The Complete Guide To Interior Design Project Management


here’s more to interior fit out company in london project management than picking out the paint and throw pillows.There are the late nights of coffee-fueled creative collaboration. And let’s not forget about the endless juggling of clients, contractors, and suppliers. At its core, interior design is the perfect marriage of art and science — and that’s no easy feat. But it’s all worth it when your designs finally come to life. Let’s explore interior design project management — its lifecycle, the role interior design project managers play, and the software that helps bring it all together. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the know-how and motivation to tackle your next interior design project with vigor.

What is interior design project management:

Interior design project management is the process of overseeing different types of interior design projects.For example, a designer may find themselves working on a residential remodel one week and collaborating on a new commercial office the next. Now, interior designers work with a range of different clients spread across various industries.  And even though each project is unique, all clients expect the same high-quality, consistent results — and they want them on time and within budget. So, having a project management workflow to organize tasks and keep track of milestones makes life a lot easier. And although there’s no universal project management workflow, many interior designers follow a similar process when managing their projects. We’ll cover our version of this process later.

What does an interior design project manager do:

An interior design project manager makes sure the project flows as smoothly as possible from brief to final delivery. A skilled project manager is usually an experienced designer familiar with all aspects of a design project, including:

  • Planning and organizing project schedules
  • Assisting with construction documents
  • Interacting with clients, contractors, and suppliers
  • Sourcing materials and products
  • Resolving conflicts

In other words, an interior design project manager has the technical expertise for making design-related decisions and the soft skills for communicating with project stakeholders.

Roles and responsibilities:

Although it varies from interior fit out company in london to company (and even more so if you’re a solopreneur), here are a few responsibilities interior design project managers handle day-to-day:

  • Draft proposals based on client requirements
  • Plan, budget, and execute projects (including final delivery)
  • Coordinate with stakeholders
  • Coordinate with contractors
  • Conceptualize design
  • Research products and maintain sample libraries
  • Procure materials and maintain documentation
  • Estimate projects
  • Communicate (and haggle) with suppliers
  • Manage schedules
  • Guide staff and enforce project deadlines
  • Conduct site visits
  • Keep up-to-date with codes and standards like the American Disabilities Act (ADA)



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