Why You Should Outsource PHP Website Development


According to the US Bureau of Labor, there will be a 22% growth in the demand for software developers, testers, and QA experts used for web development between 2020 and 2030. 

Another report suggests that there will be an increase of 70% in software project outsourcing by 2023, amounting to a whopping $92.5 billion.

These two reports seem to be contradicting each other. If there is a demand for developers in the US, why is the rate of outsourcing also increasing?

The most defining answer to this question is the demand-supply gap!

The domestic workforce of the US isn’t sufficient to fulfill the demand that will generate in the coming years. There will be job openings of 409, 500 for the above-mentioned roles in the US by 2030. Meanwhile, the number of graduates of Computer Science Engineering each year is only 3,600.

Although this reason plays a huge role in the outsourcing business, it doesn’t just stop at this.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why companies outsource PHP development projects, and why you should too.

Why You Should Outsource PHP Development Projects

1. Cost Reduction


There is a certain cost involved with every development project. The more complicated the project, the higher the cost would be. However, many companies don’t have the budget and resources that go into making a project that complex.

Therefore, outsourcing PHP Web development services serve as a better option for them. The top reason why most companies outsource their development projects is that it’s cost-effective. Even big companies prefer outsourcing instead of stretching their resources.

That frees up their time and manpower to focus on the business and more important tasks. 

2. Talent Pool

Outsourcing paves the way for fresh, innovative ideas and solutions. Web developers in a PHP website development company are exceptionally trained and capable of producing outstanding solutions. This might be seen as a key benefit of outsourcing, given the in-depth understanding of PHP trends and the level of PHP experience.

Outsourcing has become the go-to option for almost every big IT company in the world. That’s why every outsourcing organization is doing their finest work to get foreign contracts since there is a growing need for web developers.

This creates a win-win situation for everyone as the IT company gets access to the world’s best talent and the outsourcing company gets exposure.

3. High Security

Although PHP is a safe programming language, it is not entirely an unbreakable fortress. Hiring a PHP development company to develop a website ensures its security. That is because a developer becomes well-versed with the PHP language’s weaknesses and current PHP trends after years of experience.

And that is the USP of PHP developers of an outsourcing company!


In this case, they can employ security measures like the Content Security Policy (CSP) to monitor potential vulnerabilities. CSP can serve as a security barrier for your website and can recognize threats like Cross-Site Scripting. 

4. Reduced Time to Market

Working with an outsourcing company allows you to operate your business around the clock. That is one of the best advantages of outsourcing PHP development projects. Even if there is a time difference, most companies operate with a night shift to manage the project.  Moreover, it strengthens their support network.

Communication has gotten simpler with the support of practical tools like Slack and Skype! 

It is important to build your website or app as quickly as you can to shorten the time it takes to bring it to the market. By doing so, you can maintain an advantage over your rivals and watch your company succeed.

Making a website and an app is just the beginning. The true adventure starts once the development process ends.

Therefore, when you outsource your project to a PHP web development agency, they will reduce the time to make the project and time to market. 

5. No Language Barrier

For decades, English has been the primary language of business and communication in many outsourcing companies. Simply put, there is no language barrier now. If you hire PHP programmers from a third party, you won’t have any trouble communicating your ideas and requirements to the team or getting updates from them.

In Conclusion

PHP developers keep themselves aware of the latest trends and updates. That plays a crucial role during the development process if any critical technical error arises. For this, you need a tech partner that is experienced and has that level of expertise.

Narola Infotech is a PHP development company that has been in this business for more than 16 years. With 350+ IT experts, we are the top choice for companies around the world for all their development needs. If you wish to discuss your PHP project with us, you can connect any time with our experts.


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