Best UGC Platforms of 2020 –

Best UGC Platforms

We are all aware of this saying and it is on our hands what we choose to show our audience. Looking at the present scenario in the market, UGC is the most trending and effective form of content to display for your business.

The authenticity UGC carries makes it one of the finest content available to gain the trust of your users. It works like a digitalized version of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.

There are various ways UGC can be used and there comes the role of a UGC Platform to manage and display the content efficiently and effectively for the brand.

What is a UGC Platform?

UGC Platforms or User-Generated Content Platforms are a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product that helps marketers to discover and curate UGC from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and display it on their marketing touchpoints. 

They also provide you with an Analytics feature that helps you study and analyze your performance and user behavior. 

Things to consider before choosing a UGC Platform

Choosing a platform for your requirements is not an easy task, there are multiple things you need to keep into consideration before actually investing your resources into a UGC Platform. Confused what all you should be focusing on? We can help you here.

These are the factors you should definitely keep into consideration:

  • Features
  • Usability and User-Interface
  • Price
  • Customization and Content Management
  • Support Services

The Best UGC Platforms for 2020


Pixlee is a UGC and Influencer marketing platform which means that it helps you collect both user-generated and influencer created content for your brand. It can fetch content from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It assists the brand to generate higher engagement and spur conversions by displaying the social proof collected through social media.


Taggbox is a UGC Platform that focuses on helping marketers to heighten user engagement, build trust among users, and drive conversions with multiple solutions to aggregate, curate, manage, and display content with social media displays. The content is collected from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. It provides solutions for all your marketing touchpoints, maybe it is a website or an event. With Taggbox, you can use UGC to generate interaction with your users and step-up your marketing. It provides you with many features such as Personalization Panel, Moderation Panel, Analytics and many more for smooth and easy-to-use working.


Crowdriff is a UGC Platform that serves the travel and hospitality industry. It helps these industries to discover UGC and display them for their audiences. They collect relevant UGC from different social media platforms and presents them in one window. You can then choose the ones you think will be more engaging for your audience.  Its AI-powered technology displays posts with high attraction automatically as well. You can also generate performance reports of your gallery and study how your gallery is performing.


Yotpo is an E-commerce marketing platform that assists brands with visual marketing, customer reviews, referrals, and loyalty. Brands can leverage social proof to escalate trust and sales, earn loyal users and make better business decisions with the help of Yotpo. Many brands are already using Yotpo and are satisfied with their work.


TurnTo is an amazing UGC platform that provides you with some new methods to handle your UGC. It has four innovative applications –  ratings and reviews, visual reviews, check-out comments, and community Q&A. The community Q&A enables users to ask questions about a product and those are to be answered by existing users of the product which inform them about the product and also increase the knowledge about it. Their main purpose is to provide new customers with reviews, ratings, and answers by existing and experienced users. Each aspect requires existing users to give their views about the products they have purchased. 

Short Stack

ShortStack is a digital marketing platform that aims to produce greater engagement and lead collection for brands and businesses. It assists in creating contests, giveaways, puzzles for drawing your users. It also helps in creating landing pages for these contests and giveaways. This helps in boosting the interaction with the users and increasing sales. Along with this, there are other things Short Stack can help you with such as email marketing, and gathering UGC and displaying it to your users through different media. Overall it is a platform that has solutions for all your digital marketing problems.


User-generated content is the present as well as the future of digital marketing and still not adapting to it can be a big mistake right now. Above mentioned platforms are the best user-generated content platforms for UGC aggregation and management. You must choose the one most suitable for your brand and the one that is able to serve all your requirements. 

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and choose a UGC platform most suitable for you and start enhancing your marketing with UGC.


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