What is the best garage door?

sliding garage doors

Installing a garage door is the final touch in getting your garage ready for use. To ensure comfortable use of the premises, it is important to choose the right type of gate. The choice will depend on the needs of the owner and his financial capabilities.

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Installation can be done by hand or turn to professionals.

The production of garage doors consists of the following steps

  • installation of supports;
  • creation of sashes;
  • welding;
  • primer;
  • frame painting.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the gate. As a rule, they are selected according to the dimensions of the car.

Different manufacturers differ in the similarity of standard sizes: the width of the garage door is at least 2.3 m, and the height is at least 2 m. In any case, the gate must provide a comfortable entry for a car or motorcycle.
So, let’s consider each type of gate separately.

Swing garage doors

The most common type of garage doors are swing doors. The demand and popularity of this design is due to its reliability and simplicity. The principle of operation of such gates is clear from its name.

The gate consists of two leaves on hinged hinges, which swing open to one of the sides at an angle of 110 °. The sashes are attached to load-bearing poles or to openings to the walls. With skillful installation, the gate opens effortlessly, easily and silently.

Types of garage doors

This design is rightfully considered a classic, which is preferred by many garage owners.

Here are the benefits of swing garage doors:

  • the design is familiar. Such gates have stood the test of time;
  • metal gates are considered a model of reliability and durability;
  • the garage is protected from penetration into intruders. Metal gates with reinforced thickness and stiffeners have good protective properties;
  • the installation process does not require special knowledge. Even a beginner can make such a gate;
  • a significant advantage is the democratic cost of the gate.

A gate at the garage door will allow you to enter and exit it without opening the large gate for the entry or exit of the car.

The disadvantages of swing gates include the fact that opening doors require free space along the width of the canvases. If the leaves meet any obstacle, this can disable the gate. Gate hinges are afraid of excessive load, sashes are vulnerable to strong gusts of wind.

Roller garage doors

Rolling garage doors or roller shutters are another popular design that impresses with its convenience and compactness.

The roller shutter design is equipped with a roller mechanism, which was adopted from the window blinds device. Such gates can be rolled up, acquiring a compact size, becoming almost invisible. The base of the structure is mounted to the ceiling without taking up much space.

Roller shutter garage doors are especially suitable for smaller buildings where space is limited.

Structure consists of the following elements

  • metal shields interconnected by hinged loops;
  • pairs of guide vertical tires;
  • a shaft for winding a profile sheet with elastic plates;
  • boxes for folded canvas;
  • mechanical or automatic drive.

Installation of the entrance group mechanism will require accuracy. You should especially take care of the correct fastening of the box to the ceiling.

Advantages of rolling gates:

  1. space saving;
  2. durability;
  3. good heat and sound insulation;
  4. resistance to deformation.


  • high price;
  • the complexity of the mechanism.

Sectional garage doors

One of the common types of garage doors is a sectional design. Such gates are not cheap, but at the same time they win in terms of such parameters as thermal insulation and ease of use.

Sectional doors are made of movable panels connected to each other. Sections are fastened with special loops. There are rollers on each side of the sections. On the sides of the gate opening there are mounted guides, which, bending, pass into the upper guide with recesses, where the rollers are filled.

The rollers of the sectional door leaves move along special grooves in the guides. The mechanism works due to the movable joint. Sections rise one by one to the ceiling and lower in reverse order.

Sectional doors can be made warm. Good thermal insulation is achieved through sections with a layer of insulation.

Sliding garage doors

High-tech retractable mechanisms are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Sliding gates are a worthy alternative to the usual swing gates. They are characterized by a more complicated design, the installation of which will require a professional approach. The ease of use of this design was appreciated by many owners of garages. They attract not only by ease of use, but also by the fact that they look solid, modern and aesthetically pleasing.

The price of sliding systems has recently become more affordable. You won’t surprise anyone with sliding gates now, as they are becoming more and more common.

Such systems consist of a voluminous rectangular metal frame that acts as a supporting structure. The frames are most often concreted, which gives the gate stability even with strong gusts of wind. The principle of operation of such gates is easy to understand from the name. The design, which is distinguished by reliability and durability, seems to roll to the side when opened.

Benefits of sliding gates

  • a kind of sliding gates without rails allows vehicles of any height to enter the garage;
  • high resistance to breaking;
  • doesn’t need space. The gate moves to the side, which saves space;
  • installation of an automatic system will cost less than for other types of gates.

The modern market offers a huge selection of garage doors – from the simplest and most traditional to the newfangled, equipped with automatic systems. After weighing the pros and cons, you can make the right choice for yourself.

Lifting garage doors

Lifting gates for the garage, in simple words, this is a sash leaving upstairs. The mechanism is quite compact.

Roll up gates are sometimes the same roller shutters or sectional mechanisms described above. They can be either automatic or key operated.

Automatic garage doors are a convenient, modern and economical type of gate. Automation makes using the garage as simple as possible, requiring only the push of a button.

Gates that open with a key are a more economical option. They are easy to repair in the event of a breakdown. The lock can be changed independently, while automatic control may require a call to a specialist.

Folding garage doors

Folding garage doors are a good alternative to swing gates that may be limited by a small floor area and free space. The gate is an accordion that folds up and retracts up or to the side when the car arrives.

Folding gates have special panels connected with a flexible material (thick fabric or rubber). Many ready-made designs provide a wide choice, customization is possible. As a material for folding gates, sandwich panels with thermal and sound insulation are often used.

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