product number 200-1001 for AA 3.6V). Using other batteries that are not from Kaye may cause the loggers to void the warranty, can shorten the life of the ValProbe RT, or cause internal issues.

Each time you replace your battery, we also recommend replacing the o-ring. Battery replacement kits can be purchased from Kaye and include the new battery, o-ring, and sealant.

Product Number for ½ AA 3.6V Kit: V2568


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