This Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You Can Bring On A Spirit Airlines Flight

Spirit Airlines Phone Number
If you can’t get an answer from their website for Spirit Airlines, give call at Spirit Airlines Phone Number 1-888-678-0392.

Looking to fly from New York to Las Vegas. But only have $45 to spend on your round-trip Spirit plane tickets? Of course you are! And Spirit Airlines can help make that happen with the lowest possible fares you’ll find anywhere. But if you plan on bringing along your kidney dialysis machine, insulin device, or other medical device. You’re going to be out of luck, unless it fits in your small personal item. Like a purse or small backpack. The airline has updated its policy. Regarding what sorts of medical devices passengers can bring onto the plane or rather, what sort they can’t bring.

Spirit’s Rules

According to Spirit Airlines website. And device like personal dialysis machine and insulin device are allow if they can be stow in your luggage. However, please note that regardless of whether or not it stowed in luggage. It is up to airport security to make final decisions regarding carry-on items. All passengers are subject to random search by airport security. We recommend printing a copy of your airline’s rules and keeping them with you at all times during your travels. That way you won’t forget what time your Spirit Airlines Book a Flight boards or where you can or cannot take certain items on board a plane when traveling with a dialysis machine or insulin device.

Be Prepare to Get Turn Away

Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to get creative with how you transport your medical equipment if you want to take it on board. There are two types of medical devices; non-motorized and motorized, both with their own set of rules. Non-motorized devices need to be in a soft carrying case that has no handle for easier transportation, according to TSA regulations. Motorized devices (such as an oxygen concentrator) must be turn off during takeoff and landing.

What To Do When You Get Turn Away

While you may think your medical device is a medical necessity, security officers at most airports have ultimate discretion to make decisions about what passengers can bring on board. If they determine your device poses a security risk, they will not allow it onboard—even if you’re willing to carry it in your luggage. At that point, the only thing you can do is switch airlines or get off of your Spirit Airlines Flights. If you choose to go with option B, be aware that all rules for carry-on luggage still apply: that means no liquids over 3 ounces and no sharp objects (including needles). Make sure any non-sharp medical devices are well protected and pack any liquid medications in their original containers.

If All Else Fails – Contact Spirit Airlines

If you can’t get an answer from their website for Spirit Airlines, give call at Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number 1-888-678-0392. I have reached out to them multiple times and never had any trouble getting a human on the line. It should be noted that there are three separate Customer Service lines for: (1) travel questions, (2) flight changes, and (3) everything else. I have yet to reach anyone through #3 but #1 works just fine. Of course, if you’re calling about your device itself, that may very well mean you need to Contact Number Spirit Airlines at the airport before your flight because they might actually want to see it before they give their final word!

For more information about traveling with diabetes

Air Travel Resources for People with Diabetes – ADA Airline Website – The ADA Airline Web site provides information about airline policies that affect passengers with diabetes. Carriers that offer website access can be found under Providers, and links to those carriers’ sites are provided. Other information on air travel is available from links on individual carrier pages, such as in-flight medical assistance (IFMA), security, food and special meals, etc. Specific regulations pertaining to certain situations can be accessed by selecting applicable topics under Issues.

Stay Connected with Your Insulin & Supplies

One of the most essential items you can bring onboard is your own insulin and supplies. Many airlines allow passengers to carry personal medical devices, including insulin pumps, dialysis machines, and surgical tools. However, some airlines will require you to get a doctor’s note stating that you need to have access to your medication while flying Spirit Airlines, in addition to other documentation requirements. Other flights may not allow any sort of medical device on board because they aren’t aware of regulations regarding it. Before purchasing your Spirit plane tickets make sure that: 1) your airline allows medical devices; 2) what medical devices are permitted; 3) whether or not a doctor’s note is required; 4) if there are additional documentation requirements (i.e., an FAA document).


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