What to do with a broken TV with Creative methods

Has your TV screen just broken? Are you considering dumping your broken TV,  or what to do with a broken tv? There are many other options to maximize the use of your television. It doesn't matter if the TV was having issues with the display or speaker issues.

Has your TV screen just broken? Are you considering dumping your broken TV,  or what to do with a broken tv? There are many other options to maximize the use of your television. It doesn’t matter if the TV was having issues with the display or speaker issues.

3 Things to do with a Broken TV

Here are the top three ways to use a TV that is broken:

  • Think about repairing the television.

If your TV has been damaged The first choice you can choose is to fix it or what to do with a broken TV. Repairing a damaged TV is a daunting task however, it can be costly if the TV has been damaged badly.

For repairs to the TV, visit a reputable repair shop for electronics and receive an estimate of the cost for repair. Apart from selling electronics, online stores like Best Buy and Sears can also repair specific television models.

  • Check the Television for Sell

There are people who buy damaged TVs your wondering about what to do with a broken TV, mainly to make use of the parts to fix other equipment. Additionally, there are those who buy an unrepaired TV and then manage it because it is only a particular issue.

But, it is important to be aware that you are likely to sell the damaged TV for a tiny amount of money. If you want to sell the television you could list it on a classified website by including the picture of the TV and additional information like the year of purchase, manufacturer, and size. You can even go as far as making the price negotiable and get a lot of responses.

  • Opt to recycle TV

If you’ve tried fixing or selling your damaged TV but haven’t seen satisfactory results so what to do with a broken TV, you must consider recycling it. Reusing your television is more beneficial than throwing it into the garbage.

Additionally, certain cities do not permit people to dispose of TVs in the garbage, as the majority of flat-screen televisions contain Mercury which could be harmful to the environment.

Many cities have a recycling space where electronic devices, such as TVs are broken down and reused. As per the EPA businesses like Best Buy and Staples offer free recycling for TVs as well as other electronic devices.

  • TV Parts and the Value They’re Worth

Even if your television is damaged and you think about what to do with a broken TV, the four main parts are likely to be useful. Instead of sending your entire TV to be recycled, it is possible to take the parts and sell them. In addition, recycling typically involves TV production components like copper.

  • Electronics

Electronics like antennas, computers, as well as receivers, are valuable in so many ways. If you have the right information and abilities, you are able to use these components for use in other places.

Audio system and speaker

The parts can be taken to use in other places. But, they’ll only work with TVs that have similar models.

  • Housing

This is the outer casing that covers the components of the TV. It’s worth a lot and could be reused to make higher-quality and better products.

  • Image tube

The cathode-ray tube that is inside the television. It’s responsible for showing you the images the viewers see.

They can be recycled and contain important substances that can be sucked into pieces during the process.

Don’t throw your TV in Garbage

You should not throw your TV, no matter if it’s old or broken TV, in the garbage, as most televisions are contaminated with harmful chemicals and components that must be properly disposed of in order to avoid risk.

Broken TV worth

Televisions are useful devices. But, they weren’t designed to last forever If yours is damaged or broken and you are worried about what to do with a broken TV, you’ll be contemplating which option to choose.

You might have looked up “how much is my damaged TV worth What is the value of my TV?’ on Google in order to find an option to get back the money you paid for buying the television. Most of the time, the most popular option is to recycle your TV.

It is a fact that the majority of older devices are plagued by a variety of problems, and trying to sell them might not be successful. Therefore, recycling them is the most effective option.


There are many other options to decide how to deal with damaged televisions. It is possible to recycle, dispose of, or reuse old TVs and other components. Recycling damaged TVs is a good thing for the environment and allows you to quickly eliminate old items. It is also possible to donate it to those in need, who might be trying to figure out what to do with a Broken TV, or swap it for a bit of cash to aid them in their search for an answer.

You could offer it to those who aren’t able to afford a TV. If you’re trying to earn money or cash, you can trade it in. If you’re trying to make a difference in the environment, you can recycle it and give it to charity to aid those less fortunate. It’s your choice. Good Luck!

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